• When: 03/10/2018
  • QIC: Tiger
  • PAX: Abba, Gilligan, Dr Suess (R), Quiche, Norwood, Orangeman (R), Tiger (QIC)

Smaller crowd at the Yank this morning, but that’s okay, great to have everyone that could make it.  Norwood EH’d Gilligan into coming out for first time in a while, welcome back kotter!

Started with 10 SHS and 10 Imperial walkers.  Mosey up the hill to the old Stowe Mill office parking lot.  We passed by the clock at corner of Main and Catawba on the way.  Told the PAX that my office window is just above the clock.  The clock was stuck on 12:45 (not sure if am or pm) for several months.  From my Alabama roots, I told them that that time was called “15 to 1”, and it occurred to me  that a 15 to 1 workout would be in order.  In the parking lot we did 15 burpees, ran across the parking lot and did 15 jump squats.  Ran back for 14 burpees and so on until we got to one.  About halfway through the bacon aroma from Nellie’s was causing some to re-consider their morning decision.

Off to the dentist office for ten step ups each leg and plank against the wall.  Feet not on ground or on top of wall, but pressed against. Try it, you won’t like it.

Behind middle school for 11’s curb squats and derkins, PAX looking for the end by now, but not time yet.  On to soccer field where we pushed the blocking sled.  One pushes sled while the others perform an ab exercise.  Flutter kicks, WWI, LBC, American hammer, and a couple of others.

A little time left so we went to pavilion for a couple of rounds of dips and derkins.

On to the Yank for pledge, announcements and CIT.  Gilligan father in law facing surgery coming up, my M with some struggles.

Pleasure was mine