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  • When: 03/28/2018
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  • QIC: Sargento
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  • PAX: Roscoe, Whoopee, Breaker Breaker (R), Hushpuppy, Stroganoff, Short Sale, Boudin, HIPAA, FNG Island, Turtleman, Tesla (R), Gastone, Clavin (R), Timeframe

The Wednesday workout at Pelican’s turned up 15 HIM’s for a perfect weather day on the 2nd round of the Sargento Q Tour.

Warmup – The Mosey

We made our way out of the friendly confines down to the main parking lot. Today’s beatdown would be an instant replay of yesterday’s, The Alphabet!

The Thang – The Alphabet – Each letter is what names the exercise. Do 15 reps of each one, 15 per side just to be clear!

A- Alternating Shoulder Taps

B – Burpees

C – Crunchy Frogs

D – Diamond Merkins

E – Empty Wheelbarrow (partner, many didn’t like this one)

F – Flutterkicks

G – Gorilla Humpers (Short Sale insisted that we do some Goofballs instead so he threw some in for fun)

H – Hillbillies

I – Iron Squats

J – Jumping Spiders (crowd pleaser)

K – King of Hearts

L – Low Country Crabs

M – Merkins

N – Newton’s Cradle

O – Outlaw

P – Pickle Pounder (laughs and PG-13 humor abounded)

Q – Quarter Mile (kinda)

R – Russian Dips

S – Spiderman Crawl

T – Turkish Get Up (15 of these is more than enough!)

U – Up Straddle Hop

V – V-Up Roll Up (somebody farted)

W – Werkins

X – X Factor

Y – Yeah! (the one with Ursher, Ludacris and Lil’ John)

Z – Zombie Walk

Mosey back to the start. One round of Nolan Ryan’s. Somebody reminded YHC to catch the the Pledge of Allegiance. Aye!

Announcements: Revolution Park in CLT, Community Foundation Run 5k

Prayer Requests: Short Sale’s daughter has a concussion, college decisions for high schoolers, Lynn Hamm recovery from brain tumor surgery, holiday travels

Thank you for allowing me to lead men!