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Four PAX pounded the pavement this AM at the Pub. Gastonia was already there and just finishing a mile or two of EC when the rest of us pulled in.

The Thang: We ran … up Gaston Day School/Armstrong Park ROAD to Perry Rd, turned left. Perry to Lee St., turning right to rejoin New Hope Rd, turning left. New Hope to light at Armstrong Park DRIVE, turning right. To Armstrong Park ROAD, turning right to take us back to start. 5 mi.

Announcements: F3 Gastonia WHETSTONE is launching. If you’re not sure what it is or whether to participate, talk to someone who does; then sign up with the interest form. If you know/think you would like to participate, fill out the interest form. Pairing Stones and Blades continues this weekend so they can begin meeting in July.

Other announcements:  3rd F EventFriday June 22nd at 7:00pm at First Presbyterian on Garrison across from Grier meeting at the building in the back at the top of the stairs. Speakers are Short Sale & Pockets. Hike this Saturday.

Prayer requests: my M’s job search and safe trip to visit family; my business trip tomorrow; Sly in Afghanistan;

Monk out

Nordic Challenge-ish

4 men put in some sweat equity at Folsom this morning.  It was a light day  due to people on vacation, fartsackers and Sister Act running at the Pub.  A while back our brother from Asheville had posted the Nordic Challenge.  It seemed like a simple workout to Q, but not an easy workout.  Two modifications were made due to an injury.  The workout calls for 10 San Antonio Shuffles and 20 burpees, but you know… if you can’t do it don’t Q it.  At 0530 it was time to clock it.

Warmup: it’s hot enough and it’s already warm.

Mosey to the tennis courts.  The Nordic Challenge goes like this.  Do an exercise then run.  The exercises were 10 V-ups, 20 Toy Soldiers, 30 Merkins, 40 Overhead claps, 50 Monkey humpers,  60 Lunges, 70 Squats, 80 Lbcs, 90 Flutter kicks and 100 Morracan night clubs.

This went a little faster than I was expecting.  Followed up with a few laps, and some Mary.

Mosey back to the launching pad for the Pledge.


Annoucements: C-Span has the Q at Folsom this Saturday.  Bedpan makes his Pain Lab VQ next Saturday.

Prayer requests: Bedpan’s job, each other.

BOM: Bedpan took us out in prayer.

NNM: I figured it would be a light day.  Many with prior commitments, work and even some in the bed.  Either way, whether it’s four or forty, it’s good to be amongst my brothers.  Folsom has made great strides in 2018 and I’m honored to be a part of it.  On top of the fitness, just the fellowship is second to none.  It’s a good feeling knowing that if you don’t show up, you’ll have a lot of people calling you out.  Accountability is something, speaking for myself, is very much needed.  I couldn’t do this alone.

Philippians 4:13



5 at The Forge on Wednesday night for a talk on Judas. A few weeks back we started a series on the men of the Bible. So far we have looked at positive influences. I chose Judas because of the warning it sends to us. This man walked with Jesus for 3 years and still fell to sin and the temptation of the world. Judas is an example of the world and we would all do good to take an inventory of ourselves every once in a while to see how much we are like him.

I read some from John MacArthur’s book 12 Ordinary Men/12 Extraordinary Women

Versus Covered:

John 15:16

Psalm 41:9

John 13:18

1 Corinthians 11:27-32

Day to day what are you pursuing? God or the world?


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F3 Gastonia Whetstone update

F3 Gastonia Whetstone launched a week and a half ago.  We have a bunch of guys signed up  as Stones or Blades or both.  But we know there are guys out there who haven’t signed up, or are still thinking about it. NOW IS THE TIME!

Whetstone is one of the best opportunities for personal growth and leadership that you will find.  Whether you are a blade or a stone,  you will become a better person and advance in an area life where you need it…  and live more happily because of it. Here’s how the Q Source describes it: https://wp.me/p8Y5do-1EpP

We will continue pairing blades and stones this weekend, so sign up now at this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeA1L2_-3iZoItOEx1F7o8Q3JbXLHjjKj8hlynkThx7YQOBmw/viewform

The form does not take long to fill out.   It asks you  for info such as  your hospital name, F3 name, where you work, where are you often post, and allows you to request another guy as your stone or blade.

Next week, we will begin emailing blades and stones to tell them who they are paired with. The idea is that  each stone and blade will start meeting in July, meet 45 to 60 minutes every two or three weeks, and continue at least a few months  to give the pairing a chance to work.

