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Day: January 10, 2019

A Morning at The Storm

So YHC had been challenged by some of the boys about possibly being a little over the hill. So it was time to put those rumors to rest. Went something like this.

COP with a 2+ burpee ladder between exercises.

SSH X 20, 2 burpees

IW X 20, 4 burpees

Squats X 20, 6 burpees

Merkins X 10, 8 burpees

Mtn climbers X 20, 10 burpees

Mosey to the center of the parking lot for 4 corners action.

Count off by 4s for two rounds of action. Start off with 5 burpees, go to a corner, return to the center and 5 burpees.

Corner 1 , 10 merkins

Corner 2, 10 WW II situps

Corner 3, 10 hand release merkins

Corner 4, 10 jump squats

Finish two rounds and mosey for partner work at the loading dock

Round 1

P1 – CDDs, P2 run to the dock and jump up, 5 burpees, return and flapjack

Round 2

P1, American hammers, P2 run to the dock and climb up, 5 burpees and return. Flapjack.

Round 3

P1, Squats, P2 run to the dock and climb and 5 burpees. Flapjack.

Round 4

P1, WWII situps, P2 same as above.

Mosey over to the front of the school.

15 dirkins

10 stepups each leg

15 dips

Line up for bear crawl between the concrete steps aka bear crawl slalom!

Rinse and repeat above except this time, we do crab walk slalom!

Time about up now, so mosey back to the flag as the ruckers and runners return.


Great effort by the pax today. Welcomed two FNGs in Liberace and Hat’s Off. Keep up the good work men! Special shout out to Top Hat who keeps pushing it. You are the man brother! Been hurt many times before and know what it is like. You are showing us all that it is all about getting out there. Love you brother!

Great to have Librace and Hat’s Off in he fold. Quality men who will accelerate. Looking forward ot your VQs this summer!

Always great to lead at The Storm. Breaker doing a great job with it.


11’s? Kinda Sorta

Pulled into Folsom this morning passing Volt and Roundup as they get some EC in before the workout. Good work! When I get to the parking area Medicine Woman is waiting for the beat down to begin. Few minutes pass and cars start showing and the PAX are ready for the beat down.


SSH, Don Q’s, X 15 IC, MN’s till Montross gets in the circle.


Mosey from parking area to the first light pole. Flutter Kicks X 20 IC, next light pole we do Mountain Climbers X 20 IC. Alternate between these two exercises at the light poles all the way to the flag. Each set led by a different PAX. (thanks guys) Get to the flag and pledge.

Next short mosey to parking lot at entrance. I think most of the PAX thought there would be 11’s. I do call those a lot but I wanted to mix it up a little. There are 3 islands and a service road at this lot so we did an escalating suicideish type workout.

Island 1, 10 Burpee’s

Island 2, 20 Big Boy Situps

Island 3, 30 Squats

Island 4, 40 LBC’s

You can’t go to the next exercise without returning to start and starting over, we finish this round and then flip it up and reverse it. Now starting with 40 Big Boys at the first island etc., Good work men 6:10 let’s head back to start.

Roundup took off like he was shot from a gun and the rest of us followed.


Short Sale with the Q at Folsom Saturday. Put on your big boy panties and pull your shorts up. Guaranteed to be a beat down.

Prayer Request:

Montross’s Aunt, Rockabilly’s Mom, Medicine Woman, Hacksaw’s MIL, each other.

YHC took us out.

Great work today men, nice to see a good crowd at Folsom. A lot of guys posting 3 times this week so far, including Rockabilly who was an FNG on Tuesday. Way to push man! Keep at it!

As always it was an honor and a privilege to lead this morning.

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