• When: 07/10/2018
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • PAX: Gastone, TopHat, Boudin, TimeFrame, Anchorman, BreakerBreaker, Broke, Monk, Island, Buckeye, Serena, Madman, Pockets, Tesla, Radar, Dr. Seuss, Wanderer, HIPAA, Orangeman, Whoopee

OK guys, today I messed up. I messed up so bad, some of you may not have ever noticed if I did not point it out. And then there are others who may have noticed but thought, I’m not gonna say anything. It’s Whoopee. He has been here for a long time. He’s an old guy. Not RESPECT-kind-of old yet, but old as in…well, just old. Some grey hair, a few F3 shirts…heck, he even wears those funny sock things that don’t even get down into his shoes. He knows what he is doing and I’m gonna just keep my mouth shut.

Today the Weinke was about me. I wanted to bring a workout that was tough and wore everyone out. I wanted to see some merlot or at least hear some whining about how it was too much. I don’t even think I accomplished that but that is not the point.

I got a message from Mayor this morning asking if I made it to the STORM this morning-there was a chance I was going to have to miss my Q due to work and Mayor was my backup. Mayor was tied up last night with his 2.0 in the ED (not his ED, but the Emergency Department, HIPAA!!!) so he was likely going to be a no-show. My response to Mayor: “I made it. There was not a lot of mumble chatter. There was a Q-fail probably because I have not Q’d in awhile.”

I thought about it today. My workout was tough (I think) at least in parts. A lot of us got worn down and probably got a little bit stronger. However, without much mumble chatter, we might as well have all been doing this workout separately at different times during the day. My Weinke was not really designed to allow much interaction with each other, despite my attempt to make it “partner friendly” with a few partner workouts, partner carries, and everyone’s favorite partner disease “Hurpees.” My Weinke was not really set up for mumble chatter. There were enough exercises to keep us busy, but all of them involved counting reps which made the entire workout monotonous, quiet, and overall not very fun. We went quickly from 1 exercise to the next in an attempt to gas everyone. Again, we could all have done the same workout today with each of us rotating in every 45 minutes to tag up and let another guy do the workout. Other than getting hotter during the day, it really would have been about the same as all of us doing it together.

Lesson learned AGAIN-I know I have made this mistake before. I will promise to keep this in mind in the future and hope those of you reading this will learn from my mistake. Set up your Weinke however you want, but if you want some chatter and interaction with the PAX-really, this is what makes the fitness part of F3 different from working out in the YMCA, then make sure there are at least some exercises that are done without counting reps and with a bit of a break for recovering so that the six guy can get back his air and participate without feeling like an anchor. Again, my bad.

I will be Q’ing again at the STORM next month so all I ask is that you give me one more shot before putting me out to pasture with the rest of the old farts.

Here is what we did:

WU, exercises, Mary, Pledge, COT with prayers for lot of PAX and family members.