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Feeling Inspired

As my beloved Duke Blue Devils were eliminated from the NCAA Tournament Sunday, I was browsing Twitter and I saw a post of the Q schedule this week. “Oh, I have the Q at Folsom Tuesday!” I had totally forgotten! So I started to put together some thoughts for the workout and had a flashback to January 11, 2018 – a day permanently etched into my memory! It was only my 2nd time posting and I was still sore from Medicine Woman’s Bobby Hurleys on the 9th (I didn’t workout before F3 – total Sad Clown!). Hank had the Q issued a BEAT-DOWN where we basically ran and did 5 burpees at every light pole in the park. Why? Allegedly, it was payback to those who talked trash about his Panthers losing in the playoffs a week or so earlier. I drew the parallel and, frankly, I appreciate that Hank’s workouts are typically tough. I now had some direction. I teased it on Twitter with the GIF of a guy b@&!h-slapping Hank…the real meaning was of course, I wanted to do my best impersonation of a Hank beat-down.


SSH – 10 IC
Toy Soldiers – 10 IC (we were lookin’ all kinds of sexy out there)
Plank Jacks – 10 IC
I didn’t say get up! (I like that move Whoopee!)
Nolan Ryans
Makhtar Vincent N’Diayes
OK, now you can get up!


  • We will start off with a sample of that dreadful January day. Mosey to the flag pole with 5 burpees at each light. As we approach the first light pole – we spot a white GMC coming in hot! You know who that is! That new F3 license plate is going to be epic – it has been decided his plate must say LATE!

  • Morrocan Nightclubs (aka, Sparkys) until he catches up. Hank suggests we tell Sparky we’re doing 10 at each light. YHC loves this idea! Sparky begins his 10 LOL!

  • Train, that’ll be 5 OYO boys. Now, I let Sparky know it’s only 5 at each light. We finish the mission, pledge, and hit a few more light poles on our way to the horse arena. We ran past the entrance for an extra light pole, then YHC has trouble finding the gate but Site Q has my back.

  • Triple Nickels – quickly becoming one of YHC’s favorites. 5 Merkins, leap frog jump up the bleachers, 5 squats up top, rinse and repeat for a total of 5 sets. Hank took us on a similar adventure a few weeks ago so that’s track 2 on the Hank mixtape.

  • Mosey! The mumble chatter has picked up so I hear a Train. 5 more OYO – there is a ongoing dispute whether I heard an actual train or not. It was hard to tell over the mumble chatter though, maybe it was a piece-of-junk car 🙂 Anyway, more mosey. We travel down and around the backside of the pond because we need to stretch those legs and we move to the tennis courts. Lots of mosey – Hank would approve, for sure.

  • Partner up, 100 each LBCs, Flutter Kicks (each leg), Big Boys – 1 HIM runs down and back while the 2nd HIM does reps and we switch after each trip down and back. Medicine Woman caught me slippin’! Man, he got me. #gag-reflexes #showtoknow #suretobediscussedongrouptext

  • We stay on our 6s for 20 Freddie Mercuries IC and 20 American Hammers IC (Roadie’s request)

  • On the line, lunge across a tennis court, 2 Bobby Hurleys, lunge across the next, 4 Hurleys, continue increasing to 12. Mosey to the shovel Flag.


Announcements and COT:

The Forge on Wednesday nights at Grits & Greens, Community Run and CSAUP relay. YHC took us out in prayer.


This was mentioned in our announcements today and it really got me excited. Sparky announced a 3rd F event at Parkwood Baptist on April 13th. This message will be for MEN ONLY and won’t be 2.0 or M friendly. I originally thought Sparky was speaking, but it will actually be Def Leppard and Blart. I originally said all kinds of nice things in this post about Sparky and, while those still ring true, I’m quite sure Leppard and Blart have something great in store as well. It’s a cool event to have men sharing with men. Iron sharpening iron!

Elite Eight

Minus 2, makes it the magical 6.

What may seemingly have lacked in numbers, definitely did not lack in effort, brawn, determination, and fortitude. We scoured downtown to find a suitable location, person, place or thing to challenge the fire that burned in each one of us.  We tried with a mighty zest to find a formidable foe, but conquer them all, we did.

WARM UP – Didn’t need one.

THANG – Destroyed, but remember with fondness as recounted below.

Side Straddle Hops – IC x 15
Imperial Walkers – IC x 10
Merkins – IC x 10
LBCs – IC x 15
Flutterkicks – IC x 15
Squats – IC x 10

The big adventure continues with a mosey several blocks south, down to the empty parking lot with 2 steeply sloped entrances. We slayed them.

