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Day: May 2, 2018

What the heck are we doing?

24 men showed to boost the Midoriyama count to a new height on Tuesday. With warm weather among us, all the fields and parking lots were filling up fast with kick ballers, baseballers and soccer phenomes. Seeing that so many PAX are having injuries I’ve been looking and finding more ways to build strength for legs and core. I found plenty to help TT with his erector spinae ( haha ) and Leppard’s leg, while also helping us slower runners with some strength that we can apply to our runs. Tiger brought two FNG’s with him.  Not a lot of cardio today, with that lets begin. TT took off on his run and Floppy, Swimmer and Canteen to the trails and Oompa on his recovery ruck,  the rest got to work.

Warm up  x15 IC

Moroccan Nightclubs


Cotton pickers


Don Q

Rocky Balboa

Mike Tyson


Mosey to the small soccer field to get some blocks, only to find our field has been over ran with soccer teams. OMAHA, mosey to the parking lot for some Rout 66. We need to show out for the soccer moms. With a few PAX in good form with their hip hop style, we began the THANG.

Skater squat.

Salute Plank.  Bear Crawl to the next line.

Sandy V. Crab walk to the next line.

Hip Thigh extension.  Crab walk to the next line.

Mosey to the next parking lot.

Single Leg Deadlift.

CDD. Bear Crawl to the next line.

Mosey back to the start.



Good job today men. I know that you all wanted to run more, but we can do that next time. Welcome Mongoose and Hey Jude, good job Tiger with the FNGs and showing them the ropes. It was a gut busting good time from the hip hop/west side style Skater Squats to the quick Hip Thigh Extensions being rolled out. This was definitely a great 2nd F workout as well. Thank you guys!!



Announcements:        The Forge on Wednesdays. LBFC’s for the monthly challenge, 40 day challenge,

Prayer Request:  Many request from house fires to untimely deaths. A friend of Billy Madison’s named Katey, Dealing with cancer, please so a prayer of hope and comfort for these families.


Day 4 of 40

No FNG’s so we started with the Pledge.

20 SSH (IC)
10 Merkins(IC)

We moseyed down Riverwood Parkway and stopped at Plantation Trail and River Ridge Drive and did 20 squats at each location before heading to Gastone’s Hill (aka Village Ridge Drive)

We ran Gastone’s hill three times and at the top it was 5 burpees and at the bottom was 10 hand release Merkins (not push-ups- Thanks Whoopee)

On the way down the hill after round three, Turtleman brags and says he is going to 3 rounds running forwards and 3 rounds running backwards next Wednesday when he has the Q.  So that gave me an idea, let’s do one round backwards up the hill.  At some point we did 4 burpees and 40 LBC’s ( day 4 of 40).   Running back down the hill to a waiting 5 burpees and headed back to Plantation Trail and River Ridge Drive and did 20 squats.

We turned into the vacant office parking lot and lunged to a light pole then hopped the cement wall and circled up for 5 burpees near the dumpster.  I saw the dock next to Bellacino’s and we jumped it then bear crawled down the side.

Moseyed to the wall for 10-15-20 of dips and derkins.  Time to head back to Snoballs and Gastone closed out the program with some flutter kicks.

Thank you for allowing me to lead.

Stacked deck?

A beautiful morning for a beatdown at Goat Island. Actually the Island was locked due to high water levels, so we stayed on the mainland. It’s all good.

Brief disclaimer, I’m not a professional, etc.

Pledge of Allegiance

Dolph was hollering about some Floyd and Blackie’s so we moseyed that way. When we reached the back of the coffee shop parking lot we came upon what appeared to be a bunch of zombies (imagine a scene from The Walking Dead where they round a corner only to be blocked by walkers and have to find another way). These were really just the girls (mainly) from the bootcamp on a field trip it appeared. Keep moseying back to the green and finally to the gazebo of pain.

The Thang!

The Deck of Death (stacked version)!!!

Each suit in a deck of cards is an exercise, each card determines the number of reps. Aces are are a lap around the green and jokers give a choice of 14 burpees or a lap around the green.

Clubs – Burpees

Diamonds – Merkins

Hearts – LBCs

Spades – Squats

Mayor and his infinite wisdom immediately claimed that my choice of exercises was not imaginative enough. Maybe so but he still hated having to run around so much. Ice up son!!!

We had a good time with some excellent mumble chatter, especially when the PAX realized that the deck I was carrying wasn’t exactly even. Maybe there were a few extra cards to spice things up. How’s that for imagination Mayor?!?

Time ran out before we could finish everything, maybe we won’t do the warm up mosey next time. Great work men, it was an honor to lead you today! AYE!!!

Announcements: All have expired by now I think

Prayer requests: Breaker Breaker’s aunt Judy, Lynn Hamm chemo treatments, proms, college exams, year end finish for area schools

Thank you for the opportunity to lead today men.

Allen Tate’s tiny sack

Yesterday we decided we would bring back our Wednesday workout.  We stopped a while back due to a lack of participation.  That’s now changed.  Folsom is full of HIMs.  It was decided that Wednesday at Folsom would be a run/ruck workout.  I received a text last night from Allen Tate that he bought a ruck sack and was ready to go.  He hops out of the truck this morning with what appeared to be a CamelBak.   #tinybabysack  After Volt informed him his bladder was upside down, it was time to clock in.

Sparky, Montross, Volt and Bedpan took off running. Medicine Woman, Allen Tate and YHC went rucking.

Not sure of the chatter from the runners, but Medicine Woman and I spent 45 minutes hearing about a tiny sack.  Allen Tate also never figured out how to use his bladder.


COT – announcements: Memorial Day 5k or Murph.  If you’re in town, and have a set, be at one of them. Prayer requests: a family Medicine Woman knows, Allen Tate’s mother-in-law, each other.

BOM: Sparky took us out.

Moleskin: I couldn’t be more proud of this group.  There was a time where Folsom was looked at as the B AO.  Everyone at Folsom is pushing hard; getting in better shape and becoming better men.

I’m proud to be a part of F3 Gastonia.  If I’ve ever posted with you, I want to thank you.  Every person I came across has pushed me in one way or another.  #ISI.  We have a great region.  Lean on your brothers. There are not just there for you at a workout. As I have found out, they are there to do life with you also.  My brothers: you have all pushed me not only physically, but spiritually and pushed me as a man.

Philippians 4:13


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