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Day: June 25, 2018

I know I had it here somewhere!

Tuesday at the Storm can be a grab bag of fun sometimes. You never know what you’re going to get, no show Q’s, Mayor being Mayor and sometimes your weinke disappears. The latter is what happened to Sargento this morning. YHC ran the 4 miles from home to get in a little last minute training for his upcoming race and he’s sure the weinke left the house with him. YHC even checked his pockets a couple of times en route to make sure it was still there. Everything was ready, speaker for the tunes, weinke, PAX.

Warm Up:

Goofballs of course 1×5 IC I think

Don Quixotes x10 IC?

Gorilla Humpers x10 IC

Pledge of Allegiance

Mosey around the parking lot up and around to the big speed hump. There the PAX found YHC’s portable speaker and his weinke. Wait, where is the weinke? Dang, Q fail. Oh well, here goes.

The Thang:
AMERICA – an escalator doing 10, then 20 then 30 reps of each exercise.

A – American Hammers

M – Merkins

E – Flying Squirrels (there aren’t any good E exercises)

R – Rockette Dips

I – Imperial Rockette Walkers

C – Crab Walk Inch Worm

A – Annies (if you don’t know look it up)

There was a train somewhere in there so we did 5 burpees for that.

We had the good fortune to listen to YHC’s U2 playlist while pushing the rock in preparation for their upcoming concert. Some PAX didn’t fully embrace the tunes but that’s ok, YHC will bring something else that most wont’ like again soon I’m sure. The concert was killer by the way!

To wrap up we tried some Austin Ass Kickers. They’re hard to keep a rhythm with.

I think that was time.

Prayer Requests – Can’t remember (this is a great reason to get your BB done before too long) sorry men.

Moleskin – I love leading workouts and hopefully everyone doesn’t mind putting up with me from time to time. I don’t look forward to writing BBs though and it’s even harder when you’ve lost the weinke to refer back to. Better luck next time.


Mighty Sweet Little Pec’s

(Rudolph) I was gone too long, sick and exhausted from the beach. Time to Q some Painlab, despite the fact that my neighbor and new member Pedal bailed on me for Boot Camp!  We march on….

Tube and Short Sale took the PL pull, and we focused on 3 areas: cardio, strength and stretch.

Cardio Phase 1:  8 minute clock, AMRAP with 10 squats, 10 merkins, 10 ice skates, 10 shoulder taps.  No rest.

Cardio Phase 2:  4 Round HIIT:  20 seconds on, 10 seconds off of these 4 exercises, x 4 rounds: Squat, Shoulder Taps, AMERICAN Hammers, Mountain Climbers.

Strength Training:  grab a kettlebell and let’s get to work:

Russian Swing x 2 sets
Cleans x 2 sets
Presses x 2 sets
Snatch x 2 sets
Deadlift x 2 set
100 lb Farmer Walks

Short sale had to split (going to a devotional hike, this guy is strong with the force!), Tine and I did 5 minutes of stretch/yoga then the gang landed.  Some sweet Mary Time and the crew was saved by the bell from Burpees.

Great talk during PLab, the talk the night before from SS was inspirational, and great to catch up with with Tube, strong work!  A pleasure to lead and glad to be back!

***all F3 crew make sure to see who is on Twitter or Slack, I was surprised how many people Saturday do not have one of these communication tools. Make sure to stress this to our Pax everyone!!

Luke B.

(Linus) I arrived promptly late for EC this morning and found the Boone Bound crowd protecting the non permited 24/7 non-towing non-enforced parking lot.  I thought I was arriving late for my own Q!!!; nerves settled when I remembered they were heading for the hills, I set up the shovels and moseyed around Grier for a sluggish warm up which I un proudly posted to Strava.  Most of the PAX showed up at 7 and it was about then we decided we may want to push on a workout.  Disclaimer, warm up, (numbers in line this time), here we go:

SSH – Always start with this for Short Sale, 20 in cadence

Merkin – Stopped at 10 in cadence

LBC – 20 in cadence

Squats – 20 in cadence

Pledge, that’s it.  I took 1/2, Rudolph grabbed the rest.

Moseyed up to Grier, Rudolph chased us half way to Grier flagging down his EH trying to persuade him to come back to painlab.  Turns out he was helping by bringing him gloves but I’m sure Rudolph was pondering how I managed to steal his EH.  Made it to the track (in tears) and I decided this would be the day we did not start with 4 corners.  Lucky all.

Moseyed to the picnic tables, started with Lindsay’s/Forties.

30 Dips/10 Derkins = 40 – Reduce/Increase by 5 until 10 Dips / 30 Derkins – Plenty of gas in the cardio tank but arms are toast.  Little Sweet, who was Beach Bound this week was thrilled about his Picqued Thorax Breast Nipple Pecs and kept posing for a mirror that did not exist.  We would take moderate breaks but Lil’ Sweet kept wanting more when he would notice his newly acquired excess engorgement subsisting.

Time going fast already at this point, decided to spice it up a little, maybe too much.  Down the hill to baseball field.  One trip only, one……Backward Bear Crawl up Hill…….seemed simple enough, I think it took about 10 minutes.  Not sure if Jesus and Tube was struggling or trying to choke me out.  An absolute excellent shoulder burner.  Literally the rest of your body is pretty much dead weight you drag.

The next exercise was not much better, ‘Modified’ Burp Back Mountain.  Instead of running backwards up hill we moved forward.  Partner up, run up hill to tables, partner burpees, aggregate total of 50.  Modify to flying squirrels, no argument from the Pax.

Moseyed to the steps.  Partner up, Dora 1,2,3’s.  Merkins (100), Squats (200), Scissors (300).  This was like a 3rd grade exam, much relief.

Parking Lot:  Aiken Legs……20 of each…..Squats, Box jumps, Lunge (across parking lot), Split Jacks

Approaching way past 10 ’til and we are already late to join Rudolph’s Mary.  Always a good idea to not let Rudolph listen for the Angelic chimes of the bells, he’s usually busy listening to himself hand out pain, his favorite thing to do, and he laid 5 burpee’s on us pre-chime even though it was 7:59 and 59 seconds.  How in the world (I wondered) did I just Q a workout when Rudolph makes me feel like this is my first day.

Chime, Finish……..


Be sure to look up WhetStone and sign up online.  Turns out my application was denied (I could not name all the Castaways on Gilligans Island) but that should not stop you from signing up.  Great program, I am looking forward to it, get involved!!!!  Now, Yesterday…………Sign UP!!!!!!

Welcome Alec Wallace, FNG (Pedal) whom I took from Rudolph with or without gloves

Whoopee with the Bootcamp Q on 6/30, Clavin on 7/7

GoRuck Event 7/22 (Hippa heading this up)

Many Thanks to Pockets and Short Sale for leading the 3rd F event Friday night at FPC

Prayers continue for Brownstreak and his family and for Pockets for quick healing

Honored to lead the HIM’s where I am frequently the Six.




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