• When: 04/28/2018
  • QIC: Breaker Breaker
  • PAX: Orangeman (R), Norwood, Quiche, Sargento, Tiger, Edison, Boudin, Slim Shady, Traveler (R), Pockets, Breaker Breaker (R)

What an awesome Spring Saturday morning to be outside for a workout! YHC was anxious driving to the Yank, not sure of the turnout but had a well prepared Weinke and ready to push that rock. As I pulled into downtown Belmont, several PAX were finishing up some EC running. By 7am, we had 11 HIMs, including YHC readyfor a Fighting Yank beatdown. Let’s go to work!


SSH – 25 I/C

Toy Soldiers x 10

Lung w/Twist x 10

Burpees x5


The Thang:

Let’s mosey to Hawthorn Hill..

Triple Nickle with a Bernie Sanders twist

5x Merkins at bottom of hill, run backwards halfway up and then forward to top of hill for 5x squats. Rinse and Repeat 5x.

YHC hears a train, 5x burpees…

Mosey onto the parking lot down under. Here we lose Pockets, had to leave early but he did make it out for the hill work. All PAX meet in center of parking lot for next set of exercises. We all break off into 4 groups and all perform 5x burpees in center, each group moves to a corner for the given exercise.

Group 1 – 12x Balls to Wall HippSlappers,

Group 2 – Mercins x 11

Group 3 – Imperial Squats x11

Group 4 – WW2 or Big Boy Sit-ups x 11 (Q stated BB sit-ups but was doing WW2)

Complete your exercise, run back to center for 5x burpees and then to the next exercise, back to center for 5x burpees. Continue until each group completes each exercise and then rinse and repeat another round. We completed a total of 40 burpees during the two rounds.

Time to mosey again up to the Field of Dreams…YHC had stopped on his way in  before workout and laid out a triangle of cones for our last exercise, the Bearmuda Triangle, modified. It went like this, 1x burpee at first cone, bear crawl to second cone, 2x burpee, bear crawl to third cone, 3x burpees, and bear crawl back to cone 1, rinse and repeat 3x. The exercise calls for each cone to be 30 yards apart, YHC spaced the cones at about 10-12 yards apart and at that distance, it was a bear crawl beat down.

Mosey to Ring of Fire for a round of PAX selected Marys and finished 5 more burpees. Thanks Boudin!



F2 event at Rankin Lake, Frisbee golf. Memorial Day Convergence & Patriot 5K and Global 6k for Water on May 19th.

Prayer request…continue to pray for Breaker Breaker’s friend Lynn Hamm with brain tumor, aunt with recent stroke, Andrew Brunson (missionary in prison in Turkey), Slim Shady upcoming Disney vacation, Tiger’s wife, and men and women in military.

It was an honor to be your Q this morning! Great work by all and way to push that rock! Until next time!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” – Philippians 4:13