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  • When: 06/09/2018
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  • PAX: Mayor, Sparky, Huckleberry, Montross, Ash Pond, Huntchback, Bed Pan, Pockets

A good site Q arrives early to setup shop or do a little recon before the mornings festivities begin. You never know what surprises may be lurking if you are ill-prepared. YHC discovered just that arriving at Midoriyama at 6am. The corner I wanted to have Pain Lab in would soon be under water as the sprinkler system on the soccer field was running in full force. As Pizza Man came running by on his EC run, he went to the Rain-Bird control system gadget and flipped a little switch to turn it off. Was able to finish my setup with a few minutes to spare and joined the large group that had already formed for the start. After the warmup I was joined by 8 other PAX for Pain Lab. YHC was pleased to see many new faces at the lab, glad to see you come out and earn your shirts!

Thanks to Bed Pan for bringing his shovel flag over to our workout location, respect brother!

The thang:


8-Ball of Pain – 8 Stations. Complete all exercises at each station then rotate to the right. Some PAX didn’t know left from right and may have intentionally bypassed a station. Mayor was quick to call them out.

  • Tire Station #1
    1. 10 Hammer swings Left Side
    2. 10 Hammer swings Right Side
    3. 10 Alternating hammer swings
  • Tire Station #2
    1. 10 Derkins
    2. 10 Flips (5 Forward, 5 back)
    3. 10 Deadlifts
    4. 10 GHD Sit ups
  • Kettlebell Station #1
    1. 10 swings left arm
    2. 10 swings right arm
    3. 10 Rocket squats
    4. 20 American swings
  • Kettlebell Station #2
    1. Kettlebell Flow – 5sets/5reps – Deadlift, Clean, Squat (Go heavy)
  • Burpee Station
    1. 5 Burpees to Standing Shoulder Press
    2. 5 Burpees to lateral raise
    3. 5 Burpees to Reverse fly
    4. 5 Burpees to Squat
  • Dumbbell Station
    1. 2 Sets – Colt 45’s
    2. 12 Hammer Curls
    3. 20 Overhead extensions
    4. 40 Lying chest press
  • Slam Ball Station
    1. 5 Slam Burpees
    2. 10 Russian Twists
    3. 10 Bobby Hurley’s w/Shoot the rock
    4. 15 Squat and press
    5. 15 Overhead slams
  • Battle Rope Station
    1. 15 SSH with Ropes
    2. In and Out waves tilfailure
    3. Hop wave tilfailure
    4. Alternating waves tilfailure
    5. Clockwise tilfailure
    6. Counterclockwise tilfailure
    7. Ski slopes tilfailure


Around mid-point of the workout, we saw the bootcampers run by us. At the same time, we heard a train, yup that means 5 burpees, we even yelled it to the bootcampers. Apparently, no one took it seriously other than YHC. I SAID 5 BURPEES DAMNIT!!! I was glad to see Pain Lab PAX get down and perform said task, thanks guys for listening.

Last exercise was loading all the equipment up in the Prius. Special thanks to the Folsom guys for putting a fine set of truck tires on the Prius, it allowed YHC to drive up over the curb and through the grassy knoll to get to the workout spot. Fun fact: With all 200+ Lbs loaded into the trunk, I can still haul more than Medicine Woman’s PowerStroke.

Rendezvoused with the bootcampers to get in some last minute Mary.

As always with Pain Lab there is a great deal of mumblechatter. When you are all in close distance of each other it’s easy to have good group conversation. Pain Lab always has a decent playlist of heavy metal music as well. There may have been some poking at the choice of music, but you know what, when you decide to Q the lab then you can choose your music. Take that as a hint and fill up Q spots at Pain Lab please. Thank you Gentleman that decided to try Pain Lab. Hopefully you enjoyed it and realized there is another workout style available to you every Saturday. It was truly an honor and pleasure leading you men. See you guys soon!