• When: 07/02/2018
  • QIC: Gastone
  • PAX: Ryan Morrow (FNG Peffercorn), Dr Sues, T-Bone, Captain Stubbing, Bandit, Boudan, Breaker Breaker, Kiwi, Stonecold, Shooter, Sister Act, Peddle, Rudoulph, JJ, Defib, Spiderman, Hushpuppy, Turtleman, Island, Whoopee, Clavin, and Gastone.

22 came out for a Gastone inspired beat down. T-Bone and Bandit joined the mix for some unfamiliar faces that we are glad to have back (Cotter’s).

The Thang:

FNG present Ryan Morrow so gave him a quick disclaimer that he heard but everyone else was talking.


Start off with Mosey down Riverwood Pkwy

Stop at first light pole and do 1 Burpee

Mosey to next and do 2 Burpee all the way to 7 Burpees at the last pole before taking a right on Plantation Trail.

Mosey down to the back entrance of Martha’s Park and do 40 LBC’s while collecting the 6.

Mosey into the park and then to the middle of the soccer fields.

Lunge walk the long straight away.

Then back we did Lunge with each foot then a Burpee then repeat all the way to the other side.

Mosey to the far end of the soccer field onto the grass.

Partner Up, Size Matters.

Partner Carry to the other side of the field if you both on the ground you cannot advance.

Wheelbarrow back down 75% of the field with partner.

Plank on elbows for 6.

Plank from elbow that your raise up with your right and then left and then back down, on a 3 count. 25 done.

Mosey to the bottom of the hill looking at Picnic area.

Backwards to the Picnic area.

11’s, 1 Dip at the top then 10 Merkin’s at the bottom. Rinse and repeat until you flip the numbers.

40 LBC’s while we wait.

Walk up the path then Mosey to the bathroom wall.

25 Marching soldier with our hands in the air while enjoying the Sunrise.

30 Second Balls to the Wall

Mosey up the hill to a grassy patch.

Jack Webb up to 7 and then back down.

Jailbreak to base. Defib took off fast and Island floated to catch up. Some serious speed starting to show.

The Moleskin:

FNG Ryan Morrow works in the Cath Lab and came out for his first. While doing dips he made the comment “I thought I was in shape”. Many of us have had that experience that we thought we were to a level and then we get that wake up call. He has now been named “Peffercorn” which is the lifeguard in Sandlot which came to him for 2 reasons. 1st he played baseball and 2nd he used to be a Lifeguard. Welcome Peffercorn to F3 and we all look forward to you being out the next time.

Kiwi, welcome back. You pushed hard and we look forward to having you back out regularly. Just keep on doing what you can do it will take some time but it will happen.

Bandit, its about time.

Great numbers today and all put in a great effort. Keep pushing each other and stay with it and you will all be beasts.

Prayers for anybody traveling, prayers for Toto’s Mother in law who lost her life, and for Breaker Breakers person that seems to be getting some good news on a cancer battle.

Gastone Out!