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Day: July 3, 2018

The CSPAN and Dark Helmet traveling Roadshow

0530 Fort Mill Clown car formation

0533 obviously one man had never ridden in a jeep with no doors and no top…so I drove faster…the radio was changed way too often…somebody got their hair messed up…

0620 lots of pre-work from the “home” team -runners and ruckers

0630 disclaimer and mosey off with CSPAN on Q

0700 handoff to Dark Helmet on Q

0730 COT / Prayer or Praise / BOM

0735 Thanks for the invite, our honor for the invite to Q

0740 best #coffeeteria in all of F3Nation

Here is a writing from Dredd that Helmet and I were discussing during our Qs:
A Virtuous Leader is a Pro who Leads from the Shield Lock

The Shield Lock is the horizontal relationship between men. It is the means by which we fight the Flux, those emotional peaks, and valleys that regularly roll through our lives. The Members of an SLT are Pros who get ready for the Flux through Preparedness. Knowing that it will happen, but just not when they get ready for the expected and stay ready for the unexpected through the development of their Shield Lock.

Leadership has its dark nights of the soul, times when a Leader doubts that he has made the right decision or fears that, despite his best efforts, the Outcome for his Group might be adverse. It is then that the Flux can drag him down into the mire, sap his Hope and leave him Inert, staring fearfully at Obstacles rather than Exhorting his followers to breach them. If dependent upon his Leadership alone, the Group would lose Momentum and start Decelerating toward the Disadvantage that results from Inertia. The Flux will render even the strongest Leader in-Effective if he insists on Leading as a singleton.

Combination is a Leader’s best Guardrail against the Flux because the odds are low that four men Leading together will simultaneously be afflicted by it. If one man is down, the other three will pull him along until he is up again. Knowing this, a Virtuous Leader never tries to Lead alone. He is a Pro, for whom Preparedness is an Essential in everything he does throughout the G3L. He constantly builds and strengthens his SLT through the same principles that guide the development of his Shield Lock. Ultimately, it is from his Shield Lock that he Leads.

This is a radical proposition in a culture that pays lip-service to collaborative leadership in theory but doesn’t reward it in practice. In practice, it is the Steve Jobs and Mike Krzyzewskis who alone wear the garlands of Organizational triumph. We may know (intellectually) that there is a Team behind these men, that their accomplishments are the product of a conspiracy to Advantage, but they alone remain the primary focus of our adulation because solo leadership is a cultural Habit.

To flip that would require more than what most “good” Leaders do from the stage, which is to humbly thank all of the people without whom their success would not be possible. That’s fine, laudable even, but it’s not Shared Leadership. Shared Leadership requires that there be no stage. Or, if the stage cannot be avoided, that the man in the spotlight on the stage is not the Member of the SLT who bears ultimate responsibility for the Organization’s Outcome.

A mere Effective Leader may not be able to see the Virtue in that kind of anonymity. But a Virtuous Leader, Pro that he is, would see it as a necessary prophylactic against the magnification of the peaks and valleys that public success and failure will have upon his Flux. It dampens the volatility of the undulation.

It is true that success has many fathers, but that failure is an orphan. By Leading from the Shield Lock, the Pro shares both with his Brothers of his SLT—for the benefit of the people who depend upon him.


YHC was asked to fill in this am for Mayor who is on the DL.  No worries brother, I got you.  The BlockBuster it is.  Not sure how many blocks were remaining at The Storm, so we’ll see.  As the Pax kept rolling in, some new faces but no FNG’s.  Quick introduction and then the workout began.

Warm Up; SSH x 10, Toy Soldiers x 10, Mericans x 10, Bigboy Sit Ups x 10 single count; Mosey to the baseball dugouts.  All Pax grab a block.

3 rounds of Curls x 10 IC, French Curls x 10 IC, Overhead Press x 10 IC, Squat x 10 IC, Front Raise x 10 IC, Good Mornings x 10 IC; Run .25 mile, complete round 2 of same exercises; Run .25 mile, complete round 3; Run .25 mile, 10 Blockees- use the block.  Return blocks to dugout and batting cage area.  Mosey back to the flag.  20 mountain climbers IC, Imperial walkers x 20 IC, 5 Burpees.  Time


Announcements, Prayer Requests- Mayor, Breaker Breaker family.

BOM; Dr. Seuss took us out.

Moleskin; BrownStreak made it out, too long man,  good to see you out this am.  Hunk a Junk nice to meet you sir, keep pushing.  Good work.  All Pax seem to really enjoy this workout, at least that’s I’ll tell myself.  Appreciate the push Buckeye, enjoyed it.  Linus kept the cadence count going, well done brother.  It’s an honor to lead you men and thanks for rolling out of the fartsack this am to post, good crowd.  Let’s keep it going.  Always a pleasure get after it with you men before the sun comes up.  #DRP

Apache’s Back Blast

Apache came, Apache had the Q.  He lead some exercises, he said some motivational things.

Apache lead the announcements and prayer requests During the BOM Apache closed us in prayer.

Pow Pow Pow

Apache was out.

We Need A Backblast

As you may have seen, the men from Dallas have no patience for delayed backblasts! I will pick up the Q’s slack here!

9 showed to put in work. 5 brought luggage and rucked, 4 got in some running, and one pooped.

Since it has been soooooo long, I cant remember all the prayer requests but we prayed for them!

Sister Act – get it together brother! LOL

For real though, I am enjoying the Crossroads workout. We have a few non-Folsom regulars showing amd it is nice to get to know them. Plus, I enjoy taking advantage of any opportunity to give Sister Act a hard time!


Well, it’s the start of another month! Seems like they come faster and faster? Anyway, I pulled in Folsom at about 528, and the pax was ready! I got out of the truck, Medicine Woman asked if we needed gloves? I said yep! 10 burpees oyo! Then, 20 SSH, 15 hillbillies, warmup is over! Get a partner, one partner grab a block out of the back of my truck, and let’s mosey to the tennis courts! Before partnering up, we ALL will bear crawl to the edge of the first court, 5 merkins, crab walk to the next, 5 merkins, alternating to the end! Turn around and lunge ALL the way back!

Partner up! Partner 1 starts the exercise, while partner 2 runs, then alternate until completion!

200 curls

100 triceps

200 lbcs, with block! Requested by Huck!

200 shoulder presses

50 blockees!


As everyone was catching their breath, I wanted to talk about How The King stepped off His throne, went to the front line! Like a good King! And won the battle! Making a way for us to join Him in His kingdom, Wow! I take this for granted! Think of the best HIM you know, the one that you like to be around? The one you look up to? That shouldn’t hold a candle to how we feel about God! My prayer is that we long to be with God! And that we spend time with Him, as often as we can, because we can!

Announcements- 2.0 workout July 21st, Sister Acts one year anniversary Q Saturday!

Prayer request- families, God’s glory!

Thanks for allowing me to lead!



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