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Red Whoopetta

  • When: 07/30/2018
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • PAX: Gastone, Turtleman, TBone, Clavin, Monk, Defib, Def Leppard, Linus, Dr. Seuss, Capt Steubing, Madoff, Sister Act, Whoopee, RaRaRa (FNG-John Robinson)

I have been in a “Q slump” lately. One of my Q’s recently was a disappointment for me. I made a concerted effort to work on what I thought would be a good workout-one that was challenging and allowed for mumble chatter, kept the group together without too much abuse on any new guys, and had a little something extra to keep people interested. Today was good for me-hoope it was for the others who posted. I thought it was challenging and although the mumble chatter was not intense, it was sort of like an old pair of Chuck Taylors-it got the job done but was nothing fancy. I met someone at church this week and mentioned our workout. Immediately I realized this guy was going to be all in-he was a big time runner in the past, has a lot of self motivation, and has a bit of sharp and witty humor that fits right in with our group. Also, he did not flinch when I mentioned 530am….I have been wrong before so I was relieved when I saw John Robinson, AKA RaRaRa get out of the car (with gloves!!!) just before we started-you will have to ask him what his name means…#showtoknow.

0530 rolled around and I gave a quick disclaimer, we said the pledge, then we started with a quick warmup: 5-6 SSH, Merkins, Squats, then a few burpees to get us going.

Mosey to Martha’s…..hold up, there’s a trash truck in our way….salute him with some Monkey Humpers until he moves then mosey on again. Along the way we stopped for some Sumo Squats at a few lights then got to the hill by the baseball field. I had Pax get in 2 lines, turn toward each other and there is your partner-A) plank, B) run up the short hill for 5 burpees then back down, flapjack, rinse and repeat for total of (I think) 5 sets. Quick recover then mosey to the Turd Shack. We stopped along the way for some flutter kicks (stay as a group, listed the 5 CORE principals of F3 for our FNG’s benefit mainly). On the way, some un-named pax named Gastone or Defib mentioned something about a wall at the turd shack and asked if we could do some Hip Slappers. Well call me Sally and smack me on the butt, no way I’m gonna turn down that request. Get on the wall britches and let’s do some Hip Slappers!!!! We did some Hip Slappers then I think LBCs then some more Hip Slappers. I was watching the clock-the “meaty” part of my Q was still to come. There was some complaining, I mean mumble chatter on the wall but I was not deterred. We kept slapping until I thought the pax had been sufficiently slapped.  Recover quickly then mosey to the soccer field. It is still pretty dark at this point but we made it without any real issues.

At his point I asked the FNG a very important question…one that would determine whether we, scratch that, whether I would ever invite him back to be part of our inner circle or even speak with him….and the question was something like “Have you heard of the song by Rush called Red Barchetta?” And his response (sorry Stroganoff, ShortSale, and Roscoe, I REALLY wish you were here for this one) was “Who is Rush??”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost hugged this guy. If I was smart enough, I would have planned this the day before.  At this point I got a bit giggly like one of my teen-aged daughters. I might have peed or sharted on myself as well but I’m not really sure. Yeah, pretty sure I peed on myself but really, so what. I could have sharted on myself and I would not have cared AT ALL. I gained what little bit of composure I could and quickly reminded the Pax what the Red Barchetta workout involves. Then I told them that was NOT what we would be doing. We would be doing the Red Whoopetta. Basically it is the same thing but instead of counting reps, we would continue doing the exercises until I got tired and then mosey back to start and plank. The routine went sort of like this: Run 100 yards, SSH until Whoopee gets tired and run back then plank. Recover, run 75 yards then Mtn Climber until Whoopee gets tired, mosey back, plank. Recover, run 50 yards, flutter until Whoopee gets tired/bored, mosey back then plank. Recover, run 25 yards, then 25 merkins OYO, then mosey back, plank. Recover, run 10 yards, 10 Burpees OYO then back to start. I wanted the opportunity for mumble chatter for the Pax so I took the counting out of the equation. I believe we did some Jack Webb’s (set of 10) somewhere in here but I am not sure when.

We moseyed back to the wall, re-partnered back up and P1 did LBCs while P2 did balls to the wall. I think we each did 2 sets of 15 and Sister Act helped with the counting on this. Honestly, I was a bit gassed at this point. We did some chair also but I cannot remember when.

We then started the mosey back to start-we stopped along the way for some Sumo Squats and other stuff that I cannot remember. I do remember Defib telling a funny joke about cellophane and a patient he recently saw in the office…can’t remember it now, maybe later. Where was JK2 or Squirt with his 2 boys full of endless jokes???

Once we got to the road someone (maybe me?) yelled jailbreak and out of nowhere this blue streak came by me-It was Linus making a bee-line for finish at top speed. Again, Linus is busting his butt. I said it before and I will say it again-Linus has stepped up his game since becoming site Q at Schiele/GasHouse. Nice work.

We got back to home base for a quick little bit of Mary then the bell rang to finish us up. Quick announcements, prayer requests, then named our FNG-John Robinson-RaRaRa-great guy, says he will be back on Wednesday but I will be out the rest of the week. I will be surprised if he is not there. I think he smiled the whole time. Continue to make him feel welcome and direct him towards those Cramer Mountain guys-he just moved in over there and suspect he will be looking for more workouts soon.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

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  1. Nice Q Whoopee!

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