• When: 04/12/2018
  • QIC: Montross
  • PAX: Volt, Medicine Woman, Montross (QIC)

Today was pretty much a recycled weinke from Saturday. Since Def Leppard and I were the only ones at Folsom this weekend (due to CSAUP), I figured it’ll still be new to the group. Plus, my abs were sore for 2 days after Saturday so obviously it worked!

There was fartsacking left and right this morning. Hard for me to say much, I sacked Monday and Wednesday on lifting at Sparky’s and couldn’t post Tuesday myself due my kid’s field trip. Some guys had work obligations, some were tired…but I honestly it feels like the numbers have been a little lighter at Folsom the past few weeks overall. This isn’t a New Year’s resolution workout, this is F3. I want to challenge all of you to get out and post…and if you can’t post in the morning, hit the JV workout at 5:30 PM over at Midoriyama (It isn’t so JV, I promise!). I am pushing myself to get to Gastonia in the morning IF I don’t have to work all night. Walk the walk!

That being said we had 3 BMFs…errrr…HIMs at Folsom this morning. Here’s the summary.


  • SSH 15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers 15 IC
  • Appalachian Americans 10 IC

I wanted to break up the routine a little so we cut across the grass and mosey to the upper picnic shelter. In 3 months, I’ve never seen us use it. The lights were already on so it was just calling our names.

  • Shoulder Tap Merkins 15
  • LBCs 20
  • Dips 15
  • Step Ups 15 IC

Rinse and repeat (25 LBCs the 2nd time…felt 20 wasn’t enough)
Rinse and repeat a 3rd time. Now we’re warmed up!

Quick mosey back to the parking lot for a pledge at the shovel flag. MW brings it every day and we rarely use it. Let’s do so today!

Let’s Mosey – we cut across the grass again, MW accuses me of not knowing where I was going. He’s only partially right. We mosey to the fork in the road….I’m looking at the small hill in the median and thinking…..nah, that hill is for punks. We are High Impact Men. Continue another 30 ft for the big hill.

  • Triple Nickels – 5 Burpees up top, 5 Squats at the bottom, 5 rotations. Medicine Woman was really pushing the pack on this one. I put my hands on my knees a few times TBH, but we all pushed through. Volt was probably cussing me but I couldn’t hear him so on we go!

I know Medicine Woman is a runner and all so let’s give him some mosey because, frankly there has been little mosey to this point. Down the road and around the pond to the lower shelter. MW is the first to notice unmistakable signs of a skunk. As we approach the lower shelter it’s getting worse. Let’s mosey on boys! We didn’t smell it in the upper shelter earlier, hopefully that’s still the case.

Now let’s get those abs in gears. As I mentioned on Twitter, we are turning 12 packs into 6 packs today! I was going to call the ab workout 15 Minute Abs” because everything was going to be a quantity of 15. Ironically, we do have about 15 minutes left.

  • 15 LBCs to the left knee, 15 to the center, and 15 to the right
  • Sandy Vs 15 OYO
  • LBC variation – cross the right leg, go to the right knee 15 times, cross the left leg, go to the left knee 15 times (thanks for the tip Leppard)
  • Big Boys 15

Rinse and Repeat. I don’t think we made the 3rd set but honestly, I can’t remember for sure. Time was winding down. so a quick mosey around the lower parking lot and back up the hill to the parking lot.


Prayer requests for Chasity (sorry, forgot the last name) who found her mother dead earlier this week. Sad stuff! Also, I ask for prayer at work – implementing a new ERP system has been working me to death but it’s almost over! YHC took us out in prayer. Reminder about the 3rd F event at Parkwood Friday night. I hope I can make it but depends on work and what time I get out.

It was an honor to lead today. Felt like I hadn’t worked out in weeks even through it had just been 4 days. I could tell it in my endurance already though! Get out there and push your rock guys. We need less invisible men, more HIMs! See you in the gloom!