12 HIMs posted Downtown Friday for a fun run with a few exercises. The day before at The Pub, Whoopie treated us to a tirade against running, so I had hoped that he would post for more of the same. But ah, alas … on call!

Warm-up was high knees, of course, with occasional burpees, then merkins, and LBCs, then a run around a few blocks to get to the parking deck.

I decided to try something different with the first part of the beatdown. Not a complete bust, but not a complete success either. Think four corners with the corners at the top and bottom of the two stairwells in the parking lot. The exercise consisted of lunging across the deck and running up and down the stairs, performing exercises at each corner. The rest of it is too complicated to describe, and I’ll never do it again, so we’re movin’on.

Then DORA 123 with the runner going up & down the stairs, followed by a sprint to the top, then a sprint back to the bottom of the deck and back around a few more blocks of downtown Gastonia to start. A minute of Monkey Humpers brought us to 0615.

Announcements: Tubing Saturday, CSPAN send-off, women’s workout in Dallas, Roscoe w/ Q downtown next week; CSAUP probably closed but you can still run; Sargento’s gathering next saturday

Prayers: Hacksaw, Gastone’s in-laws, Pedal’s wife stress-fracture.