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Day: June 12, 2018

Complete Q Fail

It all started when I forgot to post the BB for the Pub two weeks ago on Thursday, May 31. The next week (last week already) the PAX helped me remember who had posted the week before. Then I forgot to post the BB after last week’s workout, AND in the COT I had absent-mindedly usurped the Q from Stone Cold, who was good enough to answer my call to Q last week. (See his BB, posted promptly last Thursday!) Finally, at the Convergence last Saturday I had to listen to Freight go on for about three minutes about how important it is to post backblasts.

Well here it is! For the workout we ran.

Completely monkified and in need of a Stone,


The Birthday Theme

YHC had the Q and with my birthday just the day prior, I decided to come up with a theme for the new number. 38 is the key.

I got there a little early to plant the flag and shoot the breeze with Orangeman, who is just into anything fitness, whether biking, running (to and from the workouts), etc.

Pax roll in and we circle up for the pledge and disclaimer. I am not a big fan of a warmup, although I need to be, but we mosey to the courts to receive instruction. Count off by twos and partner up. There is an even number so it worked out.
P1 moseys to other end of court to do said number of exercise while P2 stays back and does LBCs. Switch so both partners do the exercise.

Round 1: Squats, CDDs, Flutter Kicks, SSH, Merkins x38
Round 2: Lunges (each leg counts), Moroccan Night Clubs, Heel Touches, High Knees, dum dum dum BURPEES!!!!! X38.

We set a record today for the number of LBCs done in a workout.

Mosey back to the start and circle up for some Mary. Boudin and Dolph called five burpees, Breaker Breaker called five more and then some more Moroccan night clubs. Finish with the wave of merkins from five down.

Announcements, Name-o-Rama, COT.

Announcements: Friday night F3Dads at the Grizzlies (get in touch with Roscoe), 2.0 workout at Folsom on Saturday, 2nd F kayaking from Floyd and Blackies in Cramerton on Saturday at 10:00 (Sargento), Ruck event leaving Saturday 6/23 to Grandfather Mountain (Hot for Teacher or Whoopee),

Prayer requests: Lynn Hamm, BBs Uncle, Teslas Uncle, Clark Family, Coworkers, High School grads at beach and good decisions, Kotters (reach out). Dr. Seuss took us out.

Thanks for being out there and celebrating the birthday with me gents. Truly an honor to be around you all. I am humbled.

Tribal Q

6 men entered the gloom for an old school beat down courtesy of the Chief.

Warmup: Gravel Pickers and SSH x 10IC. 10 burpees on your own. 22 for the vets.


Mosey to the tennis courts and partner up.  While P1 nurs the length of the tennis courts and sprints back: P2 does the exercise.  Exercises were: 500 flutter kicks, 400 squats, 300 lbcs, 200 WW1 and 100 merkins.


Prayer requests: Montross for his sister and his hip, the Self family, the kids at Venture, Allen Tate’s mother-in-law.  Pastor Cleever and Pale Rider on their mission trip in Puerto Rico.

BOM: Allen Tate closed us in prayer.

White man come from the south and with them brought medicine and weapons much more modernized than my people. We taught them to hunt and fish and gather and later on took our land and put us on reservations to sell bead necklaces. Now once again we are with the white man and teaching them how to post and sweat like our ancestors. Good work white men from south. Chief is well pleased. We too welcome all fartsackers from north and south and east and west to gather and grow and sweat.

Chief Tate

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