Partner up.
200 Merkins (50 max at a time) – Other partner bear crawls up one entrance, runs to the other, bear crawls down. TAG – 2 rounds

Partner up.
200 Squats (50 max at a time) – Other partner crab walks up one entrance, runs to the other, bear crawls down. TAG – 2 rounds

We did something else, it was fun, not fun enough to remember an write about it.

MOSEY – to the street.

10 Merkins on the right side of the road, run to the other side and hit 10 squats. – Repeat x 4 rounds.

Next block, the great Lunge Walk, Monkey Humper stroll.  10 Lungers per leg, 10 Monkey Humper – and repeat until we make it to the traffic light.

Imperial Squats – 10

Dips – 15 IC

Mosey to the Pavillion for 4 minutes of MARY.


Forge “Gods mighty Men”

Main scripture was 2 Sam. 23:8-39

Down through the ages God has worked through a band of committed people! God doesn’t work through lukewarm! Only through those who are fervent in there love for Christ and his kingdom!

2 Sam 23 David had a group of mighty men, who were committed to him and his kingdom! What characterized these men? 2 things, they were attracted to David’s person ( because good leaders attract people) and they were committed to his cause!

similarly, the church needs mighty men who are attracted to the person of Christ and committed to his kingdom!

David Livingston was a missionary in Africa, and some friends wrote him; “we would like to send other men to you. Have you found a good road into your area yet?” Livingston wrote back, “ if you have men who will only come if they know there is a good road, I don’t need them. I want men who will come if there is no road at all.”

We may not know what God has planned for us? But if we are about his kingdom we want worry about the road!

If you haven’t made it out to The Forge on Wednesday evening, you are missing out on something special! Come on out, all are welcome!

Announcements- 3rd F event, April 13th don’t miss it! Also my son “madden” gave his life to Christ this past Saturday! God is good!

prayer request: the lady that is our waitress at the Forge asked if we would pray for her and her grandson!

Thanks men for allowing the opportunity to lead!

GoRuck Tough

BackBlast from Custom GoRuck Tough 3/16/18
Cadre: Chuy and TJ
Organized by F3-MECA

Start Time 930pm, Friday night
End Time 930am, Saturday am
GasHouse Pax: Freight, Woody, Boudin, Whoopee
Total Pax for event: 31

Required Gear: ruck with 30# weight, 2 liter hydration bladder, 1 liter Nalgene bottle, reflector bands on ruck, headlamp with extra batteries, photo ID, quitter cash ($20) in case you cannot complete

Extra Gear: snacks, food, windbreaker, gloves, extra clothes/socks/gloves, boots vs running shoes

After the event we thought it would be helpful to share notes about how we trained, what seemed to work, what did not work, what we brought, and basically anything we learned about this event and a few things we wish we had done differently. This is a summary with input from all 4 of us. You can also find a lot of ideas on the internet/GoRuck website. This is written by Whoopee (my perspective) with a lot of input from the other guys. In retrospect, we really approached this as a team-we tried to do EC together, pushed each other to do extra stuff, and shared things that worked and didn’t work as well as talked a lot about gear and packing while we were training. Overall, I REALLY ENJOYED THIS (both the event and the training). Hope this helps you.

We all did F3 workouts as much as we could knowing this would serve us well. I think that was the single most important part of training for this. That being said, it is NOT ENOUGH. We all did some extra training-running, rucking, and even swimming. We all agreed we should have spent more time rucking with weight and carrying heavy things. Rucking 5-10 miles with > #50 repeatedly would be my suggestion. During the event we carried jerry cans and stretchers with heavy things on them. The jerry cans were carried individually but the stretchers required 6 people to work together so practicing this would have been helpful. I think we all agreed this was probably the toughest part. Having a #45 ruck on becomes an afterthought-you really don’t realize you have it on after awhile.
I thought the swimming helped me a lot as far as cardio preparation-I don’t remember being short of breath for the event except during the 2 mile run for time on the Army PT test. I think I should have spent more time running also. I think 5 miles runs 3 times per week would have been fine. We did not really go long distances all at once during the event, but it would have helped with leg strength and endurance. We logged somewhere around 20 miles over the event.
Again, rucking while carrying things would have been helpful and should be part of your training. Suggestions included doing exercises to improve grip strength while rucking: pull ups, hanging from the pull up bar, deadlifts, kettle bell swings, and farmers carry.
Wrapping hot spots on feet with leukotape was a life-saver for all of us: thanks Woody. Look this up if you have never used it. Some of us used body glide to prevent chafing-I did not and did fine but would suggest trying before the day of the event if you are going to use it. I wore a Jocko rash guard, exercise short sleeve t shirt, spandex shorts, ruck pants from GoRuck website, Salomon trail shoes, and Mechanix gloves. I did not change anything and put on a windbreaker immediately whenever we stopped and were not exercising-see below. I believe the temperature was 45-55 degrees.

