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Day: June 29, 2018

Beast Mode: An original by TOTO

As I write the title, it prompts me to start singing  “I bless the rains down in Africa, I bless the rains down in Africa, Gonna take the time to do the things we never had.”  Dang, TOTO was a cool band at one time.  Alexa – play some TOTO.  Any how, I digress…..

Back to the F3’s TOTO’s original.  Another beautiful morning in the gloom.  18 posted for a VQ hosted by TOTO and TurtleMan.  This included two FNG’s – Jerry Best and son Samuel – welcome to F3 guys.   Tuesday night TOTO and I were texting to develop a game plan.  I mentioned to him, let’s use an Animal Kingdom theme.  It was more jocular being that a dog and a turtle were going to be Q’ing.  TOTO said he was going to write down what he wanted to lead and send it to me.  I looked at it late and said to myself, whatever works.  Editor’s note – remember to always read the disclosures and fine print details.  So we start sharp at 5:30am, welcome the FNG’s, Disclosure (I am an idiot), Whoopee assist’s with the 5 principal’s of F3 and then pledge.

The Thang

TOTO provides a few words, mentions the animal kingdom theme and sternly shouts “we are going Beast mode”.  What we didn’t know, couldn’t hurt us…. right?  He jumps straight into warm up

Warm up

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Merkins x 20 IC

Side Straddle Hops x 20 IC

Let’s Mosey

Down the parkway stop at first intersection for 50 LBC’s OYO

Mosey to the back lot of the doctors office.  Beast mode begins

Shuttle merkins x 12 OYO

Calf raises x 12 (front, side, back)

Hindu merkins x 12 OYO

Rinse and repeat  x3.   At some point Sargento shows up, followed shortly by Hippa.  Have no idea how they found us.  We could of been any where.

Line up back of parking lot, lunge walk across to the other side

Mosey towards Gastone’s hill, stop at next intersection for 50 monkey humpers OYO

Continue Mosey, stop at bottom of hill

TOTO leads us through

Archer merkins x 12 OYO

Squat jumps x 12 OYO

Pike press merkins x 12 OYO

Rinse and repeat x3

Bernie Sanders up the hill to the cul-de-sac at the top

Plank waiting on the six

50 flutter kicks OYO

Mosey down hill, plank for the six

Mosey towards Snoballs

Stop for 50 squats OYO

Jail break to finish

The moleskin:

Great to have FNG’s Jerry Best (Honey) and son Samuel (Cheerios) join.  F3 Gastonia continues to grow and expand.  Results are clear and word is out.  Everyone is playing a key role.  You may not realize it, others are watching or listening.  It’s due to efforts such as TOTO.  He randomly shows up two weeks ago, stops his truck in the middle of the road, asks if he can join us (sure, come on) and has hit it hard daily.  And already jumping into VQ his first post.  Within 2 weeks!  It takes each of us to make this work.  If you haven’t Q’d  lately, follow TOTO’s lead and jump in full beast mode.  I may just fartsack the first time he carries his first solo Q.

We had a strong turnout.  Good work guys.  It’s a privilege and was an honor to partner with TOTO to lead.  Think the shoulders and arms will be sore for a day or two.



F3 Gastonia WHETSTONE update 062918

Last night I emailed everyone who is currently signed up for Whetstone letting them know who is their Blade or Stone. Nearly everyone who asked to be a Blade was paired with a Stone. Not everyone willing to serve as a Stone was given a Blade.

Blades and Stones  should be contacting each other in order to arrange their first meeting sometime during the next 2-3 weeks. Slack or email me if you need contact information.

We will communicate via the Whetstone group in our F3Gastonia Slack channel. If you have difficulty joining, email me or HIPPA.

It’s not too late to sign up. In fact, it’s never too late. If you’re not signed up and decide you’d like to participate, sign up at this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeA1L2_-3iZoItOEx1F7o8Q3JbXLHjjKj8hlynkThx7YQOBmw/viewform


Just in Time!

I knew it was going to close. For the record (you know who you are), I didn’t speed or run red lights;) I hit the middle of the PAX at 5:29:57, and started a few seconds later. Spiderman smiled.

Disclaimer & Pledge

  • Warm-up: SSH, Merkins, LBC, Toy Soldiers, burpees, Wal-mart Burpees,* monkey humpers
  • Thang:
    • Run to top of lot; pair up for…
    • Blueberry biscuit BOMBS: one partner runs down a flight of stairs, across parking lot towards the other side, stopping halfway to perform 5 Burpees , and then completes lap. Partner 2 begins
      • 100- Overhead Claps (during which Toto said something about how his grandmother could do the overhead claps until (see Bat Wings below)
      • 150- monkey humpers, instead of Merkins. This was the promised “arm friendly” part of the workout until (see Bat Wings below)
      • 200- Big Boy Sit-ups
      • 250- Squats
    • Bat Wings* as described on the F3 Exercise page: “Progression of arm exercises that are deceivingly difficult and named after Austin’s bats. Start with 20 x Forward Arm Circles, hold, 20 x Backwards Arm Circles, hold, 20 x seal claps, hold, 20 x overhead claps. Everything is on a 4-count. Remember to enjoy the pain on the faces of your fellow men.” I did.
    • Run to Pavilion
    • Monkified partner combination of bear crawling up and down stairs with boo yah merkins atop the Pavillion riser and squats at the bottom of the stairs off the riser.
    • Gastone led flutter kicks
  • I browsed the F3 Exercises page. Apparently these were new exercises for everyone. Reference to Wal-mart in particular provoked cryptic mumble chatter at Slaw.

