• When: 07/08/2018
  • QIC: Allen Tate
  • PAX:

Allen Tate put out a call for help on Saturday. His basement had flooded and he needed help moving out furniture and old carpet. Evidently everyone in the city of Dallas was born in July and most guys had birthday parties to attend, but there were 5 men able to anwer the call and stand with the Chief in his time of need.

I try to arrive like a blister (you know, after the work is done) around 1:15 and to my surprise, Bedpan and the Chief are under the back deck, digging in the mud with Tate-in-law (AT’s future son-in-law). The flood was evidently caused from a broken water line so the mission was changed to fix the leak. Father Chief (aka Allen Tate Sr.) offered wisdom and advice. Lots of advice!

Allen Tate and Tate-in-law did about 500 shovel curls in cadence. He noted he likes it when the mud is wet because it is heavier. Always pushing the rock! Aye!!!!

It was around this time AT’s and Tate-in-law did a partner lifts. To step up the difficulty, the Chief submerged his feet in mud. Little did he know this was no ordinary mud, but rather some exotic hybrid of Carolina clay and quicksand. What started as pushing the rock quickly became a rescue mission! The Tate-in-law came through as he pulled the Chief out of his boots, saving him from almost certain death!

As YHC went home to change into working clothes, Bedpan had to roll out.

As YHC returned, I see a familiar vehicle pullig in. It is Roadie! The leak was found and a plan for repair was devised. Roadtrip to Lowes!

As we prepare to leave, Medicine Woman arrives on a Harley with eagles circling overhead and music blasting. MW has things to say, we listen, and he declines the trip to Lowes. Evidently sitting on my lap (or riding on the console) isn’t his idea of fun. MW joins Bedpan as an early departure.

Clowncar to Lowe’s and back. We saw a Prius but we can confirm it was not HIPAA. The leak repair was completed and 100 shovel curls in cadence were called to finish the job. Roadie is a jack-of-all-trades and I learned a few things from him today.

After some cold refreshing drinks, the Chief offered some EC mosey via his chariott (powered by Polaris). Squat jumps were no issue as Chief, YHC, and Roadie took turns putting the RZR in the air. Roadie won the Dale Earnhart award for the longest drift.

Roundup shows up on his side-by-side about 7 to join in on the fun. If you haven’t met him or his dad Hacksaw (hoooooo!), come on out to the Crossroads, pour out a little for your homies, and introduce yourself. These are 2 quality men!

In all seriousness, it was a good time hanging out with all these brothers today and getting to know Allen Tate’s future son-in-law.

Shortsale – obviously don’t count this as a workout. We joked about a backblast and I figured why not…let’s let the guys know we came together for a bit of work and a good time today.

Hope you all got a laugh or two out of this. We had our share of laughs over at Casa de Chief!