So sign up now  or ask another F3 guy if you’d like to understand Whetstone better.  You can always contact me at Grattan.brown@gmail.com  or speak with Tool Time, JK2, Roscoe, Def Leppard, or Whoopie, who are helping me with Whetstone.  Their contact information is in the F3 app.





Diggin for gold

10 Gashouse men showed Sunday morning and gave it all they had on the Walk/Ruck/Run 5 miler. Thank you guys for your inspiration!!! It was  nice rucking with Hippa and Oompa. We met a local man walking on the green way. We had a nice conversation and we may have talked him into meeting us next weekend. I want to encourage all of you that haven’t came out on a Sunday mornings.

Please keep all PAX and their families and friends in your prayers. God is doing good things in the Gashouse.


More Blocks!

Well, business as usual! I pulled into Folsom a few minutes earlier then normal, with a good group of HIMs waiting for their instructions! Huck is quick to let me know it’s time to get started, upon his reminder, I call out 10 burpees oyo! Hold up, we have an fng! I’m reminded, disclaimer! Now we can do 10 burpees oyo! 15 toy soldiers ic, let’s mosey toward the flag at the entrance of Folsom. Along the way we stop at the fork in the road, for some merkins ic, continue to the flag. Arriving at the flag, let’s get in some lbcs while the six catches up, pledge, mosey back to the CARS! What someone brings to our attention Folsom has more cars then trucks? What has happened? Anyway everyone grab a block! And circle up for some 20 to 1, try to do this without putting the block down!

Shoulder press




We finish, and we have a couple of minutes left, mosey around the tennis courts!  Oompa joined back up with us at this point, and it’s time to name the fng! Welcome Matt Greene! From now on he will be known as CTD ( crash test dummy) !

Announcements: CSPAN will be the guess Q at Folsom this Saturday! Come out! Hike at grandfather mountain this Saturday, leaving from the gashouse at 0600 hours!

Prayer request: Self family, each other, Roadie for falling off the wagon!

Men, it’s always an honor to get to lead such and awesome group of men! You guys push me to be a better man, and I appreciate it! Thanks!

I took us out!





It’s Our Day!!

12 HIMS showed for an awesome Father’s Day run/ruck at Crossroads.  With most of the pax present being fathers, what a great opportunity to get “Our Day” started by pushing the rock.

Great work by all men today.  3 rucked and 9 ran some miles.  Broke, Roadie, and Salinski blistered the ruck pace today.   I think Broke ran the last mile with his ruck sack on, Beast Mode!  Tool Time and Pizza Man smoked their 5 miles.  Slaw, Round-Up, Blart, Gumby, and Def Leppard consistently pushed the rock as always.  My boy Sparky, well, lets just say it was business as usual for him.  Mix in a couple pitstops, and he ran 4.6 miles at a sub 8 average.  For the record, the horse stalls were left fresh and unscathed.




Prayer request



Great seeing everyone out here pushing themselves and working to get better.  Good to see Salinski join us again.   Awesome to see our region continue to grow and to stay the course.  Keep pushing men!  As always, it was an honor to lead today.


Sister Act



Gashouse PCMB’s

Pax:  Monk, Wet Nuts, Billy Madison, Sargento, Moses, Whoopee, Def Leppard, Sister Act, Step Down, Belding (sp? Sorry), Short Sale (Painlab Q), Matt Stroupe (FNG, Hunka Junk), Quicheeishe, Linus (Bootcamp Q)

Saturday 9/16 kicked off my first official Gashouse QIC weekend.  This is also my first official backblast as I have found that whatever shortcomings I may have as a site Q I am even further substandard on BB posts.  Maybe the experience this time will gain me the insight I need to continue these posts.  We had a good turnout this weekend and I was fully impressed when I took 9 pax with me to lead on the bootcamp.  I thought I lost one early until I realized I had not counted myself, not sure I was even there anyway.

We started with a thorough disclaimer that eventually did not even convince me to follow my lead.  I’m positive, but not sure that we started off with the following:

SSH:  Cadence, 15 or 16?

Merkins:  Cadence, 16??  Had to say, I should have stopped at 10 but man I felt good, that all ended about there, sigh….

LBC:  20 maybe in cadence

Squats:  20 in Cadence

Pledge at the small shovel flags

Break out to Bootcamp, Painlab on their own

The Thang:

Grier Track:

4 Corners:  Exercise, run to next corner on track repeat previous exercise and add the next.  Rinso and Repeato

10 Flying Squirrels, 20 merkins, 30 squats, 40 scissor kicks

Picnic Tables:


30 Dips / 10 Derkins = 40 total

Subtract / Add by 5 each side until you get to 10 Dips and 30 Derkins

(I was wiped out by this point and we had not reached 7:17 am)

Until I could get my math right nobody would start

Front of School:

5 PCMB’s (Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees)

Plank, merk, right leg Peter Parker, merk, left leg PP, merk, standing position = 1

5 total or until you puke, at #4 I’m nauseous

Mosey to FPC awning:

Monkified 11’s

Partner up, one up the hill the other down, 10 squats, back together for one Booyah merkin, rinse and repeat until 1 squat and 10 merkins.  It took longer for me to explain the exercise than for us to perform.


