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Day: April 23, 2018

Plyo Lab

Time to experiment!  At the Community Run a week ago I had a baaaaad time running.  But this just strengthens me to do more core, and hydrate.  Then I read about how some high-impact plyometrics might actually help versus hurt someone like me.  So I read up a bunch, and it just happened that Gastone put the call out for Q’s.  I asked him to make it a “Mystery Q” so that folks who thought they were walking into Pain Lab wouldn’t be averse.  Introducing the Plyo Lab:

Disclaimer was given (as it literally says this in the articles I read):  Plyometrics are not for people on the rebound of injury, or those new to exercise.  If we would have had an FNG I would have told them to take it easier than they’d like.  But we did have Clavin who is grinding out a meniscus injury, and HIPAA met him with the intent of doing kettlebell work.  Pain Lab & Plyo Lab, supa-hot!!


25 SSH

10 IW

10 Low Slow Squat

10 Merkins

10 LBC

Pledge of Allegia……..oh wait, RECOVER.  DID YOU HEAR THAT WHOOPEE?!?!?

Pledge of Allegiance.

The Thang:

Run to Harris Teeter (or whatever it is now) parking lot.  Told them we would essentially do stations to a pre-set time.  I had 19 exercises to get done, with a few breaks inbetween.  Goal was 30-45 seconds per station (my call), then jog, karyoka or backwards run for about quarter to a half of the lot, then do the next.  Over and over again, no stoppage.   Here’s the exercises done:

  • Plyo Pushup
  • Squat Thrusters
  • Plyo Lateral Lunges
  • Reverse Lunge with Knee up(right leg touch, up in the jump)
  • Box Drill
  • Frog Squat Jump
  • Long Jump
  • Burpees with a Tuck Jump

WAVE OF MERKINS – took a break and everyone circled up.  At first, everyone circled too close!  Ya gotta give me room to swing a cat here.  But a Wave of Merkins was accomplished.  Short Sale did not like the ease, so he held out just about every time it was on him.  Good work! Now back to the horror show:

  • Lateral Triple Jump (make an L – Right jump off right foot, forward hop to left, hop to and together)
  • Alternating Lunge Jump
  • Tuck Jumps
  • Judo Roll with Jump
  • Kneeling Jump Squat**** Omaha’d to Rocky Balboa’s.  These felt so good after all this plyo work.
  • Full-Body Plyometric Push-Up (got some total air after someone asked what to do.  Kinda fun).
  • Single-Leg Deadlift into Jump
  • Horizontal Jump to Tuck Jump
  • Pistol Squat Roll with Jump (lower the body on one leg until no more, roll back up)
  • Plyometric push up to squat

WAVE OF MERKINS – this time Whoopee got in on the hold-out portion.  And Short Sale.  No problem by me, I’ll just cut it short!

SPRINTS – Line up by partner.  Lamp post to Lamp post.  I said next pair after me and Breaker Breaker wait until we’re halfway through.  Then I said, screw that, wait until we are ALL the way down.  Surprise, surprise, here come Whoopee and Squirt just about the time BB and I finish.  Sorry jokers got me again.  We did this times 2

LBC x 50 OYO (catching my breath 😉  )

GASTONE GIVE-UP: told Gastone to lead us home, and do an exercise of his choice.  It’s his AO, so I like to do this when possible.  He took us to the loading dock, and 5 rounds of hop-up/lunge walk circles.

MARY:  with American Hammers, Flutters, LBC, and MORE FLUTTERS.  Time.

Name-o-Rama, prayers for F3 brothers, JK2 family, Breaker Breaker family and community.

MOLESKIN:  A week or so ago I saw my friend Gastone state in a BB that more folks needed to take the helm on the Black Knight workout.  When he asks, we gotta step-up.  I hope to repeat this one sometime soon, and I appreciate the mumble chatter that I heard, no matter how much grief I might have given the boys during that time.  Heck, Pain Lab has required metal, and any talk from you guys is good talk.  Until next time, AYE!


Block Party

17 Strong showed for a cool Saturday morning at Folsom.  It’s been a month or so since my last Q.  Last weekend at the Community Foundation Run, Sparky put it out there that he needed a Q for Saturday.  I gave him the all too common response of, “I might be able to Q, let me check and I’ll get back to you”.  A little later that day it was posted on the F3Folsom GroupMe that I was the Q next Saturday.  FYI, the F3Folsom GroupMe is highly entertaining and addictive, so be careful!  It was at this point that I realized I was the Q, so I needed to start planning.  I also made a mental note to watch how I say things, in the future, to the site Q.  This push to lead again is exactly what I needed.  Through the week, I am working out of state in Kentucky the last couple months.  So I could have easily turned down the opportunity and gave an excuse that I didn’t have the time.  Thanks for the push Sparky!  With YHC missing the weekday workouts because of work,  I really look forward to the weekend workouts.  Now being assigned the Q,  I knew that I needed to deliver.  There was talk of some long lost PAX showing up,  so I was anticipating a good turnout.  I was pumped about the workout and was able to get in some EC with Slaw befoehand.  With it getting closer to time, and the PAX starting to roll in, here comes Sparky.  At this point I thought we were late on the start time.  Everyone was impressed, Sparky is 5 minutes early, gonna be a good day.  6:30 hits, lets roll, No FNG.



