• When: 06/24/2018
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • PAX: Defib, Diva, ToolTime, Gastone, Whoopee, Roscoe

Coconut Horse is about running, not necessarily where you run. Roscoe and I had talked about running the trails at the YMCA and the time was right. We started at 0630 and took the “backwards” route out of the Harris Teeter. We made it to the Y and started for the trails. If you did not know, the trails are in the far back right of the parking lot and has about 3 miles of trails in a couple loops. It was tougher than I thought it would be-elevation changes, switchbacks, and all the time watching for the Squatches. Diva, Defib, and ToolTime led the way with the rest of us pushing but not quite the same speed. Overall I think it was a great route and definitely something we should do again. By the time we finished, we had gone just over 5 miles. A few of us went for coffeteeria, or in my case, chocolatemilketeeria. As much as I dislike running, I really enjoy being out there with the rest of you boneheads.

At the end, we made sure to include Sargento, Quiche, and Stroganoff in our prayer as they were well into the half marathon in the Boston area. We found out later on they all did well with no major injuries-congrats guys.