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Day: April 15, 2019

The Pub Runs SOGA

9 PAX posted to the preeminent Thursday morning SOGA F3 Gastonia AO on a great morning for a run.

The Disclaimer w/ the details on the route. Runs towards Snoballs. Run half as far as you want to go, then turn around and come back.

The Pledge.

The mosey.

Some ran fast.

Some ran faster.

Some left gifts.

Not sure that any of the PAX actually saw any Sammich’s so can’t really verify they were doing anything.

3rd F at New Covenant (at this point, has already happened)
Community Foundation Run (at this point, still hasn’t happened) (see The Pub twitter account for details)
Cinco de Mitchell on 5/5

Prayer Requests
Leppard’s M’s surgery
Gastone’s dad


Stay thirsty my friends…

Logging the Miles

16 HIMS showed at Crossroads this morning. ….Mayor was running yet again! way to push brother!…..   Pizza Man ran with Gold Digger then picked up his ruck and took off again…….Gold Digger ran a months worth of running for me in a couple of hours……. Boars Nest Rucker’s consisting of Swimmer,Oompa, Push It, and Montross  were giving it one more  trial run before the official launch next weekend……Tyson and Sgt. Hulka ran to Ozark Ave and back getting in 8 miles again this week……Seuss and Roundup doing what they do well. Running like the wind…….. Hacksaw doesn’t know what  quit or rest means that dude just keeps going.  Broke pushing me with my most consistent and fastest  5 miles yet. Appreciate that!…….Leppard getting back at it after the M’s knee surgery. Pockets out there getting at it. somehow I missed you man, always glad to have you at Crossroads.


There  was nothing but acceleration out there today. Everyone pushing themselves to be better. Way to go men!

Mt. Mitchell hike May 5th, bonfire at Lewis Farms April 27th 7:00, SFN event in Belmont get signed up.

prayer request: People battling addiction, Defs M, each other, my Mom and brother in law . I think that’s all forgive me if I missed anyone

Thanks for letting me lead it was a pleasure and an honor.

A Monk, A Youth Pastor and A Peanut’s Character walk into this Church and….

Prepped and ready for the Annual Foundation Run 5K, plus fresh with an FNG I brought along (Marcus/Trivago) I was ready for the Pax crowd.  Total of 9 showed for some Bedpan Painlab beatdown and Linus mosey 5k prep.  To start, and of course while forgetting the pledge:


Warm Up:

SSH – 20 IC

Squats – 20 IC

Merkins – 10 IC

LBC’s -20 IC

Painlab (Tube, Marco, Trivago, Hunk-a-Junk) to your Bedpan Beating.  Bootcamp with me.

First Presbyterian Church, to the steps at the Pad.

Re-hash of this weeks events from Timeframe and Gastone.

Partner 11’s:

Bottom, 1 Booyah merkin moving up, top of steps 10 partner derkins moving down

Circle Up:  Hold plank position while each PAX high knee’s out for a distance and back.  Starting to rain at this point.

Circle Up:  Round two, hold crab walk position while each Pax high knees for a distance and back.

50’s:  50 of each

Squats / Lunge / Monkey Humper / Calf Raise

Power Packet:

Formed small stations with the following:

30 Merkins / 30 CDD’s / 30 Squats / 30 LBC’s / 30 Heels to Sky / 30 Second Plank

After each excercise mosey out pre-determined distance and back, go to next station.  Still raining but buckets are holding out at this point.  Mumblechatter strong from Squirt provided great 10 count relief.

Well, finish the power packet round and as I bend down to pick up added weinke’s I either blacked out or had a photo taken of me.  Neither it seems, but it was full sky lightning.  Not strikes mind you, just full sky illumination.  Monk had if figured out by exact distance how far away it was so we sort of moseyed back towards the Schiele in increments figuring we had time to spare.

Top of church, repeated a hold pattern while PAX moseyed and then NUR.

Round 1 – Al Gore

Round 2 – I forget

Turns out there is this joke I overheard from Squirt and Monk grabbed the punchline.  What happens when a Monk, a Youth Pastor, and a Peanut’s character walked into a church?  The Monk got kicked out!!!

Lightning now right on us and time anyway.  Monk trying to review his storm distance calculations and Squirt picking us up and carrying us back, while continuing the mumblechatter.  Mosey fast pace to the Schiele only to find Painlab has been stolen!  Monk, determined to rescue them searches deep in the woods (well, not that deep) and finds them huddled under the Colonial awnings like Will Smith ‘I am Legend’ zombies.  Ironic at this point that most of us are still dry and only got bathtub soaked after we departed.  Quick pledge to a flag we could only imagine still existed, name-o-rama, announcements and prayers quicker than a JR-Maglev (uh, fast train I think).

