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Day: April 19, 2019

Stroll in the park…

What a morning it was for a nice stroll in the park. After the pledge we headed out on the sidewalk to the far entrance of the park to begin the loop.  I had a timer set for every five minutes for some fun.  First stop 10 merkins, second 20 squats, 3 rd 15 merkins,  next stop picnic tables for 50 step ups, next stop 15 merkins,  next stop 20 squats.  At this point we took a short cut back to the picnic tables…packs off…30 dips followed by 25LBCs IC.  Finally headed back to snowballs for a couple minutes of Mary.  Great work men.  Always enjoy this AO.  Best of 1st and 2nd F.

Prayer Request:  WattsUp’s boss,  the Setzer Family.

YHC took us out in prayer

Good Friday Downtown

Today is Good Friday, the day Jesus was crucified on the Cross over 2000 years ago. He suffered this death for my sins! Wow! An incredible sacrifice, Amazing Grace, and lavish love!

I wanted to Q this morning because I wanted to do something special for Good Friday. I am not a creative person so the workout really didn’t relate to Good Friday or the meaning behind it. However, I was reading a recent devotion on Good Friday and decided that is how I would end the workout, something focused on Christ’ s sacrifice on the cross.

It’s Friday morning, 5;30am and time to get to work!

No FNGs and a quick disclaimer

Warm up

SSH x 25 I/c

Mountain Climbers x 20 I/c

Moroccan Nightclubs x 20 I/c

Merkins x 10 OYO..

The Pledge

Lets Mosey!

A quick Mosey around the block and now time for the fun!

The Cooper:

10 burpees, 10 Squats, then 10 Merkins. Lap around parking lot Then 9,9, 9 of same. Count down to 1. Gets pretty brutal when you get to around 5. This about the time when Whoopie reminded the PAX, that if we feel the workout it tough for us right now, remember it is nothing compared to what Jesus went through on the cross.

As the PAX we’re completing  the Cooper, we all did some core work and then a mosey around the block.

We all met back up at the flag poles for a little round of Mary.

YHC finished the workout a few minutes early so we could focus on a devotion  related to Good Friday.


Anouncements – BRR Ruck meeting on Monday evening at Buffalo Wild Wings, No Qsource at Coconut Horse on Sunday, but Crossroads is still having it.

We all sang Happy Birthday to Big Pappy

Prayer request – PAX traveling (Gastone), PAX that haven’t been out in a while or dealing with issues, and Anchorman and Sargento’s mother- in-laws.

YHC found the following devotion on Crosswalk and read it to the PAX.

A Prayer for Good Friday: It Is Finished
By Debbie McDaniel

But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5

His story reminds us of so much more – we are redeemed. We are set free. We have been given new life, an open door, through Jesus Christ.

though many times we may somehow think we’re invincible in this life, or even led to believe that we are not “needy” of a Savior, when hit with life’s struggles or face to face with painful events, we quickly remember, we need help. We need a Savior.

We have One, who also was broken, in ways we could never fully comprehend, yet he remained strong, and chose to endure it all – for us.

He extends grace to remind us we don’t have to stay stuck in our struggle and pain. He holds good in store through it all, able to bring greater purpose, greater beauty, greater strength. He never intends for us to remain in the pit of our despair. For he breathes fresh life.

God brought beauty out of the brokenness of the cross, he gives beauty for our ashes. His sacrifice offers forgiveness for our sin. The power of the Resurrection gives hope for our future.

There’s such power there. God sent His Only Son. He loved. He gave. There was no other way…but this.

As we enter into this weekend, may we take a closer look at the reality of it all. The suffering of the cross. The huge sacrifice that Christ paid. The pain that was endured. The great cost of His gift. The love that was shown. The freedom He offers. It’s not a flowery picture of fluff and stuff. But it’s the most powerful story ever told.

Incredible sacrifice. Amazing grace. Lavish love.

Throughout this weekend, let’s spend time and focus on what Jesus did for us on the cross and why.


Closed out with the following prayer.

Dear God,

We remember today, the pain and suffering of the cross, and all that Jesus was willing to endure, so we could be set free. He paid the price, such a great sacrifice, to offer us the gift of eternal life.

Help us never to take for granted this huge gift of love on our behalf. Help us to be reminded of the cost of it all. Forgive us for being too busy, or distracted by other things, for not fully recognizing what you freely given, what you have done for us.

Thank you Lord that by your wounds we are healed. Thank you that because of your huge sacrifice we can live free. Thank you that sin and death have been conquered, and that your Power is everlasting.

Thank you that we can say with great hope, “It is finished…” For we know what’s still to come. And death has lost its sting. We praise you for you are making all things new.

In Jesus’ Name,



Men, thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning, it was an honor.

Breaker Breaker


“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:13‬ ‭


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