• When: 07/07/2018
  • QIC: Hushpuppy
  • PAX: won't double up what the mail man already listed in his back blast.

I had the privilege of leading pain-lab on 7/7 this week.  Claven captured the names in his death anniversary backblast so I will not re-type them here, but I was honored to have so many stick around and carry bricks with me.  Glad Brown Streak is getting after it again, Glad Mayor survived Tonsillitis,  Glad Hunk o Junk Keeps getting after it and I hope he has his mind a year down the road.  You will see results.  All of us have.  Also Honored that Toto hung out with us and I knew I had to bring it when he circled up with us.

It rained Friday night so all my Q-pons were covered in Mud.  at 0600 I was outside hosing them off and loading them in the trunk of the pup wagon.  0700 Claven leads the warm up and reminds us of how precious life is.  Then the boot camp took off and it was time for Hushpuppy’s revenge.

Step into the circle:  I submitted this to the Exicon Saturday afternoon.  Performed to Thousand Foot Krutch’s song “move”, plank up and listen to the music.  Every time he says move, plank walk one step left, then when he says circle, spin in a circle, then when he says move, plank walk one step right.  3.5 minutes of this and sweat is dripping and the shoulders are burning.  Then DJ snake and”Get low”.  Start in the peoples chair, hold the squat as low as you can, when the beat drops, squat up and down in time with the music.  When the song comes round again, drop to a merkin and hold the low part of a merkin until the beat drops, then (if you can) do merkins in time with the music.  Brutal.

At this time I shared about how I have had a pars fracture in my L5 vertebrae for over 20 years and will be getting surgical consults in the coming weeks.  I try to model a workout that protects that part of my back.

Grab the Q-pons, down the nature trail.

Curls 20x in cadence, hold at the top for a 10 count, hold halfway for a 10 count, recover.  Down the hill to the bridge with the Q-pons.

Merkins on the bridge 10 ic.

Lunge walk around the trail to the other bridge, then more merkins.  Had Toto count cadence for that one as I was getting a little winded.

Lunge walk back to the Q-pons and more curls.  Hippa mentioned something about colt 45 curls and I offered to let him lead it.  That generated some mumble chatter and we decided against.

Walk backwards up the hill carefully with the Q-pon.  Got the quads burning good.  Mayor almost ended up in a tree and no one was spotting him.  I got you bro.

At the top, feet up for 10 dirkins IC and then 10 shoulder taps IC.  30 flutters ic and 15 crunches ic,

Carry the brick around the wall towards the road for some pushup bra’s.  Rocks to the chest, push em up and push em out.  10 ic.  then recover.  Attempted another set of 10 but got 5 and had to stop. 30 second breather, 5 more.  Out to the road for some squats and monkey humpers to show Gastonia our best side.

Almost forgot, wanted to get some hamstring and glute work in without bending at the waist.  Plank up with hands on the curb, Right leg up, kicking up and out right leg x 10 ic.  Switch legs, left leg ic x 10.  Squeezing the hammies and glutes kicking the leg up and out.  Feeling it today as I sit on said glute’s and type this bb.

Back to the pup wagon with the Q-pons.  Some more curls, then some chest presses overhead with the bricks, and stow them away in the trunk.

Return to Startex for some Mary with the boot camp. Stroganoff called 30 flutters ic, I called 5 burpees, (not a mary exercise but I wanted to do them), then I called box cutters and the bells saved us.


Tried to keep it more traditional but still low impact.  Not a yoga guy and don’t know much about ropes but Bricks I can do.

Pup out.