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  • When: 03/27/2018
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  • QIC: Sargento
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  • PAX: Wojo, Ash Pond, Sparrow, Freight, Broke, Tyson, Roadie, Sidecar, FNG Wynonna, Wrong Turn, Ooompa Loompa (R), Canteen, Gomer, Swimmer, Queso

YHC has been posting for over two years now and has Q’ed too many times to remember. There are only two AO’s in the Gashouse region that have felt been melted by the ferocious fury of a Sargento beatdown. 16 HIM’s were out today to witness the VQ in person. This is what I think happened.

Warmup – The Mosey

We made our way out of the friendly confines of the park across the street to the new parking area. When we got to the spot it was noticed that there is a 50 foot dead end trail that takes you to a fence. Strange. The new lot is nice and smooth, perfect for today’s beatdown, The Alphabet!

The Thang – The Alphabet – Each letter is what names the exercise. Do 15 reps of each one, 15 per side just to be clear!

A- Alternating Shoulder Taps

B – Burpees

C – Crunchy Frogs

D – Diamond Merkins

E – Empty Wheelbarrow (partner)

F – Flutterkicks

G – Gorilla Humpers

H – Hillbillies

I – Iron Squats

J – Jumping Spiders (crowd pleaser)

K – King of Hearts

L – Low Country Crabs

M – Merkins

N – Newton’s Cradle

O – Outlaw

P – Pickle Pounder (laughs and PG-13 humor abounded)

Q – Quarter Mile (kinda)

R – Russian Dips

S – Spiderman Crawl

T – Turkish Get Up (15 of these is more than enough!)

U – Up Straddle Hop

V – V-Up Roll Up (somebody farted)

W – Werkins

X – X Factor

Y – Yeah! (the one with Ursher, Ludacris and Lil’ John)

Z – Zombie Walk

The variety in this workout was great. For those that have been to a Sargento Q you know I try to incorporate new exercises in each time. This one had 7 new ones for YHC. Good times!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead men!

Announcements: 3rd F at Parkwood coming up, Community Foundation 5k, CSAUP next weekend

Prayer requests: Oompah’s 2.0 mission trip to Honduras, a mom with Cataracts, FNG’s friend’s lung function, sorry I didn’t get them better

It was a pleasure men, until next time, AYE!