• When: 07/03/2018
  • QIC: Sparky
  • PAX: Montross, Hippa, Medicine Woman, Volt, Hank, Sister Act, Huck, sparky

Well, it’s the start of another month! Seems like they come faster and faster? Anyway, I pulled in Folsom at about 528, and the pax was ready! I got out of the truck, Medicine Woman asked if we needed gloves? I said yep! 10 burpees oyo! Then, 20 SSH, 15 hillbillies, warmup is over! Get a partner, one partner grab a block out of the back of my truck, and let’s mosey to the tennis courts! Before partnering up, we ALL will bear crawl to the edge of the first court, 5 merkins, crab walk to the next, 5 merkins, alternating to the end! Turn around and lunge ALL the way back!

Partner up! Partner 1 starts the exercise, while partner 2 runs, then alternate until completion!

200 curls

100 triceps

200 lbcs, with block! Requested by Huck!

200 shoulder presses

50 blockees!


As everyone was catching their breath, I wanted to talk about How The King stepped off His throne, went to the front line! Like a good King! And won the battle! Making a way for us to join Him in His kingdom, Wow! I take this for granted! Think of the best HIM you know, the one that you like to be around? The one you look up to? That shouldn’t hold a candle to how we feel about God! My prayer is that we long to be with God! And that we spend time with Him, as often as we can, because we can!

Announcements- 2.0 workout July 21st, Sister Acts one year anniversary Q Saturday!

Prayer request- families, God’s glory!

Thanks for allowing me to lead!