Even though Folsom has recently become “The Premier Running AO in Dallas,” some PAX choose to use this time for rucking also. Today marks another successful WO. Dating back several months, the newly awarded Chief Rockpusher, Allen Tate, has proclaimed “there will be an FNG who gets the name Cod Possum.” This has been a bit of an inside joke, but as of today, it is no longer as such. I give the man credit. Allen Tate pushed for the name to be awarded to some 2.0s last week during 2.0 Day at Folsom without success. This morning was different. It was in the air, you could smell it. With the possibility of Roadies brother posting brought new life to Allen Tate’s mission of branding such name.

Enough of the prequel, let’s clock in.



several ran, several rucked. Lots of mumble chatter and high fives during the activities. This is actually a great opportunity to get to know each other and hash out life. Not being a runner, something continues to drive YHC to be better at it; makes no sense really. Anyway, after a few miles of asphalt and sweat, the PAX come back together at the start. Way to push Men!

So, we have an FNG. Many say it was predetermined what this lucky young man would be named, but there were ample opportunities for him to provide info which could deter said determination. After several questions by the PAX, there was only one name that really fit and the timing couldn’t have been better. So, without further ado, Folsom welcomes Cod Possum. Looking forward to seeing you in the gloom brother.

Announcements: Warrior Dash June 2, Vigil at Surf n Turf 8pm tonight, Brody Holloway speaking at Venture about this past weekends event for the youth and families, open worship and prayer Thursday night 6:30 at Venture.

Prayers continued for the Self, George, and Burns families. Prayers especially for Roger Self(he needs them now more than ever)

Bedpan took us out

Men, this has been a rough past few days for the Dallas community. We have witnessed a man of God, a true leader and believer in Christ do something imaginable. Myself, struggling with anxiety and depression for over 20 years, can understand that this is a Disease! It’s something to never take lightly. It’s an illness that no one should ever have to battle. I’m here to tell you that if you do battle it, these F3 guys are going to come up to you, grab hold of that burden, and walk with you every step of the way! When things like this happen, it’s not time to ask why or how could this happen. It’s time to pray, reach out to those involved, and continue to be a strong spiritual presence when needed. You men have helped teach me what love and brotherhood is really about. Life is going to be hard, but always remember you will not have to walk it alone. Honored to be a part of this group!