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Day: May 3, 2018

Iron Skillet and Ruck Sacks?

YHC  showed up this morning with 2 PAX waiting for the beatdown, just after I arrived 7 more showed up and even Sparky was on time. Just barely though.  Enough chatter about tiny sacks and who’s going to get the Iron Skillet this month, it’s time to go.

Warmarama:  SSH, Hillbillys, Gravel Pickers x10 IC

Thang:  Let’s mosey to the flag, some mumble chatter in the PAX about the flag being right there. Where?YHC doesn’t know what Medicine Woman is talking about.  Get to the flag but not before Montross pulls a Sparky near the finish and sneaks past us to get there first. ( YHC will be ready next time)

YHC picks up the 6 as the others plank. Hank has gout in his knee and Huck is right there with him(no man left behind). Tclaps to Hank for even posting with his knee hurting as bad as it was. Say the Pledge and on your 6.

Big Boys x20 IC

LBC’s x20 IC

French Hammers were recommended by Huck, YHC squashed that with a set of American Hammers x20 IC

Seems like another ab exercise was done x20 IC that YHC can’t remember at the moment.

Mosey to the lot that YHC has dubbed Sparky’s Lot, he say’s bad things happen at this lot and I think he is on to something.

Burpee Long Jumps across the lot.

Lunge – Angle Grinder back to start.

Mosey to the lot at the shelters and plank while YHC picks up the 6. YHC calls Dirty 11’s (thanks Sparky) Wide Arm Merkins at the bottom 2 burpees in the middle and Star Jumps at the top.  The PAX make it halfway through before time is called and we mosey back to start.

The PAX led Mary, Medicine Woman with Dying Cockroaches Bedpan called the monthly challenge exercise  and YHC called on Gravity to call an exercise, Merkins IC. Time.  Good work men!

COT: Memorial Day 5k or Murph if you are in town. Warrior Dash first of June, couple PAX already signed up for the 09:00 time.

Prayer Request: Each other, Allen Tate’s mother in law.

BOM: YHC took us out.

Moleskin: The mumble chatter was strong this morning as the PAX were ready to go! The Folsom men are pushing hard and several posting 2 adays, hitting the Coconut Horse rucking and running, and many doing EC before the workout and at home. Tclaps to everyone! Proud to call Folsom my home AO.

Thanks for the push, was an honor and privilege to lead this morning.



The Pub – Watch out for that Curb

11 HIMs pushed the rock for some moseying and rucking.

9 Ran (one was attacked by the curb near the start….I won’t name that individual but it rhymes with fiva).

7 for 5; 2 for 3

2 rucked (one with an impressive old school pack)

It was fun.  A great way to start a day full of opportunities to impact others.

Thanks for the push.

Until the next one.  Aye!


Doubt 2

8 HIM’s showed at The Forge on Wednesday night for the 2nd part on Doubt.  This time we covered God’s Unwavering Promise. No matter what God is with you and his promise to you will be fulfilled.

Genesis 28

John 14:1-8

1John 4:13-19

Thanks to all who consistently show to support one another!

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