• When: 05/12/2018
  • QIC: Boudin
  • PAX: Tiger, Anchorman, Wanderer, Mario (FNG), Dirt, DDC, Buckeye, Dr Suess, Solomon, Boudin (QIC)

YHC showed up to The Yank to find the streets blocked for the Garibaldi Festival. That would not stop the PAX from meeting at the normal spot.  YHC noticed a few PAX that he had not met yet.  Looks like F3 Gastonia had a good week for new brothers. Keep EHing new PAX.  It’s go time  7 am. Reviewed the 5 principals of F3 for FNG. The thang.



10 Merkins IC

25 Morrocann Nightclubs IC

15 Mountain climbers IC

Pledge then let’s Mosey to the hill in Hawthorne.

Burpees at the bottom then run to the top for merkins. YHC originally had 11s planned, but reconsidered and went with 1,3,5,7,9 burpees at bottom and 2,4,6,8,10 Merkins at the top.  Next stop the field of dreams as Tesla would say for BLIMPS

10 Burpees to start run halfway around track then with following excercises after running another half

25 lunges

5 Inchworm Merkins. Inchworm then do 5 Merkins back up. Rinse and repeat 5 times.

25 Mike Tysons

25 Plank Jacks

25 squats.

Next it was time for a triple nickle.

On straight away of track.

5 burpees


5 lbc

With 7 minutes left we mosey to the fountain. Circle up for Mary.

15 WW1

15 squats

15 flutter kicks

25 Monkey Humpers

25 High knees

I know I missed some of the excercise, but this is all I could remember.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead  As always it was an honor to lead. Keep pushing the rock men.

Announcements:  Coconut Horse is open for busy on Mother’s Day. Ruckers launching at 6, Clysdales at 615 and everyone else at 630. Welcome our newest PAX Mario.


See you in the gloom.