• When: 07/05/2018
  • QIC: Montross
  • PAX: Medicine Woman, Volt, HIPAA, Sparky

Happy Belated Birthday America. Obviously most of Folsom celebrated pretty hard. Between a Murph yesterday morning, working out with The Fort, and whatever other extracurricular activities the PAX found their way into, the fartsack was an unstoppable force. I let everyone know today would be no running, just a physical old-school beating, inspired by the Painlab. I arrive a few minutes early to setup the boombox (because, it’s Painlab) and the parking lot is EMPTY. No one. No Huck. No Roadie. No Medicine Woman. No Volt….wait, there’s Volt and HIPAA. We have a workout now. Medicine Woman pulls in at 5:29 and 45 seconds. I blasted on Twitter that it would be all body-weight work and suggest to bring a vest if you ‘needed a little extra work’. HIPAA was vested for this workout. Props to you brother! Let’s get to work.


  • Quick mosey direct to the amphitheater…no trails, no loop, nothing…just jog straight down the hill. Adjust the tunes.
  • SSH 10 IC
  • Imperial Walkers 10 IC
  • Toy Soldiers 10 IC (these last 2 were for me, to be honest…I wanted to get my legs and hips loose)
  • Moroccan Night Clubs (this was for MW and Volt…I know they were sore coming off the Murph)
  • Various shoulder/arm stretches – again, to help MW and Volt loosen up


This is basically all circuit work today fellas. 4 exercise per circuit, do each circuit 3 times, move to the next. I gave them about 30 seconds after the burpees to recover…maybe a minute as we got toward the end. The pace was quick. Hard rock music is cranking the whole time.

Circuit 1 – 3 sets
– Hip Slappers – 15 IC
– World War 1 Situps – 15 single count
– Mike Tysons – 15 IC
– Burpees – 5 OYO

The hip slappers were a fan favorite this morning! PAX were falling off the wall and struggling during the 2nd and 3rd set. The shoulders were toast from yesterdays workouts. They got back up though! Those extra 5 to get to 15 seemed to be the extra needed to really punish the PAX. Way to push guys.

Circuit 2 – 3 sets
– Dips – 15 IC
– Imperial Squats – 15 IC (basically, 15 each leg)
– Merkins – 10 single count (props to HIPAA for taking my challenge of Derkins on the first set)
– Burpees 5 OYO

Ol’ Sparky shows up with a vest on during circuit 2. We gave him a hard time about it but AT LEAST HE DID SHOW UP! Sparky did a few extra burpees to catch up. It was somewhere during these sets that Medicine Woman was getting crabby. You know how it goes when she gets some sand in her V. She may have taken a short nap on the wall during recovery but he got back after it! Push on men. We’re 2/3 of the way there.

Circuit 3 – 3 sets
– LBCs – 20 IC
– Sandy Vs – 15 single count
– Banana Crunch-thingies (the exercise of the month) – I called 10 IC, called Omaha on #8 during the 2nd set, replaced with Freddie Mercuries on the last set. Those SUCK!
– Burpees – 5 OYO – Being honest, I called Walmart Burpees but there were questions on my form. I will need some tutelage from Slaw on these! Called the quick audible and we moved on. After the Banana-rama-crunches-thingies, I wasn’t up for arguing.

Fellowship mosey back to the parking log


We were out of time but 22 for the Vets – as someone (I believe Volt) said, they made time for us, we’ll make time for them. Aye!


Sparky did take off on a mosey afterward to make up for lost time. I know we give you a hard time but I’m glad you made it out!

COT – MW has a sort-of-family member we prayed for…not sure if I should put the details here but they are making some big decisions, we pray they make the right one. Volt has a friend of the family who just had a heart attack. Other prayer concerns – each other, those on vacation. YHC took us out in prayer


I did some testing when I co-Q’d with Pastor Clever last week, getting a feel for how I would want to run a workout like this (with no running). I also went to Painlab for Bedpan’s VQ last Saturday. I learned a lot from both as well as my trip to Painlab with HIPAA at the convergence. With that, I started putting my plan together earlier this week. My goal was to keep a good pace to keep the heart rates up and make sure everyone walked away with a good workout, despite not running at all. I mapped it out, timed it, and sent to HIPAA for some feedback. I learned a lot today and I think it turned out well. As the Q of a workout, I feel it is my responsibility to bring a workout that will be challenging to everyone. As we sharpen each other out there each morning (or afternoon for the Midoriyama men), keep learning from each other and looking for new ways to get it done. That being said, I really hope I’m back to mixing in some running sooner than later. It’s an honor to be part of this group.