There was some serious chatter going on Twitter before this morning-who would post, who would wear a vest, how much you gonna put in it, what kind of music….I felt the pressure but did not let it get to me too much. Even before starting, the mumble chatter was hot-I pulled up some classic George Strait: Amarillo By Morning on my phone and out of nowhere, ShortSale yells “What??? No speaker???”but….I….was…..not……distracted. Well, maybe just a little so keep on reading.

WU: SSH X4 then 10 burpees OYO.  Pledge then let’s go-mosey to the turd shack with 10 squats at the lights (most of them). We did some run-ing and nur-ing along the way. There was some blah, blah, blah along the way I think. But, we kept moving and got to the shack.

ON THE WALL: new exercise (no, it’s not in the lexicon-piss off!!!) called Crazy Indian-everyone against the wall in Balls to the Wall. First guy drops down and runs to end then gets back on the wall into BTTW position. As he passes by, the next guy drops down and runs behind him. I think we just did one lap-more of this in the future….

20 LBCs then back ON THE WALL: Hip Slappers X 20 IC. I still love these.

20 LBCs

20 Australian Mountain Climbers

20 LBCs?

Mosey to Playground while I cue up some “Rocky Top” on the old phone. Lean in close ShortSale. If I play this backwards you can hear Youseff Osborne saying “Rush sucks, Rush sucks, Rush sucks”. While we listened to the Osborne Brothers sing Rocky Top, we each did 10 Rocky Top Burpees (burpee with a pull-up instead of overhead clap-original from TSquare-nice one-thanks for the demo). We finished just as Rocky Top was ending then moseyed to the outer part of the (imaginary) wheel spoke of the baseball fields……someone please make sure Gastone is not still looking for a bike-did he ever make it home? I was planning for lunges to the center but some unnamed pax that rhymes with Portpale wouldn’t stop with the mumble chatter so I changed to burpee long jumps thinking, surely he’s got to catch his breath and stop chattering. Did it work???? Heck no. I think he is part fish and was breathing through gills behind his ears-the chatter kept going until…..until…………….until…………………………….

“Shut-up! I’m the Q dammit! Do what I say!”

I think I blacked out for about 10 seconds and woke up with everyone quiet and smiling. Think I heard some kumbayas and smelled some incense burning. Gastone and Squirt were skipping around in circles with a basket of flowers in their hands. Hushpuppy floated above all of us with some butterfly wings barely moving but he was still flying???? How did he do that? And when did he get here? TSquare was chugging a Mountain Dew in a glass with a big frufru umbrella and a flower stuck in it. Then there was Spiderman….when did he…oh yeah, he was here earlier. He was hugging Hipaa-yes, hugging Hipaa and Hipaa was ok with that…not only ok with it, he even took off his vest and gave it to Turtleman who put it on like a skirt and started two step dancing with Squirt. Captain Stuebing was standing one foot on Linus and and one foot on DDC’s back and screaming at the top of his lungs “I am KING OF THE WORLD.” JK2 and EasyRider were arguing over who was hotter: CatWoman or Ginger from Giligan’s Island. WTF????

About this time I woke up and we were in the center of the bicycle wheel. Someone said I yelled “Shut-up! I’m the Q dammit! Do what I say!” I cannot deny it, but not sure I remember it happening.

I looked around and everything was suddenly back to normal-and then it started again….ShortSale…..with the mumble chatter….so I did the only thing I could think of, I got back to the weinke.

1 min AMRAP sit-ups

1 min AMRAP Merkins

We moseyed to the parking lot (end of other spoke) for some 22’s (I believe this is a Stroganoff original but not sure: like 11’s but different). Partner Derkins on 1 end (both partners do the exercise) and Overhead Claps on the other end. We had a request for Village People singing YMCA so I cranked it up really loud on my phone and we got down to business. We started and only dropping reps by 2’s on the Partner Derkin side but ran out of time and started counting down numbers on both sides and eventually finished. We then moseyed back to Snoballs with some Squats, run-ing, and nur-ing along the way. We got back right…..on….. time.

Finished with COT and I took us out with a quick prayer.

Great work this am guys. I was pushed by each of you and hope it was mutual. The vest (thanks Hipaa and Boudin) definitely adds to the pain. The mumble chatter (holy nuts, ShortSale and others) was spot on and definitely made me try to amp things up as much as possible. Don’t forget about the Memorial Day events (SFN in Charlotte and Murph at Martha’s). Get your work in-200 squats daily alternating with 200 Merkins the next day then keep alternating. Need to keep running. Those Folsom Boys are making some serious progress. They need to know they are not alone in this running thing.

Mornings like this make me really happy to be alive-sounds corny but it is true.

thanks for the push-Whoopee