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Day: June 24, 2018

Grandfather Beatdown

6 HIM’s went to see Grandfather on 6/23.

Whoopee, Blart, HIPAA, Moses, Sparrow, and Hot For Teacher.

We were met with 70 degree weather!! After navigating our way around a washed out bridge, we headed up the Tanawha and Daniel Boone Trails to get to Calloway’s Peak. The route was nothing short of beautiful. The total hike was 7 miles and took us 4:12 minutes to complete. We even climbed up 3 ladders near the top. We rummaged through an old airplane wreck as well (a cool surprise). After the great hike, we broke bread (and chicken wings, BBQ, and hush puppies) at Woodlands…not to bad.

It was great day…hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Two notes…my thighs are smoked and my neck muscles hurt! Wasn’t expecting the extra work out to that muscle group!


No title needed

Today was a beautiful day to fartsack. When you are a true HIM you resist the urge to fartsack and 9 men did that today. 6 rucked and 3 ran. Way to push today. Hacksaw(fng) pushed hard today on his first ever ruck. Way to show these men that you mean business and you are a natural born rock pusher.

Pledge was said and shortly after a sad clown walked up and said “I don’t know who y’all are or what y’all are doing but if y’all are saying the pledge out in the open I want to be a part of it.”  We gave hi. All the information needed to come out and join. I hope he does.  Keep in mind guys there is always someone watching. You never know how much what you are doing will impact someone else.


Announcements where said and prayers were raised up. Def Leppard(get your butt down leppard) took us out.


Thanks for the opportunity to lead men it was an honor to lead a great group of Hims

Tesla McBadass and the First Day of Summer

So for the last few weeks YHC has been closing COTs in Metro and other places with a prayer of thanksgiving about us getting together to enjoy a humid, warm summer morning. Only of course to be corrected by some wiseass pax that it’s still spring. At my advancing age I have seen more summer’s than most so I know what summer is when I see it and feel it regardless of the date. And in my youth summer activities included but were not limited to cutting site lines on a survey crew, hauling and feeding cattle, and pulling tobacco in eastern NC. So YHC knows little bit about summer. And boys, we are THERE! So it was time to celebrate by bringing out a deluxe McBadass at The Yank yesterday morning. It went like this:


SSH X 20

IW X 20

Don Q X 20

Mosey up to the parking lot behind Cherub’s and a few other spots for the suicide drills, run two parking lines up and one back and do the called move to the end of the lot:

1st set: One burpee

2nd set: 5 jump squats.

10 Mike Tysons at the end

Mosey on up to the Stowe hose for another set of 10X, 15X,  20X repeats:

Fence squats (aka Tijuana Dreamers or as I call them, Trumpers!)


LBCs with a twist.

Mosey up to the next corner:

Another round of work:

Mountain climbers (10X, 15X)

Hand release merkins  (5X, 10X)

Squats (10X, 15X)

Mosey up to the Corner of Knowledge:

Step ups, Incline merkins, Dips

Repeat 10X, 15X, 20X

Mosey down to Heart Break Hill for some REAL work after all this warm up.

Welcome to the Numbers Game. Here are the numbers to remember:

10, 14, 18. Number of reps on the called exercise.

1, 2, 3. Number of hill runs between the reps.

1st set: Merkins (10, 14, 18) Hill runs( 1 following the 10, 2 following the 14, 3 following the 18)

2nd set: Squats, same as above.

Mosey up to the Field of dreams after these gassers!

We enter the 4th Quarter. As Bear Bryant said, winning is not imperative but getting tougher in the 4th quarter is! So here we go!

The IM slalom:

Bear Crawl (2X)

Agility run (1X)

Over the top (1X).

This got everybody pretty gassed as well!

Return as follows:

Backwards run 1/4 , drop and do 5 burpees

Backwards to the 1/2 point, drop and do 5 diamond merkins

Backwards to the 3/4 point, drop and do 10 real situps

Backwards to the end, 10 mountain climbers.

Mosey down to the fountain for some finishing up Mary by the pax,

Finish up and head for The Yank and the pledge.


Great work by the pax today. It was a really a pretty nice day with some breeze to cool us off. But yeah, its summer and its humid, and we are near the water so the humidity is magnified. We put in a hard roll today despite all that. If anybody took a nap, good for them! Anchorman let us know of a service opportunity for some special needs kids over at Crowders in July. Stay tuned to Twitter for that. I think its called Branch Camp.  They need some adult support mostly late afternoon as best I can tell but I bet they would take anything they could get. Reach out if you can.

Be looking for leadership next week. I’ll be reaching out for that. The Yank is Badass. Keep it that way!



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