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Day: March 15, 2018

Bernie Lost in Omaha

Nice morning for a workout at The Goat. While it wasn’t in the 60’s, It wasn’t snowing either.  Terrific to have Moses and Tatorhole with us today; always great to workout alongside Abba and Dolph!

Warm up:

Moroccan Nightclubs 15 IC

Plank Jacks 15 IC

Imperial Walkers 15 IC

LBC’s 15 OYO



Ring Around the Mosey (Mosey around the buildings)


Pax partnered up; one Pax  ran Bernie Sanders across the yard and up the hill (which we omaha’d due to holes), and mosey back while other partner performed :

50 Burpees

100 Overhead Squats

150 Merkins

200 Big Boys

250 SSH

Ring around the Mosey

Grab a wall for 20 Dips; 20 Step-ups OYO

To Gazebo for a little “Six Pack” workout (1 pull-up/5 Merkins; 2 pull-ups/4 Merkins…)

Fellowship Mosey to Bridge for “Walk Like an Egyptian”  (lunges while last Pax jailbreaks to front) over and back.

Rinse and Repeat at wall: 30 Dips; 30 Step-ups


No Announcements

Prayer Requests: Keep each other in prayer

The night before at The Forge, Freight spoke on friendships from “The Book of Manly Men”.  He talked about the importance of true friendships. YHC gave a quick reminder of the ultimate friend we have in our Lord Jesus who took away all of our sins, took upon Himself the wrath of God in our place, and gave us His very righteousness.

YHC took us out.

Truly very thankful daily for all of you. It was an honor to serve as Q!




5 PAX posted at The Forge Wednesday night to discuss friendship. I was recently reading a chapter abut this in a book and thought it would be great subject for discussion.  Many of us struggled with this in a our sadclown syndrome before finding F3. The story I read was about Jonathon and David and the loving friendship they shared.  We covered some things from the book and some from the Bible.

1Samuel 18:1-4



Think about some things. Who do you count as a true friend? How do you define what a friend is? Who would you call on in a time of need? Who would you turn to if your marriage was in trouble? Who would you turn to to help you through a struggle?

The Pub

Was a chilly morning when we first got there but all of us warmed up very quickly.  At 5:30 we headed out to conquer the run.  Gastone and Monk led the way while Timeframe and I kept them in sight for most of the time.  We all did 5 miles and I want to thank these HIM’s for the push.

We said the Pledge.

Prayer requests for Timeframe’s parents and Monk’s daughter.

After reading Gastone’s post, I am glad he didn’t have to call anyone to post bail 🙂

Great work everyone and I cannot wait to Q The Pub in a few weeks with warmer weather and 15 HIMS!!!


March Madness

Showed up to Folsom this morning and was met by 4 other HIMs looking for a challenge. I gotcha! With today being the “real” start of the NCAA Tourney, I figured it appropriate to keep a tourney theme.

Plankjacks – 10 IC
Toy Soldiers – 10 IC
Don Qs – 10 IC

Field of 68 – a Route 66 inspired exercise – Start with a mosey toward the flag with burpees at each light pole – ascend from 1 to 11 at each pole, we paused at the flag after 7 poles for the pledge and 2 extra burpees (the pledge after 7 was definitely in the weinke!) – 68 total burpees since there are 68 teams in the tournament.

Lots of mumble chatter early on but burpees have a way of shutting it down. Honestly, calling 68 burpees to start a workout is pushing YHCs limits at this point but I am pleased to say I got them all. Peer pressure!

Mosey around the back of the pond to the lower shelter. Lots of deep thoughts here…mostly people wondering why we now take the long way around now. There is a nice straight road directly to that shelter yet most every Q takes the senic route. Yep. My thoughts: no one ever said we were smart. Keep running.

Sweet 16 – 16 each Montross Merkins (I am calling them that because I do them slow), American Hammers, step-ups IC, and dips – take a lap around the parking lot and do it all again (Elite) 8 times, (Final) 4 times, then 2. You see the pattern here. We mixed in a few in-cadence counts on dips and Merkins late.

Unfortunately for one PAX (show to know), the turd shack was locked. These exercises were a little tougher for him with a praire dog popping in and out.

Mosey to courts – well, time is running short so I had to adjust the weinke a bit…I had a few basketball-themed exercises on my list but I really wanted to run some suicides so…

  • Suicides – just about like coach used to make us do – run to the freeethrow line and back, then halfcourt and back, then the other freethrow line and back, and finally full court and back. I decided to leave Roadie’s cones in the truck due to time limits and use the parking lot instead of the tennis courts. We identified a few landmarks in the parking lot and ran with a quick recorvery period between. We ran 2 or 3 suicides with a full sprint back to the shovel flag on tue last leg. YHC had these long legs cooking during these. Almost like I have done these before! I wanted a few more but it was 6:15.


COT: Prayer request for Snowbird this weekend. Aye! YHC took us out in prayer


I saw the latest Q source post about the whetstone this week and shared with the group. A great thing about F3 is we all get a chance to be both the blade and the stone, sharpening each other along this journey. Though the post talks a lot about old natrually teaching the young, it goes both ways, particularly here. Keep sharpening each other. I have been the stone a lot recently and I appreciate the opportunity, but I will enjoy going back to being a blade for a few weeks.

-Montross (Go Duke!)

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