• When: 05/29/2018
  • PAX: Roadie, Bedpan, Volt, Gravity, Sparky, Pastor Clever, Cod Possum, HIPAA (QIC)

I had recently purchased an F3 Folsom shirt and made a promise to the PAX of Folsom, and to myself, that I would not wear it until I at least posted there once. Mission accomplished a few weeks ago; however, I felt this still did not meet the criteria to wear such a critically acclaimed AO’s apparel. That said, I signed up to Q at the legendary Folsom. I knew I had to come up with a decent weinke because if I did not, I would not hear the end of it from these guys. This group has by far the BEST mumblechatter I’ve witnessed in my 5 months of F3. While it is mostly distasteful banter, they somehow manage to incorporate accountability and push you to be better.

Rolled up to Folsom with about 5 minutes to spare. As I pulled in, the parking lot looked very light. Roadie & Bedpan were present. Cod Possum was getting lost on the nature trail somewhere. 2 minutes remaining and in rolls Volt, Gravity & Pastor Clever. 530, let’s begin:


SSH x 15 IC

MNC x 30 IC

Let’s mosey…

Mosey up leisure lane then down sportsman dr. and stopped at the parking lot in front of Ol’ Folsom Piss Pond. Asked Roadie if we should go on a manhunt for Cod Possum, he said “She’ll find her way back”. Understood, now let’s do Circuit #1:

15 – Hand Release Burpees

20 – Bobby Hurley’s

Halt. We see a lone ranger coming down the road. Let’s plank for the late arrival. Oh look, imagine that, It’s Sparky. Hey fella!! Recover.

25 – Squats

30 – Merkins

35 – WW1

Recover with a Sparky 10 count. Guess he doesn’t know what it means to give a 10 count. We are not counting off PAX here, this is a very easy task you were assigned and the instructions could not have been any more clear: Count to 10 and let’s move on. 5 minutes later Sparky finally get’s his act together and counts to 10.

Let’s mosey again! Continued uphill sportsman dr. and down through the trail to the first picnic pavilion.

Pastor Clever went back for the six. After realizing Pastor Clever was gone for a hot minute, I instructed the PAX to do step-ups until the six arrived. Still waiting…waiting some more. OK we all know the only one missing was Bedpan and we all know the boy can run. So what’s happening? Surely Sasquatch didn’t get them both. Pastor Clever comes back empty handed. Man this isn’t good, I lost a man. I feel terrible. Volt and Gravity then notify me that Bedpan may have been spewing merlot, for us to move on and he’d catch up later. Hope he’s OK!

Circuit #2

15 – Mountain Climbers – Per Leg

20 – Heel Touches – 10 per side

25 – Dips

30 – Up up down down Commandos

35 – Squat & Press

By this time, we see Cod Possum and Bedpan driving away.

Mosey again! Mosey up to the tennis courts.

Circuit #3

Before we started, I told the guys this last circuit was supposed to have been a Baseball diamond bootcamp to be done on one of the softball fields. Rain and Red clay make for a messy experience. During my Sunday ruck, I was telling Boudin about this proposed circuit and he thought it would be mean of me to make the guys crawl through this stuff. I’ll have to admit he was right. TClaps to Boudin for Omahing the location!! We decide to use one tennis court. We have 6 so break up into partners and you and your partner go to a corner

Corner #1 Exercise – 10 Burpees

Lunge walk to Corner #2

Corner #2 Exercise – 10 Squats w/3 count hold

Bear Crawl to Corner #3

Corner #3 Exercise – 10 Merkins

Broad Jump to Corner #4

Corner #4 Exercise – 10 CDD’s

Inchworm Walkout to Corner #1

5 Minutes left. Let’s do some Mary, around the horn style. Each PAX calls out an exercise no more than 10 reps. Sandy V’s made an appearance. Gravity called 22 Merkins for the Vets.





Midoriyama Convergence Saturday June 9th

Folsom 2.0 June 16th

Grandfather Mtn. Hike – June 23rd

EH Challenge June-July

Prayer requests:

Self family, Oompa and his family, YHC Brother in-law’s mother.


Pastor Clever took us out.


I’ve gotten to know this fine group of HIM at Folsom over the past few months and can honestly say this is the gold standard of southern hospitality. They invited me in with open arms and kept their acceptance of me even after finding out I was Sparky’s cousin (by marriage). They exemplify what F3 is and should be a role model to other AO’s. They NEVER have an open Q slot. They encourage & push each other DAILY (Maybe HOURLY!). They branch out to other region AO’s and invite the best to come visit and share their knowledge of F3. They are always growing, they’ve added 2 run/ruck AO’s to their weekly schedule. We should all take notice and learn a few things from these guys, I know I have. That said I’d like to share a quote from Folsom’s own Chief Rock Pusher, Alan Tate:

“Man ill tell ya im always joking because thats my personality but on a serious note people who are not yet in f3 dont know what their missing. Ive only been really back for a short time but the bond our group has is amazing. Makes u feel like true brothers and not only a friendship but a group to inspire u to do better and to get better. Man im not this close to my police brothers and ive been with them 17 years. Between the posting and the groupme and the community bonding there’s nothing better. I really am glad to be a part of it and to get healthier and to have life long friendships. I feel like ive known y’all forever. Thats all i got.” 

That about sums it up!

Thank you to the Gentleman of Folsom that decided not to fartsack on such a moist & gloomy morning. It was truly an honor and pleasure leading you men. Bedpan, hope you get to feeling better brother! See you guys soon!