Chuy sent out some info for us to review beforehand. I don’t think any of us really took this serious enough. A tough part of this event is thinking after you are physically exhausted and functioning on little sleep over the last 24 hours. I think there would have been more fun and less pain if we had known the answers to more of the questions related to what he sent us. We all made mistakes and this led to more exercise.

We went to a meeting a month or so before the event and heard from 3 experienced F3 guys who all had different opinions on gear, however the most experienced guy (>75 events) gave us the best advice which was “less is more” when it comes to packing. We did a 12 hour event so besides required gear, I needed a windbreaker to put on when we stopped to do some teaching plus some food-that is all. The food for me was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and 3 Kind bars. I had half a sandwich and a Kind bar at the end. Pack your ruck before and get a dry bag (or 2) to keep things in. You may not need the “dry” part but having things in your ruck that are easy to find in the dark and then get back into your ruck so you are ready to go quickly. I left my windbreaker in the large section (not in dry bag) and only put my food, extra batteries, and license/quitter cash in the dry bag. My sandwich was in a ziplock bag and the kind bars were individually wrapped when I bought them. My batteries, license, and cash were in a ziplock bag. I put gatorade in the Nalgene bottle and preferred that during the event instead of water. I brought an extra set of gloves but had no need for them.

Remember you signed up for this, you trained hard for this, and it is “fun” so enjoy it. As Woody put it, it is all a game. Play it all the way to the end. It is over when they say it is so no matter what, keep going until it is clear that it is over. Chuy was our lead cadre and it was clear he put a lot of time into planning our event. He wanted to work us hard but also learn a lot and have fun. These guys are all patriots and have been through a lot so we can learn a lot from them.

That is about all I’ve got. All 4 of us had a great time, were exhausted after the event, I said I would never do again, and then within 24 hours had basically planned to do another one in a few months.

Top 5 things I would do differently:

  1. Run more
  2. carry more while rucking more frequently
  3. prepare for Army PT more (specifically MANY more sit-ups and push-ups)
  4. study info sent by Chuy before event
  5. be more assertive during event-speak up, lead, be more verbal

3 Year F3 Gastonia Anniversary Convergence at Folsom

Today was the convergence shortly after our GasHouse 3 year anniversary. ToolTime asked me to co-Q, and I have learned over the last few years to always say yes to ToolTime-there is a reason he is asking and I will be better off if I say yes. I arrived early for some EC and realized I was not alone. There was another rucker, a runner meeting 2 other runners on their way, and (drum roll………..) ROADIE out for an extra credit run. Holy NUTS! This F3 thing never quits amazing me. HIPAA and I took off for our ruck (T-square had the runny bunnies and could not make it) and watched as cars started coming in. Just before 0700 we got back and did the usual back-slapping and catching-up with everyone. ToolTime’s plan was I would start then hand off after 20 minutes so we got to it. I started with a quick review of nantanology history in GasHouse from my perspective while the mumble chatter started-I have learned to persevere through the mumble chatter and even (from my standpoint) to accelerate the workout to combat the mumble chatter. We started with a quick warm up (is there really any other kind??) with a few SSH, Merkins, and Squats. Pizza Man’s chatter seemed a little too much so I had to bring out the Monkey Humpers but even that didn’t get him quiet so we split off from the Pain Lab and headed to the tennis courts. My plan was partner work, however it has been awhile since I posted at Folsom, and I forgot there were 300 tennis courts. I really only thought there were 2 or 3….oh well.


All Pax on back wall (yes, it’s a wall, not a fence. I am the Q and if I say wall, then it’s a wall-period, end of story). So again, all pax on back wall, P1 picks up P2 and carries him across the 735 tennis courts and puts him down gently then both pax mosey back to start. Flapjack and repeat. Not really sure riding on Pockets shoulders was any easier than carrying him. A year ago I could probably have had a preference both based on his weight and my ability-thanks F3.


