11 men took their daily red pill and posted to Folsom. With several regulars missing for various reasons, still a pretty good turnout.  The conversation beforehand was epic as usual.  Did you guys know that Def Leppard ‘s name in Madarin means “get your butt down, Leppard”?   We will certainly miss Def Leppard while he’s gone.   Make it home safely, sir.

06:30 hits and it’s time to clock in.

First exercise is… The Slawter Starter.  This is always a crowd pleaser.  Next exercise is the Toy Soldiers x 10IC.

Mosey to the Amphitheater.

Every gets balls to the ball.  one by one nur out to the top and do 10 squats.   Stay in the balls to the wall position unless it’s your turn.

Repeat again except with dips.

We were going for a third time but someone crop-dusted everyone so we moved.

Incline merkins and derkins x 25 OYO.

Partner up.  P1 does 100 CDDs while P2 bear crawls then switch so P2 does 100

Then P1 does 100 incline merkins while P2 does backwards lunges.  Switch

Then P1 does 100 LBCs while P2 lunges.  Switch.

On the wall for 30 Australian Mountain climbers x 30IC

Roadie takes over.

Run… 25 LBCs.  Run… 50.  Run… 75. Run… 100. Run… 125.  Back to the tennis courts for frisbee rules football.  This is where Team Elephant beats the brakes off Team Rhino.


COT       Announcements: warrior dash. Prayer requests: Def Leppard and his family for his upcoming trip.  Allen Tate’s mother in-law.  I think I’m missing something.  Sorry.

BOM: YHC closed in prayer.

Enjoyed it, brothers.

Philippians 4:13