Morrocan Nightclubs – which seem like forever, thanks Blart

SSH,  Hillbillies,  Grass Pickers  all x 15IC

Mosey to flag pole,  Pledge, mosey back to parking lot

The Thang:

Coupon time!  Each PAX are instructed to grab a coupon from Slaw or Sparkys truck, and head up to the tennis courts.  Quick count off and partner up.  4 coupon exercises were called:  100 Triceps extension, 150 LBCs w/ block extension, 200 curls, 250 Thrusters(squat to overhead press).  Each team of 2 PAX work together to reach the cumulative rep of each exercise.

  1.  P1 does Triceps, P2 runs width of 1 tennis court and back while carrying coupon. Flapjack until reps complete
  2. P1 does LBCs w/ coupon, P2 runs width of 2 tennis courts while carrying coupon. Flapjack until reps complete
  3. P1 does Curls, P2 runs width 3 tennis courts w/ coupon, Flapjack until reps complete
  4. P1 does Thrusters, P2 runs width 4 tennis courts w/ coupon, Flapjack until reps complete.

Obviously in the development of my weinke , the exercises and # of reps look great.  You want to give the PAX their $ worth.  Then reality set in.  It’s been a while since I’ve done Thrusters, and this one had to be modified drastically to 100 reps per team.  Mumble Chatter was pretty high at this point, questioning the sanity of the Q.

Next on the list is one of YHC favorites!  11s performed on the tennis courts.  Folsom has 6 tennis courts, so might as well take advantage of the space.  PAX were told to stay with their partner.  Exercises called are Burpees and Booyah Merkins(partner hand-slap merkin).  Slaw was pumped as this point.  Started with 10 Burpees at the start line and 1 Booyah Merkin on the far end.  P1 and P2 will alternate carrying a coupon on the mosey between exercises.  Carrying a coupon for that distance repeatedly is definitely a challenge.  So I instructed the PAX that on each return trip down to do the Booyah Merkins to shorten the mosey an out of bounds line each time.  We ended with 1 Burpee and 10 Booyah Merkins on the same side.

With time running low, lets get in some mary.  I think the exercises called were Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, LBCs, and Dying Cockroaches.   Time.



Prayer Request



It was an honor to lead today.  Sometimes we all just need that extra push.  Keep posting!!  You never know how much of an impact you may have on your fellow F3 brother.  I know personally that the consistency of other PAX is what motivates me to continue to push the Rock.  Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to lead, it was a pleasure!

Sister Act








New view from the Yank

Good showing at the Yank Saturday morning, even had short sale make the trip to the East side, a treat to have him join us.  Had a chance too to welcome my good friend and FNG Dave Mayer (Traveler) into the fold.  Quiche and Boudin had a few miles of EC before the rest of showed, great work men!


5 Burpee, 10 SSH IC

Mosey up main street all the way to Eagle Road and to the lower entrance of Eagle Park neighborhood.  Eagle park has hill in the middle that is just shy of .2 miles, hard climb.  At bottom of hill we did 20 reps each of burpee, step ups, plank should taps, derkins, squat jumps to bench level.  After set run to top of hill and back.  So one exercise then to the top of the hill.  Five times up the hill for a mile of tough climb.  We then went to small parking lot behind Belmont middle school for 11’s, curb squats and mike Tysons.  Almost out of time so back to the Yank, time for 20 LBC and 20 American Hammer, time.

Great work on a tough workout.  We learned a little about FNG, Traveler, I think he will post at Yank often.

Had several prayer requests, a couple from breaker breaker of friend battling major illness, Boudin mentioned a PAX from Metro with a premeature newborn.  Also my M .

Had several for breakfast/coffee after at Cherubs

Always a pleasure


To run or to play that is the Question

Most of the pax was on time. Even sparky showed up early (on time). We started the gloom with 7 hims.

Warm up.

SSH x 15 ic

Hillbillys x 15 ic

(Couple more cant remember should have wrote the BB the same day)

I gave a speech on how f3 is all about sharing. We share in the wins and we share in the hard times. We are there for our brothers no matter what it is One of the things I like most about f3.  We had a football to share with each other if it was dropped you had to do 5 burpees oyo.


Let’s mosey to the big flag and say the pledge. On you six for some lbc’s and flutter kicks. Mosey to the small parking lot on the left. Route 66 with merkins and then bring it back with big boy Sit ups. The we played football frisbee football rules for the remainder of the time mosey back to the shovel flag for cot and prayers. Thanks agin for letting me lead it was a pleasure.

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