We planked for the 6 then started next part. P1 gets in plank position, P2 does suicide burpee thing. Go to first line (any line really), do a burpee, then run back. Repeat the process with each tennis court doing a burpee at 2 separate lines per tennis court while P1 stays in plank position. That was the original plan, however due to the number of courts that I had not planned (I really think there are only 27 courts), we changed the plank to LBCs after consulting a few of the guys around me in plank position. At some point, P1 and P2 swap. I don’t really remember when my partner and I swapped-I was still amazed at how many tennis courts there were. I had a lot of other things planned including pull-ups, more Burpees, BTTW, and Hip Slappers but I ran out of time. I’ll save that for another time.

I know ToolTime will add something to the BB, but I want to say how amazed I am at how we (as a group) have done. F3 has made me a better man in so many ways. I was thinking about how much all of us have changed not only physically, but in many other ways. I really think the reason for this is we challenge each other-the kind of challenge that makes you get out of the fartsack or off the couch and do something. To see Roadie running this morning is proof of that. Find a way to challenge your brothers this year, not just at the end of a workout, but a really tough challenge. Find something that makes you uncomfortable then get someone to share that discomfort with. Push them to get better and make them accountable to making you better. We all crave challenges-physically, mentally; spiritually-it is what drives us all in some way. Make it a priority-you will be better for it.


I was really looking forward to a convergence and it being at Folsom made it even better for me! Folsom is a very special place to me! I’ve been posting there since it started, a little over two years ago! I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of something really amazing, and have gotten to know a group of men that would drop what they’re doing to help one another out! Or if needed, they would give you a swift kick in the jungle bridge, if you don’t know what that is, ask Roadie! Sorry, back to the B.B. I was stoked about the three Nantans leading this morning, but due to Freights work schedule he wasn’t going to be able to deliver the beat down that we know would have been given! On Wednesday ToolTime called me up and asked if I would fill in, yes Sir!

I wanted to share Folsom’s love for blocks with the rest of the Pax !


Partner up!

50 blockees!

Partner 1 start the blockees, partner 2 crab walk to the line, backwards bear crawl back, alternating to completion!


75 thrusters!

Partner 1 start the thrusters (squat with a press) partner 2 take a lap, alternating to completion!


Thanks for allowing me to lead today men, It was an honor!






YHC has been injured for the past few weeks and has limited exercises that he can perform …..One that he can do is ….The Mosey so YHC was the transition Q for the Whoopee and Sparky boot camp!  Remember you get to modify as needed so if you’re on the IR come out and do what you can at the pace you can! On Saturdays you have a pain Lab option in which you get a great workout and little to know impact.  You will not regret it….the worst thing you can do is to just quit coming out all together.



Convergence Pain Lab

Pain Lab has been a great alternative to bootcamp’s. YHC, like others, post regularly throughout the week and most often weights (kettlebells, bricks, cinder blocks, etc.) are not included in most Q’s weinke’s. That’s perfectly OK because that’s what makes Pain Lab so special come Saturday AM at the Gas-House. For those of you still unaware of what Pain Lab is, I will quote Rudolph from his Pain Lab PRE-BLAST from almost 1 year ago.

“What is a Pain Lab?  This is a workout that will be designed for those who cannot do High-Impact exercises (both feet leave the ground, like jogging or regular burpees), and also for those members on the mend from injuries, providing a Low & Zero impact solution. We will modify exercises, we will get our cardio spiking, we will bust our @$$e$.”

When I first heard of the convergence happening at Folsom I got excited. What really got me even more excited was the talk of a Pain Lab being there. I knew it would be a great opportunity for those that have not witnessed it to see it in action. I noticed that at the 3 times the other group passed by ours, there were many looks of curiosity. I think I also saw looks of shock and awe because we seemed to be sweating a whole lot harder than them, but hey guess that’s your group leaders fault lol.

The Thang:

Part 1 – Mayor – 100’s – 25 Minutes

Rules: Do 100 reps of the named exercise. Every time you rest count x2 burpees at the end of your set. (e.g. rested 3 times do 6 burpees)

  • 100 Kettlebell Curls
  • 100 Kettlebell Squats
  • 100 Kettlebell Tricep Presses
  • 100 Crunches with kettlebell

Part 2 – HIPAA – PAINOPOLY – 25 Minutes

Painopoly made its 2nd appearance in 2 weeks. We played. We lifted. We conquered.

Part 3 -Mayor – Indian Ruck – 10 Minutes


Mayor – Thanks for helping Co-Q with me. That gave me a huge sense of relief as I was unsure what usually happens at a convergence. Way to push through every set with intensity!

