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Day: May 21, 2018

BRR Training

The BRR team was invited to take to Crowder’s Mountain with me for 3 trips to the top at 3pm on the 20th.

I gave it until 3:02 and found that I was on a Solo mission.

The Thang:

I put on a 30 pound pack and headed out for the first summit. It was not to bad but the heat was real.

2nd trip, I drank some water on the way to the top. Much harder but the orange I ate at the top made a difference.

3rd trip, did not happen. 2 was enough for this round.

The Moleskin:

So I had not used this location ever to train for the BRR. But, it would be my opinion that the 2 laps up is very close to what 1 leg is really like on the run. I will drop some other dates on myself doing this and hope to have some people join me.

Gastone, Pushing the Rock

Coconut Shuffle

10 Showed for the Sunday run.

The Thang:

The group ran the 5 mile loop.

Several Rucked,

Some started early.

Stroganoff ran an extra 5 before hand.

The Moleskin:

This run is set up around a run that takes place every week in Charlotte. The goal was to have a constant course so no matter if you are slow or fast that you no or learn the way. This is also for safety as if you are new to the run, we know we can go back and get you if needed. The 2nd F is just as important as the first so this is also a time to have after the run for some Fellowship. This Route was not just put together with me it kind of made itself after about a month and can be ran in either direction for an equal hurt. Thanks to all that have been a part of this run and I look forward to the future runs at this location.

Roadie took us out in Prayer.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q

Gastone Out!



Good Morn’ Gentlemen 5-21-18 05:30

It was a fine morning to conquer the fartsack and push on that rock.  Was thrilled to see 7 PAX show with the same thing in mind.  With warmer temps and 200% humidity we were ready to go at 05:30.



SSHx 20

Mosey to the lower end of the park for the Thang.

The Thang:

Partner up for 8 exercises.  P1 stays for AMRAP, P2 runs across parking lot and back (approx 100′)…. switch. x3 per station.

Excercises were;




Monkey Humprs



Toe Risers

Heels to Heaven

We made it through roughly 1.5 times.

Mosey back and 06:15.


Prayers for family in Bessemer City restaurant killing.

For us, our families, and the people we affect today.


Murph 07:00 Snowballs Memorial Day morning.


Great to see Clavin back out this am.  Welcome back brother. Way to push.

All PAX worked hard, pushed, were inspirational, and just as awesome as always.  I will never take that for granted.  It’s what keeps me coming back.

Thank you all for being exactly what I need to start the day in such a great way.  You are all such a blessing.





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