8 men showed up this am at #GoatIsland for a mix of exercises and running.  We covered just about all of the AO this am.  Good work by all Pax.

Warm Up; SSH, TS, Mericans, Windmills all x 10 IC


Mosey to the concrete stairs located at backside of the buildings for 10 mericans, sprint up stairs or steep hill for 5 burpees x 3.  Next we moseyed to the gazebo for 5 pullups and NUR up the hill to sidewalk for 20 squats x 3.  Lunge walk across street to first bridge and bear crawl length of bridge to picnic tables on the left.  20 dips and run to picnic shelter in park for 20 CDD’s x 3.  Mosey to 2nd bridge and bear crawl length of bridge.  Mosey to small parking lot for 11’s.  BigBoySitUps and Burpees run short distance of parking lot between exercises.  Mosey back to flag.  Nice work by all.

Moleskin;  I owe Mayor an apology for the questioning Q schedule this am.  I apologize sir.  All pax pushed through a tough workout this am.  I was definitely gassed.  Slim Shady nice work sir.  Good to see you back out this morning.  Where was the Flag?  Must be making an appearance at Mydoriyama this afternoon.  Always a pleasure leading you guys.

BOM; Prayer requests, announcements, Namorama, Slim Shady took us out.