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Day: December 14, 2018

Q 101: Section 3, #2

If you look on the F3Gastonia website’s cover page, along the right side you will see a link to the First Time Q – kind of a “what to do” list. This isn’t only for first time Q’s, it’s for anyone to reference. So after crawling out of the fart sack for a mid-week appearance at Snoballs, I earned some credit, especially with all the running we did. I gave the Q ample time, well exceeding the Folsom 30 minute guideline and the more standard 24 to 48 hour time period. But before I reached Sister Act’s one month rule, I had to act. As you will read in the December newsletter, backblasts are more important than the individual accolades of the Iron Skillet (congrats to Broke btw). Backblasts tell the F3 Leadership how many men are posting at the various AO’s. We can understand if an AO is struggling or thriving. Site Q’s can study the names to know who is posting regularly and who might be falling back to the sad clown couch – it happens when the mornings are below freezing. So with that, I’m happy to memorialize the epic beatdown by Island. Here is what I recall…


Warm-up (can’t remember exactly, maybe three or four exercises)

Island then announces “let’s mosey…” Now recall that Island got his name as a former college defensive back and even a few years removed from those grid-iron days, he has the quicks. I’ve even witnessed him out sprint Defib. Of his prior Q’s, we typically do some sprint work. but on this cold morning, we kept going. Once arriving at the old Harris Teeter, site of many F3 beatdowns in the open parking lot. Only we kept going prompting Hushpuppy to groan “oh, he meant we’re running to the new Harris Teeter…” and we did, on up the inclined hill, covering about a mile in all.

Upon arrival, Island announces ‘now it’s time for some sprints…’ We did suicides across the parking lot, covering three different distances, doing three different sets with a brief rest in between.

To break it up, we gather into groups of 2 and one group of 3 (me, Gastone, and the Q) for his version of Rock/Paper/Scissors. The winner does squats while the loser runs a distance of the winner’s choosing. Gastone and I won 2 in a row and Island went about 50 yards and back, as did most other teams. When I lost round 3, Gastone challenges me to run around the building – really? the building? ok, I’m off.

Several minutes later I return and we do more sets of suicides. I stare at my watch praying for time to beat Island, at least for a few rounds. Finally he announces it’s time to head back to the AO, thankfully most of the return trip is mostly downhill. Once everyone gathers in the parking lot, we have time for PAX choice of MARY, going around the circle for mostly ab work.

COT – prayers for various people and things

Moleskin – Most PAX don’t roll out to a bootcamp mentally prepared to run 3.5 miles, but that is what we did. Even Qweesh could have handled this one with is soccer arms. Despite Island not posting a backblast, don’t be like Turtleman and “cold-sack” (apparently his weather threshold is mid-40’s), otherwise you missed a great workout by a man that has the most fashionable socks in all of F3 Gastonia. But the next time I have to write a post-backblast, I’m not running around the building.

Short Sale


11 was the count at Midoryama on Thursday for my first Q in quite a while.


SSH x 20ic

Goofballs x 10 ic for Doby. I thought he would enjoy seeing these grown men dance like that.

Don Q x 10ic

The Thang:

I often offer the PAX an option when Qing. Despite what Def Leppard says there are actually options. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do so I wrote a bunch of different mini workouts on a paper and numbered them 1-7. Doby had the honors of choosing for us. Below are the options that we did but not in this order.

  1. EMOM(every minute on the minute) for 5 minutes-5 squats, 10 donkey kicks, 3 broad jumps
  2. 6 rounds-10 merkins, 15 v-ups, 20 squats. Those v-ups started to suck!
  3. As many rounds as possible in 7 minutes-Broad jump across parking lot, lunge back.
  4. 21, 15, 9(do the 21 of each then do 15 then do 9)-Burpee, WWI. Crowd pleaser!
  5. EMOM-5 pullups, 10 merkins, 15 squats
  6. 21, 15, 9-jump squat,  merkin

All in all I broke a pretty good sweat. I hope everyone else enjoyed it.



Announcements-The Christmas party has moved to Lewis Farm, Operation Sweet Tooth gifts due Saturday at the Convergence at Gashouse 7:00am

Prayer Request-YHC Grandpa, DL’s daughters graduation, Broke, Golddigger and Fiancee


Having been on the IR since The Bourbon Chase I have to tell you guys that you mean more to me than I can ever say. Not being able to post I quickly started to slide back into a sadclown. I’m so out of shape now compared to where I was that it’s really difficult to have to suffer through that conditioning again. However knowing you will be there makes all the difference!

It was a Malfunction..

it was a week ago when Malfunction who has only attended 3 workouts over the summer before he headed out to attend The Citadel called me to get his first Q done today. I would say he has this figured out.

The Thang:

You should have been there, we did lots of Merkin’s and running in the parking garage. One leg bear crawls, Scary Merkins, and much more.

The Moleskin:

The VQ was completed and Malfunction is now able to knock out Q’s all the time. He planned on an hour and was ready to take us another 15 but we all ran from him and left him in the garage. Fun morning and very creative workout.

Operation Sweet Tooth, bring to the Christmas Party.

Singing for Santa Saturday Morning.

Prayers out to several.

Gastone the BB writer Out.


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