• When: 07/07/2018
  • QIC: Tiger
  • PAX: Traveler(R), Dr Suess(R), Tesla(R), Orangeman(R), Dirt(R), Tool Time, Boudin, Wanderer, Tiger

The Yank may need to change name to Sun City soon as it has become the place to be for the over 50 crowd.  Or maybe they are the reason that the Yank is the original Varsity site because these men know how to push it!

No warmup, these men didn’t need it.  Mosey up the Nichol’s hill and take long way to the tennis courts at Davis Park.  Once at the courts the PAX realized they had been invited to a birthday party.  That’s right, my little Tiger Cub was celebrating his very first birthday!  His hospital name is Charlie, so we helped him celebrate with some Charli at the courts:

C  corner to corner with merkins, diamond merkins, wide arm merkins, and CDDs

H  hurpees

A  agassi

R  rampage (LBC, bear brawl the baseline, squat)

L  Lt Danger (lunge, lunge, squat, merkin along baseline)

I  Inch worm

Since first birthday was 7/07/18, we did three rounds, 7 reps first round, 7 reps second round, 18 reps third round.  Had to Omaha round three to have time for the E.

That’s right, Elevens, Tiger squats and Mike Tysons.

Mosey back to the flag.

If you aren’t familiar with some of the exercises give them a look.  This was a really tough workout, everybody pushed hard, great job men!!

Talked a little about blessings at the end, and how they may be shown in ways that we don’t recognize fully in the beginning.  I am 47 and have a one year old son.  When I first learned he was on the way I had nine months of sleepless nights.  It was hard on my wife because she was overjoyed at the new life growing during pregnancy, but she knew I was worried about finances, being too old to have a young son, etc.  But then this new life God us made his appearance, all the fear went away.  Charlie fills my heart everyday with joy, but it took me a while to get there.

Trust the Sky Q, he knows what he’s doing.

Remember tubing on Green River, DM Sargento and let him know if your going.

Remember in your prayers military members and public service workers