About 5 minutes of restful but impactful Mary, led by various members of the Pax.

Around to the front circle of the church where the landscaper’s had my claimed spot occupied.  I figured it was better to let them finish their work unobstructed as viewing Carolina DD’s the wrong way can be hazardous to health so I modified and used the full empty parking lot, 24/7 permit was still required.  Here we did a set of A.L.A.R.M.S, modified Bombs of some sort.  Arms, Legs, Abs, Run, Exercise, Exercise.

20 each:  Carolina Dry Dock, Lunge, LBC, Run (the rectangle), Merkin, think we left one off.

This left us with enough time to knock out 10 Mike Tyson’s.

Moseyed back to the Schiele where Short Sale had this look suggesting, “where have you been” even as I finished my last step at the Schiele with my phone proudly displaying 8:00 time as the sweet sound chimes of the FPC bell tower sang.

Finisho, right on time.

My first Q as Gashouse QIC.  Awkward coverage of announcements and concerns by YHC but we got through it.  Monk with the Gashouse Bootcamp Q on 6/23, Whoopee has 6/30, and Clavin has 7/7 (although I do want to confirm that is Bootcamp and not Painlab).

Much to report here:


Kayaking at Cramerton to have already taken place by the time this has posted

Hike next Saturday in Boone / Meet at Schiele at 6:30 a.m.


Billy Madison is moving to St. Augustine Florida this coming Thursday.  He may need some help moving and he will communicate this by Twitter.  You can catch a Billy Madison beatdown Tuesday at Midoriyama and Wednesday at Snoballs.  We wish you the best of luck Madison.

Qwishee/Stroganoff/Sargento running a ½ Marathon in Massachusetts in the coming week

Wet Nuts wife’s Aunt with Ovarian Cancer

Welcome Matt Stroupe aka Hunka Junk

Honored to lead a group of men where I am the six.

Thanks HIM’s, proud to be here

Was that a banjo I heard?!?

The first annual Gashouse river kayak/canoe/hoe down session happened on Saturday and fun was eventually had by all. YHC put it out on the calendar early in the year and posted on the comms networks leading up to the event. That was enough to bring out four PAX and one 2.0 for the event.

Reservations were attempting to be made leading up to the event but it was hard to get a handle on how many would show. YHC was gestimating 3-5 but there was no real way to know for sure #showtoknow . At the 11th hour JK2 contacted me to announce he had 6 kayaks, vests, paddles and anything else we’d need for our adventure. Score!

Once JK2 pulled up we all picked our ride and unloaded. After we got situated, YHC was first in the water, then Roscoe and Little Ceasar in their double, then JK2. We were having a good time getting used to the boats while the self proclaimed “experienced” kayaker fiddled with his boat. After several attempts at straining and grunting to get his foot setup right, Tesla had to deploy his secret weapon…JK2. Big fella figured out how to get the thing right and we were ready to roll. We thought… Tesla, being experienced, decided to take a sliding start into the river from the top of the put-in while already seated in his kayak. Sounded like a cool way to get things going. In actuality, it was a great way to cool Tesla off because upon entry he immediately listed to the right, flipped over and had to bail before he drowned. It was pretty freakin’ funny I do have to say! Once he regained his composure are emptied the water out of his ride we were finally ready to go.

The Q decided the party would head downriver because it had more bends and things to look at compared to the upstream route. It was a great day for being on the water and we made it all the way down to the Buster Boyd Bridge on Lake Wylie. Just kidding, it only seemed like it. We actually went down to one of the piers the city has built for fishing and what not, but it was still a 30 minute paddle. We saw some nice wildlife on the river and it was really nice being slightly away from the normal stuff we do. Going back upstream was harder of course but nothing a fit F3 man can’t handle. Roscoe had turned back a little early since he was moving some extra weight and of course beat us all back to the dock in plenty of time.

For a first run I’d say the kayaking trip was a hit. Next time let’s get some more men out there.

July’s outing will be to the Green River west of Shelby for tubing! Let’s talk it up and get a good caravan of clown cars for this trip!!!

Thank you for letting me serve as the 2nd F Q men. It’s a blast!!!

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