School is back in session, most of the F3 men are finished traveling now so we had a great crowd today! 12 HIM’s came out. I always look at the exercise list on the F3 app before I write out my wienkie, I noticed one called the Burpee Mile! I thought well my trusty watch says I’m at 89 miles logged since I started tracking my info in April. I thought for a moment that’s nothing for some of the guys in F3 they run that much in a month, personally I had set a goal to complete 100 miles before my 40th birthday in December. For once I’m ahead of schedule. I thought how great would it be to put mile 90 on the wall with a bunch of burpees. I’m now ten miles away from my goal looks like I’m pushing my goal out to 150 before 40 now. Here’s how our day started to greatness!
The thang:
Warm up ssh x15 squats x 10 raise the roof x 30 all on a 3count.
Mosey some of the guys decided to go ahead so thanks to MW and roadie we zigged while others zagged.
12 burpees
To the flag pledge lbcs x25 merkins x 20 hillbillies x 20
Mosey then 12 more burpees. By this time mumble chatter was loud so I explained that Rudolph made the push Saturday with so many burpees that this was nothing.
Mosey 12 burpees
Mosey when we hit one mile I stopped the group explained that with them I had just crossed 90 miles and the 89 before I had run with,behind,beside or in front of some of the men here today. I thanked everyone with 12 more burpees. Total was at 48. Couple of ocd men did two more just to get to 50.
Mosey stopped for some dips x25
Dirty hook ups x 15 and a new Folsom favorite Nancy Kerrigan’s 10 per leg. (No legs were harmed in this exercise # @womanleg).
Back to the beginning 22 for the vets still a few minutes so we did some Mary to finish up.

F3 has changed my life! If you see a sad clown walking around EH him and don’t stop. Keep pushing the rock.
Prayer request: A friend of medicine Woman who lost his brother in a car accident. Pray for each other, and the kids as they start a new school year.

Announcements : jj5k and stop soldier suicide 5k coming up September 22.

The Bed Pan is full!