• When: 05/12/2018
  • QIC: Madoff
  • PAX: Hunchback, QT, Stage Coach, Hushpuppy, Roscoe, Stroganoff, Moses, Dolf, FNG (Dijon), Dr. Feelgood, Madoff, Linus

It’s been a while since YHC has Q’d a workout, and it showed…there were multiple Q fails.  When Stroganoff posted the opening for Gashouse, I knew it was time to knock off the rust (shake off the Sad Clown) and get back after it.  I’ve had great excuses for slowly drifting into a Sad Clown (knee injury, coaching soccer for the 2.0s, moving to a new home, preparing the old home to be sold, etc.); however, these are still excuses.

At 0700 the Pax circled up (both bootcamp & pain lab). We identified an FNG (Asher Greer, Dolf’s 2.0…forever more to be known as Dijon) and I gave a quick disclaimer before jumping into the warm up & pledge:

SSH x 25

Don Quixotes x 20

Morocan Nightclub x 20


After the warm up, the PAX divided into two group: bootcamp & pain lab.  YHC was the QIC for the bootcamp & Hipaa was the QIC for pain lab. 12 HIMS participated in the bootcamp workout, and the PAX was given a quick overview of the WEINKE and introduced to the figurative Sad Clown (a 6” x 6” x 8 ‘ pressure treated timber decorated as a Sad Clown thanks to my 2.0, Monet) that we planned to carry around.  I thanked the PAX for following up with me over the last several months…literally, many of them came along side me to help shoulder my Sad Clown burdens.

The Thang.

The PAX ran 0.25 miles while carrying the figurative Sad Clown then stopped for some exercises (30 seconds per exercise) through 12 pain stations.  The PAX carried the Sad Clown (approx. 65 lbs) in groups of 2 and alternated frequently to shoulder the weight.

Station #1 – Mercans, Lunges

Station #2 – CDDs (Def push ups), LBCs

Station #3 – Hillbillies, Monkey Humpers

Station #4 – Time for some Dora: 100 Freddy Mercuries, 200 Alternating Shoulder Taps, 300 Flutter Kicks

Station #5 – Imperial Walkers, Broad Jump Burpees

Station #6 – American Hammers, Bear Crawl

Station #7 – Rocky Balboas (in honor of Stage Coach’s Philadelphia roots), Mike Tyson Pushups

Station #8 – Donkey Kicks, People’s Chair, Hip Slappers

Station #9 – Joe Hendrix

Station #10 – Crabwalk

Station #11 – Mtn Climbers

Station #12 – skipped the exercise because low on time

Bootcamp & Pain Lab finished with some Mary (WWI sit ups, Dying Cockroches) before the bells rang.

After the bells, Linus confirmed the PAX covered +3.2 miles (including the Dora run). Who says you can’t complete a 5k run with Speed for Need?

Hippa shared announcements, took prayer requests, and named our FNG (Asher Greer). Welcome Dijon!!!

YHC thanked the PAX again for “not leaving me behind” the past several months and encouraged the PAX to continue to be intentional to reach out to our other MIA brothers….it makes a difference knowing that someone cares. We concluded our time in a COT in prayer.