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Day: April 17, 2019

Easter Vern

04/16/2019 Midoriyama
When working on a Weinke, one has to consider several things. How difficult should the workout be? Will the “front of the Pax guys” be challenged? Will the “Back of the Pax guys” be able to keep up? In a recent podcast I heard Dredd say someone called him out about cheating in a workout. Now I follow Dredd on Strava and this guy is about the same age as I am and he is an absolute beast as far as running and workouts so I was interested to hear why someone thought he was cheating during workouts. The guy told him, we all cheat a little in our workouts. What he was saying is that no one does full perfect form on every rep on every exercise. So with that in mind I wanted a Weinke that would allow everyone to push themselves as far as they chose to.

Warm Up
Goofballs x 10 IC, Abe Vigodas x 10 IC (the old guy jokes started here), Moroccan Night Clubs x 10 (waiting on our bearded, truck driving, Folsom T Shirt wearing, brother Montross to roll in hot) and then 5 burpees OYO (Pizza Man heard 10 and was wondering how we all were done so quickly).

VERN (borrowed from Slaw who borrowed from Dolph)
10 pullups (at the playground)
Lap around the horseshoe pit
20 Dips (single count on the horseshoe pit bleachers)
Lap around the horseshoe pit
25 Merkins (single count)
Lap around the horseshoe pit
30 LBC’s (single count)
Lap around the horseshoe pit
Repeat starting with the pullups until I say stop.
We did this for 25 minutes. Pizza Man and Sister Act completed 4 sets and started 5. Several others were close to completing 4 and most everyone completed 3.

Walk over to the Turd Shack for what I call 7’s. 7 exercises x 7 IC repeating each one and adding a new one each set.
Hipslappers x 7 IC called by Pizza
Hipslappers x 7 IC, LBC’s x 7 IC.
Hipslappers x 7 IC, LBC’s x 7 IC, Low Slow Squats x 7 IC called by Sister.
Hipslappers x 7 IC, LBC’s x 7 IC, Low Slow Squats x 7 IC, Merkins x 7 IC called by Tyson (his cadence was wildly erratic)
Hipslappers x 7 IC, LBC’s x 7 IC, Low Slow Squats x 7 IC, Merkins x 7 IC, LBFC’s x 7 IC called by Freight of course and Sister Act questioned the validity of this exercise.
Hipslappers x 7 IC, LBC’s x 7 IC, Low Slow Squats x 7 IC, Merkins x 7 IC, LBFC’s x 7 IC, Donkey Kicks x 7 IC called by Broke.
Hipslappers x 7 IC, LBC’s x 7 IC, Low Slow Squats x 7 IC, Merkins x 7 IC, LBFC’s x 7 IC, Donkey Kicks x 7 IC, Monkey Humpers x 7 IC called by Stroganoff.

After each set I had what I thought were some “interesting” facts about Easter. Some were better than others but I left the guys with this one. “Maundy” Thursday is this week and means “commandment” and that refers to Jesus at the Last Supper commanded us “to love one another as I have loved you”. His love really is the story of Easter. We should all think about that “commandment” to love and try to live it.


2nd F at Lewis Farms on Saturday, April 27th at 7:00 p.m.
Mt. Mitchell Hike May 5th
Q Source at Ingles in Dallas ONLY this week. NO Q Source after Coconut Horse.
Stroganoff asked us to reach out to Kotters to get back some of the guys who post a time or two and don’t come back.

Prayer Requests
Tater Holes brother battling illness
Little boy named Asher facing serious health problems
Allen Tate’s mom
Gumby’s Brother In Law

Broke took us out.

*NMM Great to see all of the guys out today. I just completed my 3rd year of F3 and I have to say, it has really improved my life. I posted at the Gashouse my first time in late March of 2016. I had recently ran a half marathon and felt I was in pretty good shape but I was in for a shock at how out of shape I really was. I knew I needed to post but my schedule made it tough to post early so I saw Midoriyama on the afternoon schedule at Poston park. I actually drove by and saw Freight, Floppy Disk and Pizza Man doing pushups. I thought about not posting since those guys were so much younger than me but I took a chance. I will always be grateful to those guys and Tooltime for taking this old guy in at Midoriyama and making me feel welcome and connecting me to the long list of F3 friends that I have now. Looking back on it I now see how much I needed F3 as I was going through a tough stretch. It was one of those stretches where it is easy for men to get disconnected and I was headed that way, so thanks F3 Gastonia!

