I offered to Q at Folsom today knowing attendance would be low due to the CSAUP. I heard Leppard was coming and you never know if a FNG or someone traveling may show up. I think it is good to keep the AO open just in case. Turns out it was just Def Leppard and I that showed. Quality over quantity today fellas!


  • SSH 15 IC
  • Appalachian Americans 15 IC
  • Don Qs 10 IC


Short mosey to the lower shelter. I planned to try to work the chest and core today and the dry shelter is a good spot with hit-and-miss rain around.
– Shoulder Taps 15
– LBCs 15
– Step Ups 15 IC
– Squats 15
– repeat all 4 exercises a 2nd time
Leppard noticed someone turned on the heat in the shelter during the 2nd set of taps. Funny thing is I had just noticed the same thing. The 2nd set felt a little tougher.

OK, lets mosey around the pond and to the flag at the park entrance for the pledge.

Short mosey to the parking lot for 11s featuring burpees and squats. We started with 10 burpees and 1 squat. That made the whole workout tough but getting those burpees out of the way was nice! We got ’em all done. Frankly, if Leppard hadn’t been there, I am not sure I would have pushed through. Having a workout partner is crucial!!!! Quick fellowship mosey across the parking lot to recover. Good work so far, full mosey back to the lower shelter.

Lets work the abs a bit more.
– LBCs 20
– Sandy V’s 20
– Big Boys 15
– Flutter Kicks 15 IC
– quick lap around the parking lot
– LBCs 20
I had planned to repeat all 4 ab exercises but realized we were ignoring the sides of our abs so I asked Leppard for some suggestions and the wiley ol’ vet was glad to oblige with some suggestions.
– LBCs – 8 to the left knee, 5 to the center, 8 to the right
– LBCs – cross right leg, 10 to the left knee, cross left leg, 10 to the right (great suggeations. Expect these in my next Q!
– Shoulder Taps 15 (those last few were TOUGH!!!!)

Mosey to the parking lot. We had a few minutes left so we did a modified Route 66 – lunge to every other line and do Hurleys. We did 8 lines.



YHC took us out in prayer. Prayer requests included Leppard’s son and his family as well as the guys running the relay.


Today was another great example of how iron sharpens iron. Leppard said he was there because he didn’t want me to post alone. I got up partly because I knew he was coming. We pushed each other through and wound up with a little over 2 miles covered and A LOT of reps! Just as important, it was good to spend some time and get to know more about his son as well as get to know him. Thanks for the push today!