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Day: August 5, 2018

Good Workout Cheap

A while back, Brownstreak Q’d the Gashouse and took us on a journey that eventually led to the Ollie’s parking lot. Along the way, he and others shared the impact F3 had on them in various areas of life. YHC knew that he’d not posted at Gashouse and gone that direction in quite some time so today was the day. I’d put out a note the day before on Twitter promising a “good workout cheap” as a play on Ollie’s “Good Stuff Cheap” motto.

YHC showed up a few minutes before 0700 to find the PAX waiting for the fun that was to come. After confirming that Rudolph was ready with the Pain Lab Q, we got started.

No FNG’s so the disclaimer was short.

SSH x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15
LBC’s x 14 (Was thinking ahead and hit the inflection count a little early)

The Pledge

We started our journey to run an errand while the Pain Lab PAX stayed behind for their own beat down.

Mosey up the road towards Ollie’s. Stopped at the Grier parking lot for some lunge work. Starting at the beginning of the parking spaces, lunge to the speed bump, stop and do 10 merkins. Lunge to the next speed bump, 10 more merkins. Lunge to the final speed bump, 10 more merkins. As noted by the PAX, the parking lot was a bit longer than I’d remembered when mentally planning the weinke, but all PAX survived.

Continued the mosey towards Ollie’s with another stop at Idlewood Circle to gather the PAX and let everyone catch their breath. Since we stopped, let’s do 20 LBC’s.

Continued the mosey with another stop at the office building behind Ollie’s. Partner up. Partner 1 runs around the building to the other entrance and then back again while the Partner 2 does Mountain Climbers. Once partner 1 returns, flip flop and Partner 2 runs while Partner 1 does MC’s. Repeat with another round of SSH while the partner runs.

Mosey to the Ollie’s parking lot. At this point, the PAX found out that Madoff had returned to the Pain Lab with Hercules. Down to a PAX of 5 at this point.

YHC explained to the PAX that this was the CHEAP part of the workout that was promised. More partner work. Partner 1 ran up the parking aisle while Partner 2 performed an exercise. When Partner 1 returned, Partner 2 ran while Partner 1 performed the exercise. After each exercise, the partners would move down one parking aisle.

H Humpers (it was noted that “Humpers” of any kind were acceptable, but it was clarified that it was probably
safe to keep it to either Monkey or Gorilla).
E Eleven of any exercise (and once you got done with the 11, do 11 more, then 11 more, until the partner
A American Hammers
P Plank Jacks

There was time so we ran CHEAP back. This time we only ran half way up the aisle using the light poles as markers. Ollie’s is a self-described “bargain outlet” but running only half way up the aisle didn’t seem like much of a bargain. So to get their money’s worth, we did escalating burpees when turning around at the light poles. Aisle 1 = 1 burpee; Aisle 2 = 2 burpees; and so on until Aisle 5 = 5 burpees. Judging from the feedback, the PAX were a group of satisfied customers.

Time to mosey back. Stop at Idlewood again to gather the PAX. LBC’s x 15.

Mosey to Grier entrance. LBC’s x 25

Mosey back to the Schiele to meet up with Pain Lab. When we returned, they were doing their manliest yoga poses.
YHC and Rudolph led 4 rounds of dueling Mary that included Box Cutters, American Hammers, Mountain Climbers (I think), and Dying Cockroaches. The bells ended the duel.

Just to note, we ran 2.9 miles in our travels.

Burpees by the lake – 10/6 – benefitting Special Olympics
Get school supplies to Hushpuppy for The Least of These
8/25 Gashouse 50 mile relay and 2nd F at Sargento’s

Prayer Requests
Mayor – Brother-in-law, Craig- seizure/brain defect
Nicky Bailey
Hushpuppy – consult w/ spine surgeon this upcoming week
Ethan Scott
Pedal – dad w/ Parkinson’s


Thanks for the chance to lead.

The Spirit of 276

Today was the day to implement the test.  A few days earlier I messaged Roscoe and asked if he remembered a workout at Downtown that I never forgot.  It was my first post in awhile, those two years ago, where I was back from the beach and decided to rededicate effort into F3.  Nearly a year before Painlab was to start, Roscoe was the Q and there were about 10 of us.  I remember Easy Rider, Def Leppard, Hushpuppy and Squirt being there.  Can’t remember any more, but there’s a picture somewhere.

Roscoe took us on a workout around town, running up and down the parking deck, but stopped and had us circle up into 4 groups.  He did a waterfall of Burpees, and it never seemed to stop.  He sped it up with Def at some points, I remember that, but before the end we had done roughly 85 Burpees in a row.  I remember that workout because it was something I wouldn’t have said I could do, if you told me to do it beforehand.  That’s a great part of F3, the time you realize you can do more.  Plus I felt nauseous.