Rudolph – A beast as always. You are the reason I came to pain lab in the first place. Thanks for launching this group. Keep it going brother!

Dolph – Jeez man, is there anything you can’t do?! Is there a kettlebell you can’t lift? My new goal in life is to be swole like you.

Def Leppard – A man that never gives up. Coming in and lifting strong while coming off IR. Much respect to you.

As always great conversation, jokes and good music. I feel like we should drink beer and do this next time. I am hoping to see those that looked in will join us some Saturday.



Naked Man Moleskin


Wow it’s been 3 years already! YHC was amazed as he looked around today at all the men out here. I spoke about eh’ing people and growth today …a lot… You see every number is another man! And every man will touch multiple lives. Think of the IMPACT we can have men! Think on the difference that F3 has made in your life! Now I challenge you to think of three men that you know need F3 in their lives. Get over being uncomfortable with asking guys to come out and just do it! Ask them….you have the opportunity to change their life !  I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am to be a small part of F3 Gastonia and F3 Nation. The difference being made through the organization is amazing to watch!

So many of you have really stepped it up this year and it shows….you know who you are. To you I say keep pushing, never surrender ….fight the fight!  Some of you need to take your next step and lead … this thing only works as much as you work it…..if you have an Idea then take it and speak to one of your 3 F leaders. ( 1st F Pizza Man , 2nd F Sargento , 3rd F Freight, F3 Dads Roscoe, F3 Ruck Boudin, Weasel shaker Short Sale, YHC Nantan ) however be prepared to step up and lead YOUR idea or suggestion because F3 Gastonia becomes even stronger and better when more and more Pax step up and take the lead.

Find time to rest men. Physically yes however also spiritually. You have to rest in knowing that the Sky Q is in control and that you have a Spiritual Father that has already paid the ultimate price for you. There is nothing in this world that can overcome you if you are in His family! YHC can only hope that you have this peace in your life!




3rd Quarterly event April 13th check pre blast   3rd F Quarterly Event  or get with Freight with questions , April 14th Community Foundation 5k and first SpeedForNeed race for F3 Gastonia in 2018 sign up here Gastonia SpeedForNeed 5k



Prayers for our continued growth and strength. Prayers that we would be a light for Him and make a difference in the lives of the people around us.


Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.


It was an honor to lead today men!

Whoopee/ Sparky/ Hipaa/ Mayor/ ToolTime

Somebody said move!

So YHC shows up to lead The Goat and it is by admission a little cold. Like 30 degree cold. Not Thule Greenland cold. But cold enough for the pax to complain about it, especially with spring on the calendar. So we get into a COP as everybody that is anybody gathers for a varsity style beat down in the gloom Q hears somebody say “we need to get moving and it won’t feel so cold”. Q aims to please. Went like this:


SSH X 20

IW X 20

Merkins X 20

Mountain Climbers X 20

Mosey down to the basketball court via the steps in the alley up to the bridge.

Court work:

Crab walk to the three line, midcourt, three line, end line. 5 hand release merkins each stop

Broad jump back to other endline.

Bear crawl to center court and end line. 5 burpees each stop

Burpee broadjump back to otehr end line.

Mosey back to the bridge.

People’s chair.

airpresses X 20

Hip slap 5 each side

People’s chair,  M. Alis x 20

Rinse and repeat

Time to mosey again (remember, got to keep moving)

Take the long way to the gazebo.

10 pullups

10 dips

10 dirkins

Rinse and repeat for 3X

Triple nickel over the South Fork.



Copperhead squats X 5

Mosey back to the flag for Mary including SSHs, Dolly, Rosalita, and oblique crunches.



Great work by all the guys today. We stayed in motion. That is the key to a good workout. Oh, and on a “cold” morning it makes it even better. Got to give a big shout out to Breaker, Breaker who just keeps on pushing the rock! Been with us a few months but you can already see and feel the impact. Its contagious. Keep it up brother.

Always a pleasure to lead this group. Mornings in Cramerton are hard to beat with them!



I can’t

The pub was filled Thursday morning with veteran runner looking for a new route.  Luckily YHC was ready with a challenging route.  In order to train for the BRR you need to think like the BRR. Unfortunately one nantan was not quite feeling it with lots of “I Can’ts” being  heard as we headed out.  However with grit an determination all PAX were able to complete a run characterized by significant hill repeats as we meandered through Gastone’s neighborhood before returning to the pub.  Runners chalked up approximately 600 feet of elevation gain.  When all was said and done no one was saying “I can’t” anymore.


