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  • When: 07/11/2018
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5 PAX posted at The Forge on Wednesday night. We are working through the men of the Bible and tonight we discussed Andrew. No not Mayor, Peter’s brother as he was usually known. Andrew means “manly” so don’t tell Mayor about this. We don’t want it going to his head. Andrew was the type of guy who got stuff done behind the scenes without a lot of credit and spotlight. But he GOT IT DONE! Without question or hesitation and with full faith in Jesus. He was known for one on one interactions which is how most people come to know Jesus.  Andrew was the type of man we should all model ourselves after! After Jesus was crucified it is thought that Andrew took the news of Jesus north. It turns out he is the patron saint of Russia and Scotland. This spurred a conversation of how these men spread the gospel and how hard it was to travel. We have it easy and still fail to spread the word daily. These men hit the trail on foot(or rucking one might say) or by donkey but they got it done. So today men get it done not for you or the praise of another man but so that when this life is over God will look to you and say Well Done!