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THE Premier Running AO in Dallas on Wednesdays

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  • When: 05/09/2018
  • AO:
  • QIC: Sparky
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Allen Tate (Chief Rock Pusher), Roadie, Huckleberry, Sparky, Montross, Medicine Woman, Bedpan, Volt, Gravity, Pale Rider, Pastor Clever (FNG)

The brand new Wednesday Run/Ruck at Folsom is taking off! 11 HIM showed up and showed out. That’s right, I didn’t stutter. 11 showed at Folsom for mosey!

3 went on a ruck into Gaston College while 7 departed for a brisk mosey around the loop. You may be thinking ‘Hey, 7+3 does not equal 11….are you boys struggling with your math?’ Ok, there may be 1 or 2 of us who have to take off their shoes to count beyond 10, but not the case here. My on-going EH efforts paid off as an FNG showed, albeit on Sparky-time. The FNG was late (I didn’t realize he was coming) so he took initiative and just ran through the park looking for us and met up at the end of the run. Add in the 1 FNG and that’s 11.

Speaking of FNG, his government name is Mark Tolan. He is the Assistant Pastor at my church. He will be known from this point forward as Pastor Clever. Pastor Clever? What does that mean? Watch the movie Friday (probably my favorite movie of all time, FWIW) – hopefully the good pastor can keep us away from a “Sinny-Sin-Sin!” As far as I know, Pastor Clever does not have cataracts.

It is great to see Folsom continue to push the rock. Guys are getting stronger and faster.
– Huck mentioned yesterday morning he ran the entire workout without any walking. Hell yeah brother! That’s a milestone I remember hitting and it is a big deal!
– Huck, Allen Tate, and Gravity said they picked up the ruck pace today aiming at 15’s. Good thing we had 2 fine role models in Allen Tate (Chief Rock Pusher) and Huck out there to keep an eye on Gravity. According to Twitter and GroupMe, he will kick a swan in the throat (allegedly).
– Bedpan set a personal best this morning. Let me tell you, the look on his face as he showed me his time was soul-touching. His lungs were about to explode, but he lived to tell it. You have grown my friend!
– YHC set a personal best and met a goal today by breaking the 9 minute barrier for average pace – 8:57. Now I’m shooting for 8:45.
– Pale Rider, yesterdays FNG (also a pastor at my church), was step for step with Medicine Woman and I – he hasn’t been working out, shows up to Folsom on his 2nd day, and runs 8:57s. That man is going to be a runner. He almost died, but he’s a runner. He told me he has never run that far continuously (3.4 miles).
– Medicine Woman ran with YHC. He will be the first to tell you about the time he sprinted by me. There was some back and forth passing and I could have sprinted at the end to pass him had I wanted to! In all seriousness though, MW was out there pushing it despite dealing with a lot of congestion. Breathing must have been tough. Good job!
– Sparky picked up the pace this morning. My pack hung with him for about a mile but he was moving at a what must have been a low 8 minute pace and we eventually lost visual. Rumor has it he risked life and limb to run off the paved trails.
– Volt didn’t say anything about his run. All I know is he ran!
– Roadie broke out his new shoes and talked about pushing rocks. He’s a Liberal or a Communist. Not quite sure which one yet.
– Pastor Clever stayed to run a bit after the workout since he was late. Be on time next time. Being down at the “74th Street Baptist Church” is no excuse to be late for F3!

COT – there were numerous prayer requests (AT’s mother-in-law, families, 2.0s, Leppard, and others), but one that really sticks out is one PAX asked us to pray for a young lady who stresses out about testing…he says she is a bigger girl for her age and she needs to pass the EOG to keep from repeating a grade. It’s not just about making grades in school, kids also have the stresses of fitting in and in her case, if she doesn’t pass, she’s that much bigger than all the other kids and it would be like a vicious cycle attacking her self-esteem. Keep these kids in your prayers men and as dads and leaders, encourage your 2.0s to look out for these kids and stick up for them! Pastor Clever took us out in prayer.


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  1. Nice post Montross! Folsom group is awesome.

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