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Day: July 31, 2018

New Kid with the Blocks

Well, today is the day, YHC officially takes over as site Q for The Storm. Mayor already pass on the shovel/flag this past Sunday and the official  handoff was with YHC as the Q. It is hard to believe it has been about 10 months since I my first workout with F3 on a Saturday morning at the Fighting Yank…At that time, I thought it was impossible for me to get up early in the morning to workout, much less, outside. Now I am out in the gloom 4-5 days a week and agreed to become site Q., wow,! What a transformation. Thanks F3 Gastonia for the push! Now have to fill some big shoes, following Mayor.


Now for the workout with 15 PAX that pushed theirselves to out of bed early this morning to get stronger.


SSH x 25 I/C

Merkins x 10 I/C

Mountian Climbers x 12 I/C


The Thang:

Mosey down and around the soccer field and then on over to the baseball field…

Pax grab a coupon from behind softball field dugout for a block party.

The exercise: curls, o/h presses, squats, tricep extensions, arm raises, and good mornings x 15. Mosey to parking lot and back. Rinse and repeat x 3.

Mosey to tennis courts for some 11s. Start out with hip slappers x 1 run a horseshoe route to do 10x American Hammers…it is now almost 6:15, head back to flag.



Mt.Hollywood AO starts up next Monday, 5:30am @ MtHolly Middle School

CSAUP on Aug 25th and then F2 at Sargento’s

Whoppe has Q next week and Norwood will take 8/14. Thanks for stepping up.

Prayer Request

kids getting ready to head off to college, school close to starting, and our teachers

YHC friend on long term disability

Close out with prayer..

Great push from all PAX this morning. Thanks for allowing me to lead you. Thanks to Mayor for his work as site Q for the past year. Don’t start fartsacking now.


Breaker Breaker



Pub Run

4 showed to put in some miles at The Pub this morning.

I guess I hang around the Folsom crew too much.  No Backblast over there results in ridicule and threats of bodily harm.    I got you on this one Defib, just don’t let it happen again, lol!





Gut Check hill…

6 pushed the rock at Coconut Horse.

The Thang:

We ran 5 miles.

The Moleskin:

Tooltime is pushing some speed up the Gut Check, we should see a record break soon.

Key-eesh might get on Strava. Who knows?

Great run everyone, thanks for the push!


Last day of the month!

  1. A few weeks back I noticed I didn’t have anyone signed up to Q the last 3 days of the month at Folsom! So I threw it out on our Folsom groupme, and two people stepped up, but the last day was open! I told them if I lead it, we will lunge a mile! That’s how we will end the month! Wrong! I tried it by myself, I completed a 1/4 mile and it was bad enough, I knew I wasn’t in good enough shape to get a mile, so a 1/4 mile it will be!

i pulled into Folsom earlier than normal, we had a few pax waiting, then a few more pulled in, including sister Act, after he post again this afternoon , he will have “37 POST” for the month of July! Good job Sister Act! Now let’s get started!


SSHx15, Windmill x10, mosey to the flag!

22 for the vets, pledge!

Mosey the parking lot next to the flag.

11s, burpees and merkins! Fellowship mosey to the crosswalk at the entrance of the park! From this point, lunge walk to the entrance of the animal shelter, that will be 1/4 mile!

Meet back at the truck, partner up and grab a block!

Patner 1 plank, partner 2 shoulder press x20, alternate 4sets!

About 1 minute left, partner 1 plank, partner 2, 20 curls one set!

Good work today’s men! Roadie, good job EHing! Welcome William Watson “ f3 Dirte’” !

Announcements- Wednesday nights Forge 630 to 730 at grits and greens!

Prayer request- Roadie’s nephew, each other, families!

Thanks for the opportunity!

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