Announcements: Whetstone pairings went out last night via email. Stones and Blades are now contacting each other to get started sometime during the next three weeks. Others may sign up at any time, whenever they’re ready.

Prayer requests: Toto’s mother-in-law is in very poor health


Iron Flag Challenge

On Twitter, I noticed F3 Grandstrand does an “Iron Flag”. It is an honor given to any PAX who posts 20 times in 30 days. They have about 5 who have earned it this month and a few more who are close.

First off, I loved the concept. It is like chasing the Iron Skillet, but more of a you vs you concept and can be more about meeting a goal than just “outposting” everyone. Then I thought ‘How many can Gashouse get?’ So, I want to issue a challenge to F3 Gashouse for July.

I want to see how many of you are willing to push the rock all month and post 20 times in July. I want to challenge you all to go for the Iron Flag this month!

Nantan supports the idea, Short Sale suggested we add it to the newsletter along with the skillet. A few Folsom HIM are already in. Now all I need is some more of you to committ to the challenge. I believe we have 12 men who can earn the Iron Flag this month. It won’t be easy but, based on the May posting totals, I know we can do this!

I will be looking for HCs on Slack and Twitter. We will share this with F3 Grandstrand and ask them to set a goal as well and generate some chatter through Twitter. It will be a great opportunity to push our workouts, push each other, let more F3 regions know what Gashouse is all about, and have some fun doing it.

Let’s see some HC’s!

Stolen Weinke

Not being the creative type, Weinke creation never comes easy for me. I spend too much time thinking about the distance of the runs, the distribution of the exercises to the muscle groups, what parts of the AO may or may not be available, who may or may not be posting. So I always try to remember routines I think I could Q and Short Sale is so good at the Weinke why not “borrow” from the master. This was mostly “borrowed” from Short Sale’s Q at Downtown a few weeks ago. 7 for the boot camp while Swimmer and Two Stroke rode mountain bikes, and if you have ever ridden with those two, and I have, them boys are fast!
25 second timer with no rest in between.
(Another thing I realized when “borrowing” from Short Sale is I don’t know what half of his exercises are even though I just did them at his Q so I have to use the ones I can remember and also perform, so here we go).
Seal Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Imperial Walkers (Yes, Freight I did the first one wrong)
High Knees (Wojo liked these)
Merkins (Butt was down)
LBC’s (Where’s my boy Huck)
American Hammers (If Ash Pond were here, he would have taken off his shirt)
Flutter Kicks (Always Stroganoff’s fault)
WWI Sit Ups (I am not good at these so we have to keep doing them)

Mosey to the small Soccer Field

Short Sale Death Lap
The plan was to stay together on the first lap and then let the hard chargers (Slaw and Shocker) complete as many laps as possible but unlike Short Sale I had my lap distance a little too long so we all stayed together which worked just fine.
Dips x 10, mosey to the back parking lot near Turd Shack 2
Burpees x 10, mosey around the parking lot to the sidewalk near the big soccer fields
SSH x 10, mosey to the corner of the back large soccer field
Merkins x 10, mosey to the bottom of Dog Park Hill
Monkey Humpers x 10, mosey up Dog Park Hill touch the fence and return
Plank Jacks x 10, mosey to the bleachers of the front large soccer field
Box Jumps x 10, mosey back to the small soccer field bleachers.
Everyone was gassed so I told everyone to be sure to read Billy Madison’s back blast where he shared his story about how F3 helped pull him through a tough time (and I mean about as tough a time as anyone will ever have). This is a reminder to be there for all of the guys around you to help them. That said, REPEAT the Short Sale Death Lap. After the second lap, Short Sale was not a popular guy. I tried to defend him the best I could.
We set up the field for Frisbee Football. This time actually using a Frisbee instead of a football. We had uneven numbers yet, despite the disadvantage my team won again and this continues an unprecedented undefeated streak that my teams have in Frisbee football. It appears that I have never lost a game in which I write the back blast! Good fortune! After the game, I reminded everyone of the reason we played Frisbee was for fun. Like our friend Billy Madison, always look for a chance to have fun. Mosey back to the flag.

Announcements: Sign up for Whetstone if interested (F3 mentor program).

Prayer Requests and COT

*Nice push from everyone today. Wojo ran an EC 7:05 minute mile and finished at 5:29 pm just in time to start the workout. Blart shows late and misses the entire Tabata 25 second exercises warmup. He was offered the chance to make these up but he declined. Hipaa wore the weight vest and this was after he posted in the morning. Shocker shared about his children making decisions at church this past weekend which is always great news. Sparrow can sling a Frisbee an entire soccer field and straight and watch out Moses, Sparrow might be gaining on you in the running. Slaw always pushes hard and gets there first and then picks up the six, which was often me today.

Who needs a map?

Monk asked me to Q the Pub about a month ago. This was my first chance to do so due to my schedule. Be careful what you ask for. Some PAX had done extracurricular work earlier in the week and it was said that their arms “hurt too much to run”. YHC says there is no such thing! #sandyv

Pledge of Allegiance

Mosey, in fellowship formation, through the neighborhood where PTL, Spud and probably others live. The PAX was concerned that YHC didn’t know where we were going. Pfftt! As if!!! It was a pretty twisty, turning route, I’ll give you that. That’s why we had an experienced guide and a map men. Also I figured that because it was uncharted territory for most we would probably stay together. This was the case which allowed for a high degree of conversation, banter and encouragement. It was almost like a 2nd F event, my specialty. We finally made it back to the start. Great work men!

Announcements: Several 4th of July events out of region

Prayer Requests: college kids preparing for the journey, Boudin’s son’s shoulder


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