SO….with that backstory here we go.  I get to the parking lot with my truck full of weights and , and there is Linus.  This site Q is all over his job, and has been busting his @$$  pushing the rock.  We shoot the bull, and talk weight-lifting.  We’re thinking that maybe we should start an EC thing at Gashouse with some mass-building-centric stuff?  I keep saying it, the older we guys get, the more muscle loss is going to happen, it’s just a fact.  So you all stew on that.  But he helps me make the stations and set the weights at.   The guys start to trickle in, and I tell Mayor that we might not have but a few folks for Painlab and then we’d join JJ for a bootcamp.  Luckily the number hit just right!

JJ warmed us up, Pledge, then the split.  I told JJ in secret about the Test I was going to do, he said they were going to go away…..far away.  Later I saw they went to Ollie’s.  Adios boys.

8 (9 with me) stuck for Painlab.  Disclaimer, and remember these rules for when you Q:

1) Modify as needed.  Ankle hurting?  Let Q know and he can give you something else to do (Merkins, LBC, there is always an alternative).

2) We do zero to low impact.  You CAN do high-impact, like the hop after the Burpee, or do it slower.  Again, we modify.

3) We’ve had a theme of using weights.  This is not required.  If you Q Painlab, holler at HIPAA and get some original ideas.  He’s done great in innovating this AO.

I set up 8 stations to rotate through.  When someone realized that there was 9 of us, we made a new one on the spot.  Improv!

Goblet Squats with 50 lb. kbell

Diamond Merkins (Hushpuppy missed my diamond drawing.  Uncultured).

Halos with 30 lb. kbell

Curls with 50lb. curl bar

Tricep Extension with 20 lb. dumbell

American Hammer with cinderblock

Rows with 50 lb. kbell

Marches with 25 lb. plate or 20 lb bell

*Lunges with 2 10 lb. hand weights (this is what we made up, good job Mayor!)

You do 10-15 repetitions, rotate when I say so, we rest 30-60 seconds before next station, repeat.  My favorite was when Top Hat grabbed the 50 lb. kbell for squats and yelled out “JOHN BROWN!”.  I think he’s feeling muuuuuch better these days.  So we do this times 2 cycles.  This was more work than what we did 2 years ago with Roscoe, and while I knew it would have an effect, we put in 30 minutes of work.  Perfect.

Next was the test, we split into groups, Hushpuppy remembered what I told the gang about the Roscoe workout and girded himself.  Only difference was that each group would count and we would ascend, not do a 1-2-3-1, count, but just count up.  I thought this would give some mental edge.  Plus, I made a playlist specific for this event.  So me and Hunkajunk paired up, Mayor and Defib, Pedal along with Hushuppy, TopHat with Sledge-o-matic and Hunchback.  I can’t remember what number we were on, but here comes Madoff and Hercules.  They join up, welcome to the pain train!

At this point I set the time for 15 minutes.  I saw the sweat, I saw the push, and tried to keep the chatter up.  The third song on the playlist helped to inspire me and Mayor, when “Real American” came on.  How can you not flashback to your youth when Hulkomania was running wild?  Say your prayers, eat your vitamins and be a good American.  Hot damn I’m pumped up now!  At one point I saw the group sagging just a hair, I told them to put their arms in the air and I checked the clock.  11:30 had passed.  I asked if they had it in them to go for 4 more minutes.  The answer was a resounding yes, so back to work we went.

Final count – 276 group burpees.  That’s 69 individual in a row.  The bench mark has been set for PainLab.  Next time is 277 or bust.  GREAT WORK MEN.  And hats off to Pedal, who did the torture chamber with Gastone the day before, which looked like the stuff of nightmares.

I had everyone sit on their 6 and did some basic stretches to cooldown.  Weightlifting + 69 consecutive burpees is pretty rough on the body.  After 5 minutes of stretch I lead us in some yoga poses to actively stretch.  I enjoyed watching people shake and tremble while planking.  Monk came running up during tree pose and looked like he’d seen a car accident.  GET TO WORK MONK.  JJ joined me in the circle, we did some Mary work, churchbells = time.

MOLESKIN – been waiting for a time to do the test.  Hats off to Roscoe for pushing me 2 years ago, hats off to Painlab participants for not quitting.  You can pause, you can go slow, you can let doubt creep in, but the test has one bigger purpose – push your brother, iron sharpens iron.

Until the next time, adios.  And if interested in an EC kbell-weight session before bootcamp on Saturdays, holler. Gastone was thinking of one through the week too.  Opportunities abound.  Proud of all this new blood taking over site Q’s!


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