Speed Work (Kinda)

7 showed at Midoriyama on a very nice Thursday.



SSH x 5 ic

Don Q x 5 ic

Moroccan Night Clubs x 5ic

The Thang:

Mosey to Big Field

I had cones laying out a lap around the field making about a 300 meter track.

Start at first cone and run a pace about 30sec/mile faster than your 5k pace for 200m. Slow down to a pace that lets you recover for 400m. repeat this 6 times

circled up for some LBC’s  then ran 3x 100m First at 5k pace with 2nd and 3rd each faster.

Mosey to Flag


Thanks to those that showed for running around with me.


You know what we call this hill? “Hell” answers Dryrub

2 for Whoopee EC, which was terrible, so terrible it was good.

9 for Gastone, everyone thinks we started with 10 but I believe we are good on that number.

The Thang:


6 Merkins

Mosey the way stopping at light poles for 6 Squats or 6 Merkins all the way to Gastone’s Hill.

Bernie Sanders up the hill to the top.

50 LBC’s

Mosey Down.

5 Burpee’s

Mosey up the hill.

Plank for 6.

Mosey down.

20 Merkins.

Lunge Walk up to every other mailbox for 10 Monkey Humpers. The first set of Monkey Humper’s a person opened there front door to us starting to go to work, basically looking right as us first thing in the morning. Good Morning to them, no response back. We went about half way up and then ran Bernie the rest of the way.

Plank at top.

Mosey Down.

Dryrub had to leave at this point, I am sure work or something or anything. Maybe he was the smartest guy.

Next exercise is run up hill stopping at all mailboxes on right for 10 SSH. This is a lung workout.

Plank for 6.

10 Diamonds, 20 LBC’s

Watt’s Up called to lead us down the hill at his pace. I started us in a walk behind him not thinking he would run anytime soon since he was catching his breath. Nope, again this guy is driven and he pushed the rock once again making us run down the hill out of breath. Kudos.

Mosey back to start but we stopped at 2 poles for 20 Monkey’s and 2 more for 20 Squats.

Then Jailbreak back to the start with Defib taking the title. Beast as always.

The Moleskin:

I had a goal of making it to the top of the Hill 6 times, we did not make it but we worked hard. We will make this happen at some point and it will not be easy. Clavin, has been a beast lately if you have not noticed.

May 5th Cinco de Mt Mitchell, meeting at GSM for a departure of 5:30am. You can sleep in the car, unless you are driving.

Watt’s Up is the next Q at Snoball’s.


Gastone Finished, literally can’t lift my right arm because of Whoopee.



Morning @ The Goat (4/11/19)

YHC hasn’t Q’d at The Goat in a while and reached out to Dr.Seuss and asked for the opportunity to lead today, which Dr. Seuss had himself down to Q. It didn’t take much arm twisting for him to give it up for the day….Now prepare the weinke.

It’s 5:30am, 11 HIMs came out to the gloom to push the rock!


The Pledge

The Warm-up


Toy Soldiers

Moroccan Nightclubs


Mountian Climbers


The Thang:

Mosey around back side of downtown, up stairs to back parking lot….

PAX partner up for Dora 123…….

100 Merkins – Partner 1 runs around building while partner 2 does Merkins. Flapjack until 100 completed

200 LBCs – same as above until 200 completed

300 squats – same as above until 300 completed

Mosey to Firestation – 5 Burpees

Now for the Triple Nickle

5 plank jacks – run to top of hill – 5 jump squats; rinse and repeat 5x

Now a short mosey to the bridge (gateway to the Goat)…

Zombie Walk across the bridge and then mosey to the park. PAX split up into 2 groups, group 1 did 15x dips and 10 step-ups while group 2 attempted the ropes. Flapjack and rinse/repeat 2x.

Mosey back to flag….round of mary and Dolph finished us up with 10 burpees.


Prayer request

YHC closed in prayer…

Great work from all men…thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning!

Breaker Breaker

” I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength”  Philippians 4:13



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