• When: 07/12/2018
  • QIC: Bed Pan
  • PAX: Sister Act, Allen Tate, Gravity,Crash Test Dummy, Volt, Huck,Hank

8 men showed this morning.
Focus was abs.

Warm up.
SSH. X 20
Cherry pickers x 20
Let’s Mosey to the Flag.
5 Burpees at the street light.
Lbc x20
Sandy V x20 (was reminded by the pax I was doing this wrong and made corrections and moved forward).
Run to the triangle in the road for some NUR. First thing I heard was you been around Gastone my answer was yes and (by the way Gastone MLP is still sitting down slowly but plans to return back Monday). After that side note.
Nur uphill 20squats
Nur to other corner 20squats
Nur to the other corner and.. 20squats.
Mosey for a bit then head to the tennis court.
Let’s do some 11’s
WWII sit-ups and American Hammers
From one end of the whole court to the next.
22 for the Vets at the end.

It’s always an honor to Q. Actually I was glad a spot was open at Folsom, the men get stronger every day we laugh and support each other anyway we can from prayer to plumbing advice and repair. Most importantly we check in on each other. The past 6 months my body has become stronger, but it cannot compare to how much stronger I am at praying and praying for others. Speaking in public has become stronger, helping others and my family has become stronger, the strengths I never expected to grow at F3 are stronger than ever before. Now with all that being said I hope the Pax can enjoy the B.B. at their late night dump stop before going to bed.

Prayer request
AT’s mother in law
Safe travels this weekend for the families heading on the tubing trip.
Def while he is in China
Montrosses hip
MW’s leg

The Bed Pan is Full!