Good Job men!!


15 including YHC came out Thursday afternoon , YHC was asked to take the Q and I accepted

The warm up






First mosey to playground for 3 sets of 6, pull ups @ 20 squats

Then to soccer feild for main event a version of tabbata , Blart style I know I seem to do this one a lot but I like the fact that you can really push yourself and everyone can stay together good for the new guys..

For this one I had several exercises laid out on sidewalk. And we would rotate and do each while one person would run across soccer feild and nur back when done would fall in and then next person would run across.

Various exercises included: overhead press, curls, spidermans, flutterkicks, jumprope, diamond merkins, plankjacks,  bbsitups, boat to canoe, regular merkins , cdd’s,

After one round of this short mosey to next parking lot  to do some Incline merkins and rocky b’s   then over to bleachers for a few minutes of step up then lundges across soccer feild and then some more lundges, during this set YHC was called out that I should do them from back side because I was so tall if it was not Roadie I would probably just keep right on like I did not here it but being the  beast he is,  I could not ignore challenge accepted , and the step ups soon stopped as YHC was getting gassed. .

Final back over to curb for 1 mike Tyson yep just one …that was very hard I love those things…

I gave Freight a 10 lb weight at beginning and it was given away through out work out I have been reminded lately that this free thing we enjoy so much was given to us . So don’t forget to #GIVE IT AWAY




prayer requests :

Those on IR , Def leopard  son Logan , several others mentioned,  and those waiting on us to #GIVE IT AWAY…..


YHC took us out in prayer

Thank for opportunity to lead, if you have not taken that opportunity yet what the heck are you waiting on step up men and #GIVE IT AWAY….


felt good to be back in the gloom

7 men resisted the fart sack this morning.  I hope 6 others weren’t disappointed.   Medicine Woman and Montross got in some extra credit.  good chatter beforehand.  05:30 hit and it was time to clock in.

warmup: ssh x 36ic.  sparky shows up at this time.  morraccan nightclubs until he joins us.  toy soldiers x 10ic.


mosey to the lower lot and partner up for bombs.  p1 exercises will p2 runs two laps.

head back to the launching point with a combination of lunges, nur, lunges and a sprint.


annoucements: CSAUP, community run.

prayer request: each other. being men of God.

BOM: YHC took us out in prayer.

it was an honor to Q today, thank you all for the push.

i’m thankful for you guys.  although i’ve rarely posted, the chatter has been uplifting to me.

Philippians 4:13


Round 2 of Plan B

Days leading up to my Q, I planned what was going to be a serious beat down. As the day got closer, so did the rain.

I was optimistic that it would be dry and all could enjoy the planned workout. That being said, the ground was wet that morning so I dug up my winkie from my last rainy day Q.

Plan B was back in action almost a year later.

The plan was to keep everyone dry while still giving them their moneys worth.

The Thang:


No warm up, so let’s Mosey the long way around the parking lot to the covered area at the side of the school.

Once there, I pulled out my winkie along with a pair of dice. We circled around to roll the dice and try our luck.

Here’s how it worked:

Roll the dice and everyone performs the  exercise that corresponds to that #. Roll doubles and it’s a sprint to the end of the parking lot and back (Plus the exercise).

2 = 5 Burpees

3 = 10 Bobby Hurley’s

4 = 20 CDD’s

5 = 25 LBC’s

6 = 15 Seal Jacks IC

7 = 15 Opposite Raised Toe Touches IC

8 = 10 Merkins

9 = 15 Bicycles

10 = 20 Squats

11 = 20 Monkey Humpers

12 = 5 Burpees

I explained how I stole the dice from one of my kids board games. Seems like the dice repeatedly landed on 7 and 11 (Toe Touches and Monkey Humpers). Mayor swore my son’s dice were rigged and he had to be hustling candy from all the kids at school, which would explain why he has so much trouble going to bed every night. Something I may have to look into.

With 10 mins left and 1000 Toe Touches and Monkey Humpers behind us, I wanted to try something I did at Midoriyama a few nights before. Freight call out an exercise I believe he called the Iron Hulk. It starts with 1 Merkin and 4 Arm Raises. Then 2 and 8, then 3 and 12 and so on till we do 10 and 40. This one really sucks at the end!

After that we moseyed back to the flag.

Things must be going pretty good, no prayer request at all.

Convergence this Saturday at Folsom. All other AO’s closed.

Prayer to send us on our way.

It was a privilege to lead you gentlemen today.

Thanks to everyone who showed up.


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