• When: 04/28/2018
  • QIC: Clavin
  • PAX: Linus, Clavin

Arrive early

only Stroganoffs car and shovel flag thankfully planted


Set up Pain lab …. how many will show? Dont care … I’ m here and raring to go!!


6 minutes to go …wait here’s Moses, Linus …. theres Stroganoff were doing alright …. two more Hunchback and FNG ….Stroganoff gets us rolling … after  warmup and pledge one taker for  pain lab! Alright ! Have my new shirt on … ready to rock it out !

Hipaa tweeted great promo using a pic from Cheers and plenty o postal words of encouragement which gave me ideas …

set up stations using small postal boxes filled with weights for Bricks… had a tub  unmarked so Wont need to pay a penalty filled with mags…. two boxes ( one marked fragile ( pronounced fra gee. Lay) !! And another labeled bulk rate loaded with a cinder block in one and small block in other …. 2 minute routine set by tabata timer using great tunes  like Epic   Black Betty Immigrant Song and awesome remake of Cranberries hit Zombie by Bad Wolves we also had station for derkins and dips and arm stretch bands…. complete 12 total ….. now the clean up!!! Easy peasy… pick up… take 1/2 to truck … return and ruck the two block boxes around parking lot twice… return these to truck …. return to flag … no one here? Thats fine …. “circle”(of 2) up begin 50 lbcs … 6 mins …. no one still ? Box cutters x 20 …. begi…. oh wait … here they come … reset …. receive orders for correct count … reset … lets go! Stroganoff calls dyin cockraoches Linus Mtn climbers i modify …. lastly hunchback brings us homw eith Nolan Ryans….


announcements next week there may be a special visitor next week at Schiele from Gazette to check us out maybe get free press ? Show to know

name FNG …. Stagecoach …. welcome brother !



as many know earlier this year amped up workouts … running … running dome more … attempted 10 miler attempting to achieve goals of 1/2 and maybe even full marathon…. had bakers clot … layed off .. still present …. had MRI showed meniscal tears …. get surgery this week and I’ll be back soon! I was so upset st first that this happened … had idea of showing at AO for workout but do my own Pain LAb … not to encourage Q to redo Weinke but just in order to be present and receivecfellowship . While we have equipment at home that Ive used during my IR …. these dont talk to me or COT …. in short its not the same.  To those on IR , i would like to encourage you to come , modify …. but mostly be present ! Its a very special thanks to Hipaa for staying back with me when I’ ve come and we put together our own beat down … low or no impact utilizing coupons …. plus dont discount the comraderie!