• When: 08/16/2018
  • QIC: Roadie
  • PAX: Pizza Man, Sister Act, Hacksaw (R), Stripes, Medicine Woman, Pastor Clever, Volt, Roadie, Hank, Sparky, Huckleberry, Bedpan

It sucks being stuck on the sidelines. For 6+ months, F3 was life! I was pushing myself and having a great time doing it and BAM, I am reminded I am a 40 year old recovering sad clown. I am trying to be patient until I can return, but I am always looking for ways to stay close to the guys and stir the pot to keep Folsom on it’s toes.

Flashback 10-ish days ago – it’s early August and Sparky is trying to fill a few remaining Q slots. You may not realize this but, since April, the Qs are all gone within 1-2 days of Sparky asking for volunteers. Props to the guys for stepping up! However, things seemed to be going a little slower this month so I quietly ask if anyone is interested in a Ghost Q. Within minutes, Roadie send me a PM “I’ll do it!” and he grabs a Q slot. Other than us 2 and Pastor Clever, no one else knew what was coming today.

Stranger Danger: The spookiness starts Monday as Roadie comes by my house to pick up the weinke and hang out. My kids have never met Roadie and they are swimming in the backyard. I tell him to just walk around back, say hi to them, and tell them he has a puppy in the truck and ask if they want to come check it out. Now we have always told our kids if someone you don’t know tries to get you to go with them, run screaming and tell us. We have all seen videos of parents testing their kids at parks or wherever and 2 minutes later, the kid walks off with the “stranger”. It is frightening and I always wondered how my kids would react. Would they run screaming? Well, THEY DID! I underestimated the amount of water they would bring into the house as they yelled “there’s a kidnapper here!!!” I quickly told them the truth and told them how proud I was of them. I also underestimated how funny it would be to have Roadie scare my kids. We were rollin’!!!!! So, with that, I can personally vouch for the Roadie Scared Straight Program.

Roadie teased a “spooky” workout leading up to today and did a nice job stirring the boys up to let then know something special was coming. Results speak for themselves: 12 made their way to Folsom this morning. Roadie started off letting them know it was a ghost Q but held off sharing who he was representing.


SSH – 10…make it 14 IC – it sounds like the ol’ Road Dawg got a little carried away.

Raise the Roofs – 10 IC – mumble chatter is stirring. Who is the ghost Q, Gomer? Wrong, guess again.

Rhondas…err, Monkey Humpers – 10 IC – Is this an Allen Tate Q? Wrong, guess again.

Morrocan Night Clubs – as we wait for Sparky. What he is already here? Ah hell, lets do them anyway! I had to build them into the weinke because odds are very good Sparky will be late. I had to prepare Roadie for it!

Pledge – you have 2 options, we have a perfectly good shovel flag, but we also have our new mascot @WomanLeg draped in old glory. The choice is yours!


Roadie leads em out of the parking lot and takes a right. They are headed for the lower parking lot but this a ghost Q so it isn’t going to be easy, we are running around the pond. An unnamed PAX complained about running in the dark around the backside of the pond. Way I see it, Midoriayama has plenty of sunshine in the afternoon if ya need it. Special thanks to Pizza Man for picking up the 6!

I fully expected someone, most likely Medicine Woman, to complain about taking the long way. I had 5 ‘punishment’ burpees planned! With encouragement from Pizza Man, Roadie calls them anyway. 5 OYO!

About this time, Roadie reveals that Montross is the ghost Q. So during the last workout I attended before getting hurt, it was pouring rain and Sister Act called Dirty 11s across the parking lot. It was brutal! So, next exercise is….

Dirty 11s across the parking lot featuring Sumo Squats and Jump Lunges. Gotta be honest here, I originally had Sumos and StarJumps here, just like SA’s Q, but Roadie said Folsom struggled with Jump Lunges during the Iron Pax worjout and needed more practice. A good Q listens to his PAX so I agreed. You can Thank Roadie for the Jump Lunges as you ice down your butt cheeks tomorrow! Reports tell me mumble chatter was lively. MW was heard saying ghost Qs shouldn’t be allowed! My name was cursed. I love it! Way to push fellas.

Mosey to the courts for more beatings!

My last Q before injury was at Gashouse and it was probably my best effort. The feature exercise was Mispelled BOMBS, borrowed from our good friend Gumby. Grab a partner and line up. You know how it goes, cumlative reps – 1st pax does exercises while the 2nd pax runs down and back, switch, rinse and repeat.
– 50 burpees
– 100 big boy situps
– 150 merkins
– 200 squats
– 250 lbcs

I didn’t think the guys would have time to finish this but amazingly, some guys started LBCs before the clock struck 6:15. Time!

COT – Pastor Clever was gracious enough to take the guys out in prayer. Kinda cool he helped out by praying since he was the only other person who of the ghost Q. I appreciate you saying a prayer for me!


I know this was tough guys. I am always trying to think of ways to keep it interesting and that was the goal today. I am not letting you forget about me LOL! Cool thing is as I talked to Roadie this afternoon, I could tell he was as excited about it as I was.

I go to the doctor in 2 weeks. I am sure they will keep me limited for a while, but I will be posting when I can. To be fair, I will break out the ghost Q again and call it myself so be ready. Granted, I will need some time to get back in shape first, but it will be back!!!!!!

I know this was long so I will finish by saying nice work guys! It is always an honor to lead and it is always great to have guys like Roadie willing to help me stay involved and also push himself and everyone else.

Now, time to fire up the NES Classic!

  • Montross the Friendly Ghost Q