Departing the gloom we were ransacked with a deluge of water, felt great actually.

I need Q’s for April.

Until next time, Aye…..


All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go

The day of the Community Foundation Run and Speed for Need event had finally arrived and the air was full of excitement and anticipation. The problem was, the air was also filled with rain, lots and lots of rain. Needless to say, for the sake of safety, the event was cancelled which left a crew of guys dressed in their finest F3 gear feeling somewhat disappointed. What to do……???


Let’s do what F3 guys do, Omaha to the parking deck and get in a bootcamp style workout!


After a quick warmup, HIPAA breaks out the Official F3 Workout Deck and we got after it until time was up. Everyone pushed themselves and ended up better off for it. Thanks to all who hung around and also to Pizza Man, HIPAA and Clavin who put in a lot of work planning and getting everything ready for the race. The next SFN event will be in Belmont in May, so get signed up and let’s give the Track Commanders a day to remember!



April 27th – 2nd F event at Lewis Farms

May 5th hike


Prayer Requests

Breaker Breaker – family and friends dealing with issues

Def Leppard’s M – doing well with recovery after knee surgery

PAX we haven’t seen in a while

The Lost


YHC took us out.



New Season

04/15/2019 Mt. Hollywood
Tiger reached out needing a Q for Mt. Hollywood on tax day so I resisted the fartsack and jumped on it. I needed the push to get the week started right. I thought numbers might be low but as time got closer, 10 circled up for Warmup, make that 11 as Freon sneaks in quiet like. Let’s go.
SSH x 15 IC
Cotton Pickers x 15 IC
Hillbillies x 15 IC
Goofballs x 15 IC
Mosey down Catawba Street behind the First Presbyterian church to the small parking for some BLIMPS.
Burpees x 5 OYO, Mosey to the far corner near the road. Watch that form Sister Act!
Lunges x 10 each leg. Tesla questioned the intelligence of anyone who has to move forward walking to do lunges. He may have been talking to me. Mosey to the top of the big parking lot.
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC, short mosey to the top of the parking lot near the building.
Merkins x 20 single count, mosey down the parking.
Plank Jacks x 25 IC, mosey back around the building to the top of the small parking lot.
Squats x 30 IC, short mosey back to the small parking lot spot where we started. Take a count.
Run a lap around that same parking lot area.
Repeat the BLIMPS same as before. Take another lap.
Mosey to the white wall behind BB&T.
Rugby Sprints
On your six for Flutter kicks until I say Sprint, sprint forward to the curb, sprint back to the wall then walk back to the curb.
Merkins, sprint. SSH, sprint. Time to head back so we took the longer way back up Central to the benches near the school.
80 D’s
20 Dips IC, 20 Dollies IC, 20 Dyeing Cockroaches IC, 20 Derkins IC, yes IC. Mosey back to the flag.
My word for today was about it being a new season. Over 1/4 of the way through the year is a great time to assess where you are in your 3F’s. Think about what you wanted to accomplish and see if you are on track. I have to say I have more work to do in several areas and will push to get there. Spring offers a new season with flowers blooming and grass growing and it is a time to remind us to start new. The guys in F3 will definitely help you get there if you are striving.
April 27th, 2nd F at Lewis Farms 7 pm
May 5th, Mount Mitchell Hike
Prayer Requests:
My wife recovering nicely from knee surgery
*NMM Thanks to all the guys who showed up this morning from the War Baby, Get A Grip to the War Daddy, Tesla and all those in between. I had around 2.15 miles on my watch and plenty of reps this morning. Great to see Stroganoff for his first workout at Mt. Hollywood (I believe I heard him say that). Broke, Seuss and Sister Act post everywhere all the time but it’s always great to see them. Great to see Blart out early as his schedule has changed. Doodles has really been consistently posting and I am sure he is ready for his VQ next week. Virus was leading the way on most of the runs as he usually does and Freon runs up, crushes the workout and runs back home. It was a pleasure to lead this morning. Have a great week and remember the significance of this week and what this Sunday represents!

Eat It!!!

Diablo Sammich, zero dark thirty. Let’s get to eatin!

We carried our rucksacks around the park, staying on the path for safety. YHC set his timer for 5 minutes. At each alarm we did 10 merkins with our rucksacking sacks on. It was great.

If you’re not going to run you might as well rucksack. That’s what Whoopee always says…I think.

It was a pleasure to be out here with you guys!

Sargento out!!!

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