• When: 07/04/2018
  • QIC: Tesla
  • PAX: Dirt, Pockets, Hunchback, Tiger, Traveler, Orangeman, Tesla, Dr. Seuss, Top hat

With all the talk of convergances and races and clown cars at 4 am to show for 5:15 am beat down elsewhere YHC as site Q for The Yank decided to provide an alternative for any local pax on the Independence day. What started out just as an alternative to way early rising and traveling became something else. It went like this:


Burpee “ladder”, a Tesla favorite to start with:

SSH X 20, 2 burpees

IW X 20, 4 burpees

Sharon Towers X 20, 6 burpees

Mountain Climbers X 20, 8 burpees

LBCs X 20, 10 burpees

Mosey up to the Corner of Knowledge for partner work.

P1 – Run to the other end of the school and do 10 Mike Tysons

P2- Step ups till P1 returns then flapjack.

Round 2

P1 – Run to the other end, 10 hand release merkins

P2 – Dips till P1 returns


Mosey down to the field of Dreams

Four corners

Count off in 2s, each group hits a corner, does the called work then returns to the center for five burpees before moving on to the next corner

Corner 1 – 20 LBCs

Corner 2- 20 squats

Corner 3 – 20 merkins

Corner 4 – 20 CCD

1 round was plenty!

Bear crawl IM time!

All pax in plank while we do the following using pax as the “obstacle”

Round 1 – bear crawl

Round 2 – agility run

Round 3 – repeat bear crawl

Gets us to the end.

SSH X 10

5 Turkish getups

5 burpees for the train.

Everybody is blowing pretty good by now, a warm humid day in July is taking its toll! But there is more to do.

Mosey down to Heartbreak hill:

Triple Nickel time:

Bottom of the hill: Mountain Climbers X 5

Run the hill

Top: LBCs with a twist X 5

Repeat 5X

Mosey over to the pad for some warm down Mary. Off to the ceremony.


The end of the workout was just phase 1 of the event. After name o rama we headed over to the statue of The Yank for our work of the day. YHC had arranged for Senior Pastor and all around great guy and our Wednesday morning bible study to converge for the event which as we now is the recognition of American Independence from the crown 242 years ago. One reason YHC chose the 6:30 start aside from being a reasonable hour ot get up and get moving was that the group meets at 7:15 every Wednesday. Sam’s club as we call it! That went like this:

Gathered in front of The Yank each pax read aloud a portion of the Declaration Of Independence. That took a about 8 minutes.  And Mr. Jefferson used words we rarely see today. There was quite a nice crowd that gathered along with the bible study group who listened as the document was read just like it was 242 years ago in Philadelphia and across the colonies as word traveled through the territories. Not sure but i think only a small minority of folks gathered on the Belmont square had ever heard or read the entire Declaration. If you were not there i encourage you to do so very soon. It is a litany of the rights of man given by God and the evils of tyranny when those rights are usurped.

Upon this reading Pastor Sam gave a very eloquent, short sermon on who we are as a nation and that we are bound together in this great Experiment in self governance. He mentioned that we have always ben a divided people in many ways and he is right! But that we should endeavor now to appeal to as Lincoln said “the better angles of our nature” in this time of stark division, recognizing our rights do descend from God and that we owe to each other a decent respect for the free exercise of our thoughts and ideas which has been the core of American Exceptionalism that we honor on this day.

It was an action packed hour, the ceremony itself lasting @ 15 minutes but I think it made an impression on all who were there which was the intent. I can find no better place locally to do this than in front of that statue. YHC is prepared to make this an annual event even when the 4th falls on a Sunday. It is that important. Passing on the blessings of liberty is one of the core responsibilities we as men empowered to lead have.